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BEST Weight Loss Tips & Tricks to Lose Fat at Home | Quick Weight Loss Advice for Men & Women
January 25, 2017|Dieting Tips

BEST Weight Loss Tips & Tricks to Lose Fat at Home | Quick Weight Loss Advice for Men & Women

BEST Weight Loss Tips & Tricks to Lose Fat at Home | Quick Weight Loss Advice for Men & Women

Alright, you are training hard and eatingright but what gives? You are not getting results.

You don't know the 5 pillars of successfultransformation.

I am going to tell you about that right after this.

If you are workinghard and if you are dieting right but you still keep on slipping back and falling offthe wagon, whether it is in your physical transformation or your financial transformationor your personal transformation, whatever it is, I am going to share with you the 5pillars of success that you must have in place in order to win one of our weight loss contestsor make life long changes as well.

The very first tip is better planning and preparation.

You need to be organized.

You need to have what I call, "2 solutions for every obstaclein life".

Then once you have all those solutions you need to plan out your weeks and days soyou know what to eat and when to train in you are trying to lose weight, or how to budgetyour money if you are trying to do a financial transformation.

So you have to plan and preparebetter.

That is step 1.

The next one is accountability.

You need to be accountable to others.

Youneed to put out your goals publicly to positive people, not negative people, but positivepeople who will be your accountability partners.

Research actually shows that it is best tobe accountable to a professional.

So, financially: to a financial adviser.

Physically: to a trainer.

Get accountability.

The next one goes hand in hand; social support.

This might be usinga forum, Facebook or people at work where you interact and get more accountability andpositive feedback from positive people.

And they are out there, trust me.

There are greatpositive people out there even if you have to go to the internet.

And yes, getting supporton the internet works.

Research from Sweden showed that the more often someone went backto a weight loss forum, the better results they got.

They next step, the fourth pillaris having an incentive or avoiding a punishment.

So you need to have an extra little kick inthere to help you keep on track and stay motivated to hit your goal.

A little bonus you are goingto give yourself or a little treat you are going to give yourself at the end of the weeklike a reward meal.

You need to have those incentives in place.

Finally, this one ismagical: a deadline.

It is absolutely essential that you have a deadline for your weight lossgoals because it gives you that light at the end of the tunnel.

You know, I only have totrain for the next 12 weeks really hardcore and that is only 0.

3 percent of your lifeif you live to 75 years old.

Everyone can do that! So have that 12 week deadline.

Youare going to make these changes in the next 12 weeks.

Then they will become habits andthey will be in place for the rest of your life after those 12 weeks.

Those are the 5pillars [of weight loss]: Planning and prep, accountability, social support, incentivesand the magical deadline.

Put those in place and you will get weight loss results.

I promiseyou that.

I am happy to be your accountability, social support and provide you with incentivesand deadlines to help you get the results that you deserve.

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How to lose arm fat fast for women, Best tips to lose weight on arms, How to get rid of arm fat,
January 24, 2017|Dieting Tips

How to lose arm fat fast for women, Best tips to lose weight on arms, How to get rid of arm fat,

How to lose arm fat fast for women, Best tips to lose weight on arms, How to get rid of arm fat,

Hi, my name is Heather and in this video Iwill show you how to lose arm fat fast, how to get rid of arm fat and exactly how to lose1 inch from your arms in 1 month with the best arm workouts, so for the next coupleof minutes, stop everything you�re doing, set your phone on silent and even take notes,because the routine that I will share with you has already helped hundreds of women losefat on arms and even get rid of arm flab.

If you�ve been struggling to get rid ofarm fat and nothing has worked for you so far, within this video I will show you thebest arm workouts and a few diet tricks to burn lots of fat from arms, and how to boostyour metabolism so that once you lose arm fat, you keep the results long term and howto get rid of arm fat easier.

Now, before I get to how to lose arm fat fastor how to get rid of arm fat, I want to tell you a few things about me.

You see, even though my arms are skinny andslim, I was not always like this.

The reality is that because I didn�t have a healthylifestyle in the past, didn�t care what I ate and for a few years I didn�t exerciseat all, at one point I was 90 pounds overweight.

My arms were really big! This used to be me.

So, if you are really embarrassed about yourarms and you are always ashamed to wear sleeveless T-shirts, believe me I completely understandyou.

I was so ashamed about my body, especially about my arms, that when used to be hot outsideI was ashamed to go out.

And when I realized that I have to do something and start losingweight, almost nothing worked.

My confidence was so low that I started havingproblems in my marriage and every morning I was depressed when I looked in the mirror.

If you are a woman and you have big arms, you know how it feels, especially if you wantto be sexy.

I wanted so badly to be able to wear a bikini at the beach, that I decidedto do whatever it takes.

And after many failures, after 6 months whenI only lost 7 pounds, I didn�t give up and finally I found a weight loss system for women,created my own routine, followed it daily, and lost 70 pounds and all the fat from myarms.

Here�s my transformation To be honest with you, my life is simply amazingright now, and even though I had to work for my transformation, it was all worth it.

Iam filled with energy and confidence, my husband is really crazy about me and even women areadmiring me at the beach or when I go for a run in the park.

And after having lost all the weight, I startedto research everything about weight loss.

I read hundreds of books, went to a coupleof seminars, became friends with many of the health experts out there and now I considermyself a fat loss expert and I already helped thousands of women become sexier and loseweight from arms.

So, here�s how to lose arm fat fast.

Thereare 4 important aspects when it comes to losing the fat from your arms really fast.

1st is exercising.

Now, to be losing arm fatreally fast, everybody will tell you that you must exercise your arms a lot, but inreality, if you don�t do the right exercises your arms will only grow bigger and you don�twant that.

SO, go for the best arm workouts The 2nd aspect is about the diet.

The bestway to reduce arm fat is to take all carbs from fresh vegetables.

The 3rd aspect is about increasing blood flowto your arms, because this way your body will burn more fat from your arms.

The 4th aspect is to boost your metabolism,and if you are not able to achieve this, your results will show really slow! So, because I promised you'll learn how tolose arm fat fast, I�ve got 5 tips for you and if you follow them daily, you can lose1 inch from your arms in 1 month.

Consume 1100 calories per day, and make yourdiet mostly from fresh veggies.

This way you will never be hungry, but you�ll have enoughenergy to go through the day.

For proteins, go for grilled or roasted chicken, turkeybreast or salmon, whey protein or even hemp seeds powder.

In fact, if you click he linkbelow the video, I will share with you for FREE, a diet plan I personally created for7 days.

It's special for how to get rid of arm fat.

Drink lots of water, over 3 liters per day.

And in order to flush all toxins out fromyour body, ad lemon juice to it and also drink, a glass of fresh juice made from carrots,beet root or oranges.

Exercise the right way.

Even though it iscounter intuitive, the more you work your lower body and mid section, the faster youwill lose fat from arms.

Now don�t get me wrong.

You have to work your arms, but donot focus only on them.

I recommend to work out 5 times per week for 50 minutes, workyour lower and mid section for 40 minutes, and for 10 minute, do triceps extensions,curls and a few other arm workouts to burn fat in arms.

In fact, if you click the linkbelow the video, I will give you for FREE a list with all the best exercises for losingfat from arms really fast.

Massage your arms, using a brush or do coffeeground wraps on your arms, daily.

This way you�ll increase the flow of blood in yourarms, and this will speed up your burning and will make the skin of your arms elastic.

This is the best way to get rid of arm flab, which you already have or can appear if youwill lose lots of weight fast from the arm area.

Finally, and the most important thing in weight loss, is hormonal balance.

If you want tolose weight easier and burn more fat from arms, you must fix the one hormone that controlsyour body�s ability to lose fat.

This is the only way to boost your metabolism andkeep it fast long term.

And if you click the link from the descriptionbelow, I have a great video for you,for FREE, and it will teach you exactly how to fix thisfat burning hormone, how to boost your metabolism with 52 %.

Just click the link below the videoto watch it, because if you can fix this hormone, you can know how to get rid of arm fat somuch easier.

And because I really want to help you loseweight and arm fat, I will also give you for FREE, the diet and exercise routine I followedfor 5 months to lose almost 2 inches from my arms, and a list with all the mistakesI did in the process, so you can avoid them.

Also, for FREE, a great ebook called � TheNo.

1 Metabolism boosting tip for women� So, if you want to lose weight from arms fast,you should create a routine today, and start tomorrow! Right now, if you still want toknow how to lose arm fat fast, click the link below the video, to get for FREE, – the video, to learn how to boost your metabolismwith 52 % and how to fix the hormone that controls your burnings – the 1100 calories per day diet plan forthe next 7 days, – the routine I followed, my mistakes andthe ebook – the most effective exercises for burningfat on your arms and arm workouts.

So, click the link below, get them all forfree, start tomorrow and you�ll get back to wearing sleevless t-shirts in a few weeks.

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5 Bodybuilding Diet Tips To Help You Stay Consistent
January 24, 2017|Dieting Tips

5 Bodybuilding Diet Tips To Help You Stay Consistent

5 Bodybuilding Diet Tips To Help You Stay Consistent

Hey what's up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here ofBodyTransformationTruth.

Com, and in this video I’m going to outline 5 tips that you canemploy in order to stay more consistent with your bodybuilding diet.

The key to effectivebodybuilding nutrition is consistency.

It’s about structuring your overall daily mealplan in a way that is as simple, streamlined and sustainable as possible, so that you cansimply go about your day with minimal to no guesswork involved and know that you’reon the right track towards your goals.

So here are 5 effective tips that you can employto stack the odds as far in your favor as possible and maximize the chances that youwill maintain proper nutritional habits over the long term.

Tip #1 is to follow an exactstep-by-step meal plan.

Tracking your diet on the go throughout the day can certainlywork well once you gain more experience and once you really know how to accurately trackthings properly, but if you’re having a tough time staying consistent with your diet,then the simplest solution is to just map out exactly what you’re going to eat eachday, in what specific amounts and at what times.

Not only is this approach going todeliver superior results and ensure that you’re landing in the proper calorie and macronutrientranges for the day, but it's also going to keep you more motivated and consistent sinceyou’ll know that all you have to do is just follow the set plan that's in front of youin order to reach your goals.

Now the way that you specifically employ this approachis up to you.

You could simply create one single plan and eat the same things everyday until you get tired of it, you could create a 3-day or 7-day plan and then just rotatethrough it, or you could map out a few possible options for each meal that have similar macronutrientprofiles (for example, 3 different breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 snacks etcetera), and then justchoose the option that you most prefer based on how you feel that day.

Tip #2 is to prepareyour meals in advance.

So rather than preparing every single meal on the fly throughout theday, set aside one or two days a week to pre-package your meals in bulk.

That way, when it comestime to eat, you can simply reach into the fridge and grab your pre-made food withouthaving to go through the entire cooking and cleanup process every single time that youneed a meal.

Not only is this type of approach going to streamline your overall diet in general,but it's also going to save you a huge amount of time over the course of the week as a whole.

You can either prepare entire meals and then store them in the fridge or freezer, or youcould just cook up a few of your main items in bulk that usually take longer to prepare,such as chicken breast, steak, fish etcetera.

Tip #3 is to base your diet around foods thatyou like.

Now this tip sounds really obvious, yet so many people fall into the trap of thinkingthat certain foods are somehow "mandatory" to include in their bodybuilding diet, andthey end up choking down these foods on a daily basis even though they don’t likethe taste.

This is totally unnecessary, it's counter-productive and it greatly increasesthe chances that you won’t stick to your nutrition plan over the long term.

Alwaysremember this, your body does not view your diet within the context of individual fooditems.

It only sees the big picture, so the total calories, the total protein, carbs,fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber and other micronutrients, and there are a virtuallyinfinite number of different ways that you can go ahead and reach those totals for yourself.

So if you don’t like tuna, don’t eat tuna.

If you don’t like eggs, don’t eat eggs.

If you don’t like oatmeal, then don’t eat oatmeal.

No single food source is a must-havein your diet plan.

So if you specifically enjoy blueberries and mangos, then use thoseas your primary fruit sources.

If you prefer turkey and salmon to chicken and beef, thenuse those as your primary protein sources.

If you’d rather have sweet potato in placeof rice for your carb sources, then just go ahead and do that.

If you simply take sometime to plan your nutritional approach around the foods that you most prefer for each majorcategory (such as proteins, starchy carbs, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats etcetera),then your diet is going to be far more enjoyable and your chances of long term success aregoing to be hugely increased.

Tip #4 is to optimize your daily meal layout and frequency.

The research on meal frequency and its effects on protein synthesis and basal metabolic rateare pretty clear at this point, and that is that long as you’re hitting your overallcalorie and macronutrient needs for the day as a whole, then the specific way in whichyou lay those meals out is essentially going to be a non-issue when it comes to optimizingmuscle growth and fat loss.

And for that reason, just figure out what you need to consume forthe entire day as a whole in terms of protein, carbohydrates and fats, and then lay out yourmeals in the way that you enjoy most and that maximizes your overall adherence to the diet,whether that be 3 larger meals consumed in the morning, afternoon and evening, 5 mediumsized meals spread all throughout the day or 7 small meals consumed every couple ofhours.

And tip #5 is to utilize a "flexible dieting" approach.

I’ve said this many timesbefore, but assuming that around 80-90% of your diet is comprised of nutrient-dense,“clean” foods (so lean proteins, minimally refined carbohydrates and healthy fats), thenthe other 10-20% can come from whatever food sources you’d like as long as it fits intoyour overall daily calorie and macronutrient totals.

As I said earlier, your body doesnot view your nutrient intake within the context of individual food items, and with the exceptionof foods that are particularly high in partially hydrogenated oils, there is almost never sucha thing as a food that is inherently “good” or “bad”.

All there is is an overall dietthat is “good” or “bad”.

So including a small amount of higher sugar or higher fatfood here and there is not going to negatively affect your muscle building or fat burningprogress, and it will make your overall eating plan much more enjoyable while still deliveringthe same muscle building and fat burning results.

If you’re constantly depriving yourselfof the foods that you enjoy most, then there’s a much greater chance that you’re goingto become discouraged and quit in the long term.

So figure out what you need in termsof overall daily calories and macronutrients (and the level of detail that you specificallyapply here is going to depend on your individual goals and situation), and then allocate asmall percentage of that total to allow for the foods you crave most.

By basing your dietaround the “clean” food choices that you like best (like we covered in tip #3) andalso allowing yourself to indulge in the “flexible” foods that you crave most in controlled amounts,you’ll be able to structure a nutrition plan for yourself that you fully enjoy andthat gets you into the best shape possible at the same time.

So, here’s a quick recapof the 5 tips we just covered.

Tip #1, create a structured daily eating plan for yourselfbecause this way there will be no guesswork involved and you’ll already know exactlywhat to do each day in order to get the best results.

Tip #2, prepare your meals in advancein order to save time and to maximize overall efficiency.

Tip #3, take some time to figureout which foods you enjoy the most when it comes to lean proteins, starchy carbs, fruits,vegetables, healthy fats etcetera, and then simply base your diet around those choices.

Tip #4, Don’t worry about the specific intervals between meals and instead just structure yourmeal frequency and meal layout in whatever way you most prefer based on your appetiteand your schedule.

And tip #5, allocate 10-20% of your overall diet to indulge in the foodsyou crave most.

Employ these 5 bodybuildig diet tips and your chances of long term musclebuilding and fat burning success are going to be greatly increased.

So thanks for watchingthis video today, I hope you found the information useful here.

If you did enjoy the video, asalways, please make sure to hit the LIKE button, leave a comment and subscribe to stay up-to-dateon future videos.

Also make sure to check out my complete step-by-step muscle buildingand fat loss programs over at BodyTransformationTruth.

Com by clicking the icon at the top of the videoor using the link in the description box below.

And make sure to check out my official blogover at SeanNal.

Com for all of my latest articles, tips and other updates.

Talk to you againsoon.

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Jane Plan Diet- Delicious Dinners
January 24, 2017|Dieting Tips

Jane Plan Diet- Delicious Dinners

Jane Plan Diet- Delicious Dinners

The one thing we all look forward to at theend of a long, hard day is a delicious dinner.

So today, in the Jane Plan kitchen, we areputting together lots and lots of different dinners, all of which are part of our deliciousrange of food.

I'm holding here the chickpea tagine, whichis one of our vegetarian dinners.

We also have a great range of dishes including meat,jam, pork and chicken.

This is the beef and mushroom stroganoff.

Right now, I have a treat ready, which is the lasagne.

I've actually cooked it in the oven, but ifyou want to do it in the microwave, it's not a problem at all.

So I'll just get that out.

It's one of those real treats, I think.

Cominghome to comfort food like lasagne.

As I said I just did this in the oven, butreally, if you want to do it in the microwave, it really is just a couple of minutes.

Adding some fresh tomato, topping it withsome basil, all of it makes a really delicious meal.

With the lasagne, we normally have ours inthe office with just a simple salad.

This looks like I've spent ages on it, but really it's just a bought packet of salad,some mixed green leaves, a few tomatoes and spring onions.

Sometimes when you're watching your weight,it's really hard to know what to add to salads.

And people often say, what salad dressingcan I use? What we don't want you doing is smotheringeverything in olive oil.

Delicious as olive oil is.

A little teaspoon of balsamic, a little bitof salt and pepper, tiny bit of olive oil if you'd like to.

One of my favourite things to do with a saladis to just simply add some pomegranate seeds.

It really lightens it up, they are delicious,full of nutrients, it's an alternative dressing.

If you don't want to have salad to accompanyyour evening meal, there are lots of alternatives.

So right now I'm just frying some vegetables.

I haven't spent hours chopping these, I just picked up a stir fry package from my local supermarket.

And because Jane Plan is all about makinglosing weight easy, we want to encourage you to do this, so be adventurous with your vegetables.

You don't have to stir fry of course, youcan steam, you can roast, you can do whatever you like.

The great thing about stir fry vegetables,it really allows you to get a rainbow on your plate, which means a variety of different colours,and a variety of different nutrients.

We have quite a lot of spicy foods on theplan, because we know you like them.

One of my absolute favourites is the thaichicken curry.

In a rush? Just pop off the top, pop it in the microwave,literally two minutes later while you're stir frying, it will be ready.

Lots of delicious chicken, really authenticsauce.

We also have a fragrant chicken curry, the chicken with coconut ginger and turmeric.

We also have the chicken korma.

What I loveabout this chicken korma is it's really quite a substantial portion.

We've done this with some steamed courgettes,peas and beans.

And we've added a tiny bit of coriander.

Some of our dishes are deliberately low incarbohydrates, because we know that you like low carbohydrate dishes but that, of courseis not everybody.

Some people do like to have rice, or pasta,in the evening, or even potatoes.

The great thing about the chicken korma isit does actually come with its own individual portion of rice.

If, however, you're more interested in followinga plan that is perhaps a little lower in carbohydrates, you're a little bit worried about adding pastaor rice, dishes like this chicken mascarpone.

Thisdish was literally done in a minute.

Pop it in the microwave, we've just made life sosimple here.

We know not everybody wants to stir fry, wantsto bake, and so we actually just added some frozen peas.

But to make it even more exciting, you couldadd some roasted vegetables, so again we've got the lovely concept going of a rainbowon your plate, different variety of flavours, a differenttexture of course because you've roasted these Roasted vegetables are one of those all timestaples, you can just chop up any of your favourites and pop them in the oven.

In fact, these today that we did earlier,which took about fifteen to twenty minutes in the oven, actually came out of a readyroasted tray.

Most of the major supermarkets do.

So if you want to make losing weight easy,convenient, healthy and delicious, do take advantage of some of the things around youthat will do that.

We're very conscious of course, that peopledon't want to go hungry on a diet and that's so important, so a lot of the meals are verysubstantial.

They're always calorie and portion controlled.

One of our favourites is the pork meatballs.

We've done it here with some spinach, some leeks, and added some chopped tomatoesas well.

If you're too busy for all of that, a sprig of basil will finish it off reallynicely.

We know from all of our clients that that'sone of the absolute favourites.

Everything I'm showing you here today is actuallywheat and gluten free, of course with the exception of the lasagne.

That's one of the principles that runs throughthe plan, we're trying very very hard to make all of our foods 'free from.

' In fact, in none of these dinners at all,are there any preservatives whatsoever.

We use a very unusual cooking method, calledsous vide cooking method, or very similar to sous vide.

It's becomingmore and more popular now where we seal the food in it's container.

All the ingredientsgo in the container.

The container 's then popped in a pressurecooker and heated to a high temperature which steams everything beautifully.

And that will keep it fresh until you're readyto eat it.

This one is the rich ragu with beef.

One of my personal favourites is this sweetpotato and lentil curry.

Great thing about sweet potatoes is that they're very low g.


And you don't need to be following a vegetariandiet to enjoy a vegetarian food.

In fact, one of the great principles that we love iswhat we call the meat free Mondays.

So you might be a really keen meat-eater whichis fantastic, and you can have meat every day.

but it's wonderful to dedicate one day a weekjust to having no meat at all.

And because we have such a wide vegetarian selection, that's absolutely not a problem at all onthe plan.

I think the stir fry vegetables are pretty much ready.

What I will simply do is pop these onto aplate, and then you can pop your thai chicken curry or your chosen dish over the top.

No need for noodles, for rice, a lovely lowcarbohydrate nourishing and filling dinner.

What anyone needs, we've tried very hard toincorporate all sorts of food tastes in the range.

We have chicken, we have beef, we have pastadishes, we have a nice spicy range.

But we also have a very lovely classic Englishrange, such as chicken casserole and beef casserole.

Everythings calorie and portion controlled,so you really will reach your weight loss goals.

But most importantly, everythings absolutelydelicious.

So we hope you enjoy your Jane Plan dinner,and if you've got any questions at all about the sorts of fruit and vegetables you'd liketo add into the plan, or how best to cook the food, then obviouslyyou can always get in touch with us.

Thank you.

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Hungry While Cutting? 12 Ways To Reduce Hunger On A Diet
January 23, 2017|Dieting Tips

Hungry While Cutting? 12 Ways To Reduce Hunger On A Diet

Hungry While Cutting? 12 Ways To Reduce Hunger On A Diet

Hey what's up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here ofBodyTransformationTruth.

Com, and in today’s video I want to share 12 effective tips thatyou can employ to minimize the amount of hunger that you experience during a fat loss diet,and in turn maximize your chances of long term success.

So, regardless of what typeof dieting method that you employ or how your training plan is specifically structured,fat loss ultimately comes down to one central thing, and that is maintaining a net caloriedeficit over time by consistently burning more calories than you consume.

And the factis simple, when your daily caloric expenditure consistently exceeds your caloric intake,your body is going to naturally kick into survival mode and produce feelings of hungerin order to motivate you to eat, and food cravings are the number one reason why mostpeople ultimately fall off track with their fat loss diet and end up failing in the longrun.

So although these 12 tips are not going to completely eliminate your hunger altogether,they will make a very significant positive difference when it comes to reducing themdown to a more manageable level.

So let's go over it.

Tip #1 is to Maintain A SmallCalorie Deficit And Focus On Losing Fat At A Gradual Pace.

This is the most basic andmost obvious tip for you to employ, but it's also the most important.

Create too largeof a calorie deficit and not only will you lose an excessive amount of lean muscle massthroughout your cutting phase, but you’re also going to feel excessively hungry as well.

Always think of fat loss as being more of a marathon rather than a sprint, and focuson creating a small calorie deficit that gradually strips the fat away while allowing you tomaintain your lean muscle mass and while keeping your hunger levels relatively controlled.

And a good guideline to follow for this is to employ a calorie deficit of around 15-20%below your maintenance level, and aiming to lose about 1-2 pounds of total body fat perweek.

Tip #2 is to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Protein.

Protein is the most fillingof the 3 macronutrients and it also plays an important role in helping you spare leanmuscle tissue as you diet down.

A good guideline here is to aim for around 1 gram of proteinper pound of body weight daily from lean, high quality sources.

Tip #3, Don’t LetYour Dietary Fat Intake Drop Too Low.

The idea that “dietary fat makes you fat”is one of the biggest myths when it comes to proper fat loss nutrition, and maintainingadequate fat intake is a very important aspect of your overall plan.

Not only does a sufficientamount of dietary fat help to keep your testosterone levels from dipping too low throughout yourcut, but it will also leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied in between meals by slowingdown the rate of gastric emptying.

And for those reasons, I would recommend that youaim to get at least 20% of your total daily calories from fat.

Tip #4 is to ensure ThatYou’re Eating Plenty Of Fiber.

Fiber absorbs water as it moves through your digestive tractand essentially “gels” and expands in your stomach to increase feelings of fullnessand satiety.

And just like fat, fiber also slows down the rate of gastric emptying.

Anda good guideline here is to shoot for about 15 grams of fiber for every 1000 caloriesthat you consume.

Tip #5, Eat More Vegetables.

This somewhat overlaps with the previous point,but vegetables are one of the very best food sources for your fat loss diet because they’revery high in overall volume but extremely low in calories.

Consuming vegetables withseveral of your meals throughout the day is a great way to help fill yourself up whilekeeping the total calorie content of your meals down.

Not only are vegetables a greattool for reducing hunger, but they’re also incredibly micronutrient dense as well.

Tip#6, Optimize Your Daily Meal Frequency And Layout.

The research on meal frequency andits effects on basal metabolic rate are fairly clear, and that is thatas long as you’reconsuming the same overall calorie and macronutrient totals for the day as a whole, the specificway in which you lay out those meals doesn’t really have any significant effect on yourbottom line fat loss.

And for that reason, you’re going to want to experiment withdifferent meal plan structures in order to find the one that works best for you in termsof controlling appetite.

So for some people that might mean eating 6 small meals a day,for others it might mean 4 medium sized meals, and for others it might mean 3 larger meals.

In addition to that, some people do best by consuming a larger percentage of their caloriesearlier on in the day with fewer calories later on, while others do better using theexact opposite approach.

And finally, you can also consider trying out the popular “intermittentfasting” protocol by consuming all of your daily calories within an 8 hour “feedingwindow”, and then fasting for the remaining 16 hours of the day.

So just play around withthese different variables and see wihch one works best for you.

Tip #7 is to IncreaseYour Water Intake.

So aside from drinking plenty of water throughout the day as a whole,you can also try consuming a couple glasses of water with each meal in order to increaseoverall feelings of fullness.

Tip #8 is to Find The Right Balance Between Dieting AndCardio.

So as I mentioned at the beginning of the video, fat loss ultimately comes downto maintaining a net calorie deficit over time by burning more calories than you consume.

Now you can create a calorie deficit by consuming less food, by increasing your activity level,or through a combination of both.

Now both of these variables (so reducing calorie intakeor increasing calorie expenditure) will obviously stimulate your appetite, but everyone doesreact a bit differently to each one.

Some people are able to manage their hunger moreeffectively by creating a larger calorie deficit through their diet and then performing lesscardio as a result, while others prefer to consume more calories through their diet butto perform a higher amount of cardio in order to create the same overall calorie deficit.

So try playing around with each of these variables by either consuming fewer calories and exercisinga bit less or by consuming more calories and exercising a bit more to see which one youprefer.

Tip #9 is to Perform Some HIIT Cardio.

Performing low intensity, longer durationaerobic sessions is fine as part of your overall plan, but do keep in mind that these typesof sessions tend to have a more powerful appetite-stimulating effect than high intensity, low duration cardiodoes.

And for that reason, you can try mixing in some high intensity interval cardio intoyour plan in order to burn additional calories without experiencing a significant increasein appetite.

Tip #10 is to Allow For Dietary Flexibility.

Trying to “eat clean” 24hours a day is not only completely unnecessary when it comes to maximizing fat loss, butit’s also a great way to ensure that you fail with your diet over the long run.

Completelyrestricting a particular food item is only going to make you desire it more, increasingthe chances that you’ll eventually “give in”, become discouraged, and then potentiallybinge even further, and ultimately throw your entire program off course.

On the other hand,if you simply allot a small percentage of your total daily calories to come from thefoods that you crave most right from the outset, your chances of long term success are goingto be hugely maximized, and with no negative effect on your fat burning results either.

Remember, fat loss nutrition is all about the big picture, and including a few “cheatfoods” here and there is NOT going to magically cause you to gain fat as long as it’s beingproperly tracked.

So my suggestion here is to follow the basic rule that if 80-90% ofyour total calories are coming from lean high quality protein, minimally refined carbs andhealthy fats, then the other 10-20% can come from whatever foods you’d like as long itfits into your overall daily calorie and macronutrient totals.

Tip #11 is to Make Sure That You GetEnough Sleep Each Night.

Not only does chronic sleep deprivation negatively impact your mentalfocus, your physical strength, energy levels and motivation, but it also boosts your appetiteas well, and this is due to a decrease in leptin levels and an increase in ghrelin levels,which are two key hormones that regulate hunger.

Now everybody’s individual need for sleepvaries quite a bit, so I won’t give you the standard “8 hours a night” guideline.

Instead, just aim to get enough quality sleep each night so that you feel fully rested,alert and energized throughout the day.

And tip #12 is to Slow Down When You Eat.

Nowthis is a pretty simple one, but research has shown that eating your meals at a slower,more gradual place helps you to feel fuller and more satisfied off of a smaller volumeof food.

Your food isn’t going to run away, so take your time and enjoy it.

Now again,these 12 tips are not going to completely eliminate your food cravings altogether, butemploy some or all of them and you should notice a significant positive effect thatwill make your diet much easier to stick to over the long term.

So thanks for watchingthis video lesson, I hope you found the information useful here today.

To get some more highlyeffective fat burning and muscle building nutrition tips, along with step by step mealplans, recipes and other helpful information, make sure to head over to BodyTransformationTruth.

Comand grab my complete “Body Transformation Blueprint” System, and you can do that byclicking the icon at the top of the video or using the link in the description box below.

If you did enjoy the video, as always, please make sure to hit the LIKE button, leave acomment and subscribe to stay up-to-date on future videos.

And make sure to check outmy official blog over at SeanNal.

Com for all of my latest articles, tips and other updates.

Talk to you again soon.

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Quick Weight Loss Tips: 3 Easy Fat Loss Diet Hacks From A Fitness Model
January 23, 2017|Dieting Tips

Quick Weight Loss Tips: 3 Easy Fat Loss Diet Hacks From A Fitness Model

Quick Weight Loss Tips: 3 Easy Fat Loss Diet Hacks From A Fitness Model

Yo, What's going on guys? Troy here with MuscleTactics and I got a sick topic – I wanna give you guys three super easy fat loss hacks thatget you guys those ripped six pack abs.

I'm currently on vacation in Brazil right now.

My camera guy has me standing in some bushes.

If I get bitten by a snake, I will probablyeither die from the poison or die from the fear of seeing a snake.

So if I do happento get bitten by a snake in this video and die, just remember get ripped or die trying.

That's my motto.

Anyways guys, Brazil is an amazing, amazingplace.

If you guys ever have the opportunity, make sure you check it out.

You guys heardabout the song of "Big 'Ol Butt" by LL Cool J from back in the day? Well he definitelywrote that song after coming here.

So there are some crazy, crazy distractions.

I hopeyou guys enjoy this video and I must really love you all because there are some crazydistractions.

I want to get back to going to the beach and mackin' on all these beautifulBrazilian women.

So let me get right into three fat loss hacks that'll get you guysthose ripped abs.

First fat loss hack is a little acronym thatI came up with just so you guys can remember this and you can drill it into your head.

PVW equals six as in six pack abs – protein, vegies and water with every single meal.

Thisis so crucial.

Protein, vegies and water – think about how powerful this is.

If you're fillingyour body every single meal with protein, which is going to help give you that surplusof Amino Acids; initiate that protein synthesis, help you stay full and build muscle and burnfat around the clock.

Vegies – the best form of carbohydrates if you guys want to get shredded- you want those six pack abs.

Brocolli, green beans, asparagus, all these vegetables areall amazing now will have an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals.

Icannot recommend eating vegetables enough if you guys are trying to get shredded andlose weight and stay full along the way.

And then water – water is so crucial.

If you guys,a lot of times if you're really hungry and you just chug a glass of water, you're goingto notice that a lot of times is actually tricking you and you're more thirsty thanhungry.

So if you drink a bunch of water, you're going to be full for 15-20 minutesand over the course of time, you're just going to eat less calories.

So if every single mealyou have, say like 20 to 30 grams of lean protein, you have a couple vegetables andyou have a big glass of water, you're going to be too full to fill your body with crap.

You're going to be too full to want to eat three hamburgers and extra large order offrench fries and all these other bad food item that are making guys fat and causingyou to store excess body fats.

So protein, veggies, water, if you can just do this for80% of the time, I promise you it is the simplest formula to lose fat really quick, to buildmuscle and to get shredded.

The second tip is cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

Now, I actually just saw and came across this article about cinnamon – really fact-findingstuff.

I always knew it's really good for blood sugar levels and it'll help you loseweight, but I didn't exactly know all the science that went into it.

So I'm going totake up my phone here and just share a few facts with you guys that I found out about.

So cinnamon has a regulatory effect on your blood sugar levels and so what this does ishigh blood sugar levels lead to an increased storage of fat.

So cinnamon prevents thisby increasing your storage of fat or it help prevent this increase storage of fat and enablesyou to lose weight.

And it also enhances the way that sugar's metabolised by the body andprevents the transformation of all the sugar into fats.

So think about how powerful thisstuff is.

Another thing it does is it gives you that sweet taste without any sugar.

Ithas tons of antioxidants, tons of vitamins.

So cinnamon is awesome stuff, itcorporateit into your diet strategically at one point in the day.

One of my favorite ways to incorporatecinnamon is every single morning, I will have a bowl of oatmeal and I'll put a bunch ofcinnamon on top, a little bit of honey.

So it's delicious, it makes the oatmeal a lotbetter because oatmeal by itself, quite frankly taste like nothing; kinda shitty.

So put abunch of cinnamon on top of your oatmeal and you guys will reap all these fantastic benefits.

The second spice is going to help you guys lose weight is cayenne pepper and what cayennepepper does is it has this capsaicin compound which has justbeen shown to increase yourmetabolism.

When you have an increase in metabolism, you skyrocked your metabolism up here.

Yourbody is going to be a calorie burning machine, you guys are going to lose fat, you're goingto keep the muscle, you're going to get ripped.

So cayenne pepper, throw it on all your leanproteins, throw it on your eggs in the morning.

If you like spicy food, you can pretty muchthrow this stuff on anything.

I put it on my vegetables.

I put it on my protein.

Ifyou have pasta, you can put it on your pasta.

Incorporate cayenne pepper and cinnamon intoyour diet every single day and I promise you that you guys will get shredded; get you thoseripped six pack abs.

The third fat loss hack is be conscious ofthe sauces and dips that you're incorporating in your diet daily.

If you're not careful,you can add an extra 500 calories to your day just by sauces and dips.

So think aboutthis: if you're in the course of the day, if you're having barbecue sauce and sweetsour sauce and honey mustard and ranch and blue cheese, and all these really high caloriesauces and dips you guys are going to add so many calories.

So the thing that a lotof these sauces and dips have too is high fructosecorn syrup.

That is one of the worsethings that you can put in your body.

It's going to spike your insulin levels sky-highwhich is going to cause you to store an excess amount of body fat.

When you're going throughthe drive-thru like at Wendy's or McDonalds, pretty much anything, any kind of sauce ordressing or dip, has this corn syrup and this high fructose corn syrup.

So stay away fromthis stuff.

You guys want low calorie sauces and dips.

A good rule of thumb is first youwant to make sure, you want to get a good reading the food labels, so look at the firstfew ingredients.

If it has like modified corn starch, high fructose corn syrup, juice puredextrose or sugar or glucose, stay away from it.

So the second rule of thumb is you wantto find something that has under 50 calories for every two tablespoons.

So this is notthat hard to find.

If you go shopping at a Whole Foods or your local grocery store andyou just read the food label, you can find some really tremendous low calorie options.

They even have low calorie barbecue sauce but I've had it which I believe is 30 or 35calories for every two tablespoons.

It has a little bit of sugar but only 35 calories.

Even if you have a lot of barbecue sauce, you're probably not going to see the 100 calorieswhen it's that low per two tablespoons.

They even can make low calorie guacamole – guacamoleis probably my vice – like I would put guacamole on anything but it's about 200 calories forI believe two tablespoons.

I know it's really high calorie – I forget how much of it is200 calories.

I know it's from the higher calorie dips and things that you put on yourfood.

So I've actually recently purchased this low calorie guacamole where they mixedit with like Greek yogurt and avocado and the stuff is really, really good.

I recentlybought guacamame which is half avocado, half edamame – helps really lower the calories.

They have lentil dip.

They have weight bean dip that's good for you – lower in calories.

They have all these tremendous options.

Hot sauce is good, salsa's good, there are anabundance of really low calorie swaps and you guys can save a ton of calories.

If youjust make this healthy swap in your diet, you might save 400 calories a week and justimagine the compound effect this has over the course of the year.

You're going to savethousands of calories.

You guys all going to naturally burn 5-10 pounds of extra fatover the course of the year.

So those are three super easy fat loss hacksthat you can incorporate into your diet – get you guys shredded for beaches and get youguys those ripped six-pack abs.

When you go on vacation at a place like Brazil, you wantto be patrolling that beach, feeling good about yourself, you want to have those rippedabs.

You want to be walking up to that girl with that big 'ol' booty and you want to justgo holler at her with confidence and swag looking all ripped.

So those are three supereasy fat loss hacks.

You guys better follow these before you go to Brazil because thegirls here are absolutely insane and I'm actually on my way to the beach right after I get donehere.

So I'm out of here.

I'm going to find myself a girl with the big ol' booty and honorup my boy, LL Cool J and I'll talk to you guys real soon.

If you're looking for moregreat tips on how to get shredded six pack abs, head on over to ScienceOfAbs.



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3 quick weight loss tips for women
January 22, 2017|Dieting Tips

3 quick weight loss tips for women

3 quick weight loss tips for women

Hi guys its Olivia here from BusyWomenWeightLoss.

Comand Im just going to share 3 quick weight loss tips for women that will help you keepin shape.

So number one, I always change up my exercise.

I keep a good balance of strength, toning, and cardio.

Making sure I target every part.

My favorite is my core, so I do work on that a lot.

And even when I'm not training my core,I make sure I hold it really well through every exercise.

My second one is I eat veryhealthily during the week monday to Friday and allow myself to have little treats onthe weekend.

So that when Monday hits again, I'm straight back into being healthy again.

And I'm not craving anything during the week.

I also like to join groups to help me keepmotivated as well.

And training with friends also helps quite a lot.

So these 3 quick weightloss tips will get you a long way.

I hope you enjoyed them.

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My Diet Experience Story | Being Socially Awkward & Runny Poop | Wengie | Lifestyle Point
January 22, 2017|Dieting Tips

My Diet Experience Story | Being Socially Awkward & Runny Poop | Wengie | Lifestyle Point

My Diet Experience Story | Being Socially Awkward & Runny Poop | Wengie | Lifestyle Point

Hey guys, it's Wengie here.

Today I'm doing part two of my diet journey And today I'll be talking about sort of the experiences I've went through while I was on a diet And basically talk through how I kind of went about going on my diet To give you guys a bit of background of how much weight I lost, I lost 7 kg over the period of 3 months So I'll be talking about how I did that Keep in mind I'm not a diet expert, I'm not a dietitian, I'm not here to give you any official medical or health advise I'm just, pretty much, sharing with you guys my diet story so definitely take it as that For those of you guys that didn't get to watch part one, I've linked it down below That was pretty much talking through my diet story Pretty much what I weight through my life from when I was kind of like a baby, through primary school, high school So check that out I've you haven't seen it already, I encourage you guys to watch that first So to give you guys a bit of background about why I started wanting to go on a diet and to lose weight It was pretty much because I suddenly realise I gained a lot of weight And you know, I was in a period of my life where I didn't really weight myself regularly If you watch part one of my story you've realise I have a pretty fast metabolism I've never had any major issues with my weight, I've always been kind of underweight or on the skinny side Typically, because I was born that way, is my genes And also I have a really small bone structure which makes me weight less as well As you get older, is actually harder to, I guess, eat at the same rate Now, for those of you guys that actually have a fast metabolism You'll be lucky enough to experience the fact that you could pretty much eat whatever you want Junk food, you can overeat all the time and still remain stick skinny Now, that was the case for me but suddenly, you know, without my knowledge, I suddenly out on a lot of pounds And because you're kind of looking yourself every day you don't really realise the weight you've put on You just kind of feel the same and it wasn't until I kind of saw myself You know, like when you look at photos, or videos, or things and you look at yourself You look at it more objectively than you do every day in the mirror.

I'm not sure why that is But then I realised I've put on a lot of weight, I step on the scales that haven't step on a lot of time And I realised I'd put on like 7 kg since my natural weight And when I refer to natural weight I'm just referring to how much you weight when you eat healthy And you eat the right proportions for your body, so not really putting a BMI sort of average on your weight And I feel like it's really important to know what your natural weight is And for those of you guys that are keen on the medical stand of your BMI I don't actually feel that it always applicable to everyone I know people that were born underweight And they pretty much spend their whole life trying to fit into that BMI stand And it was basically impossible for them because they never put on weight, no matter what they did They went to the doctors and they couldn't help them So I think it's really important to know what your baseline weight is When you eat healthy, you eat the right proportion, you do a regular amount of exercise And you don't over or under eat and my weight at that time was 42 kg And yeah, I pretty much blew up, mainly because I ate a lot more than I should have I pretty much ate an extra meal at about 12 am every night In addition, I always had like chips in the house and I would always have like chips and dip it in avocado Like really late at night, as an extra meal.

That was definitely overeating and not eating right I would drink a lot of sugary drinks, like soft drinks as well and I hadn't actually done that for a long time I had been relatively healthy but I sort of moved in with my boyfriend at the time And I think that when you live with someone their, sort of, dietary habits really rub off on you And he was able to eat everything and still remain skinny because he still had a really great metabolism I didn't.

I ate the same and then I definitely gained a lot of weight from that When I started dieting, it was the hardest thing ever Those of you guys that are looking to go on a diet and have never been or never been able to stick to it I think it's one of those things where we kind of all know what to do Like there is a ton of information about how to go on a diet, there's, you know, lots of articles online I don't think that's the hard part, knowing how to diet, I feel it's not the difficult part The hardest part about going on a diet, especially for me that had never had to look after what they ate Was pretty much the self-control I had to have to stick to, you know, the regular meals and the calorie intake That I was supposed to have while losing weight That was so hard because I was the kind of person that was like: I feel like eating you know, chips right now I'm going to go eat it, or I'm craving KFC and I'm just going to go have it right now I've never really had to limit myself through my whole entire life So that was like the hardest part for me, being able to curb those craving for junk food And what I regularly ate as a habit and then making sure I ate health instead And actually, healthy food, when you start going on a diet, healthy food taste so bland I mean, if your used to eating high sugar, high sodium meals like snacks, or KFC, or junk food You'll realise that eating healthy is going to be really, really different for you Also I cut a lot of carbs out of my diet Because carbs were kind of one of those empty calorie things that I could've eaten something nutritious instead And it's much easier to stick to a limited calorie intake while eating a lot of veggies And getting your nutrients that way than filling it up with empty carbs like white rice And I think, yeah, for those of you guys all going on diet, that's going to be the hardest thing you'll ever experience And that's what I experienced, especially when I was in a habit of eating at like 12 am I was about to go to bed and always loved to eat before I slept and that's so bad for you But every time like I craved it, it was really hard to hold back and not eat I started of basically replacing what I ate So instead of eating chips and avocado I try and eat like a salad or a chicken salad instead So I didn't really go cold turkey and not eat at all because that would have been way too hard for me Because it was just like a habit that I had So I started doing this "swap it, don't stop it thing" Which is a really good idea if you don't really have self-control to go on a diet either It's just swapping slowly the things that you used to have for a healthier version And I've been kind of just doing that consistently over time If you pretty much swap all the unhealthy things and the high calorie things in your diet Over time you'll start to be able to stick to a much lower calorie intake Without really feeling like you're missing out There were two major things that I used while I was going on a diet that really, really helped me One, was "My Fitness Pal"; and if you watch my other diet videos I highly recommend going on it And even for research purposes The reason why is it pretty much calculates a healthy calorie intake for you, for your weight loss goal So it does that for you as soon you sign on, you tell them your height, your weight And they'll tell you how many calories you need to eat per day to get to your goal I don't condone drastic weight loss methods either so they pick a healthy sort of calorie intake for you too And give you expectations that it will take, you know, a certain amount of months before you reach that goal weight I feel like crash diets are really bad way to go because you're going to gain it really, really quickly afterwards Changing your overall eating habits will be a way to stick to your new ideal weight as well So crash diets and fat diets, to me, aren't really, something I liked to use Or something I actually even considered while losing weight What I learned from My Fitness pal was basically how many calories all the food I ate was That's really, really, important if you want to go on a diet It's really just to get the knowledge about what you're putting into your body And you'll be like super surprised at the amount of calories some things you eat It really, it feels insignificant when you eat it But the amount of calories is simply crazy compared to maybe like a healthy alternative So one example I really love to share it's pretty much you can have 11 doritos chips Or you can pretty much have an egg, a fried egg on toast combination if you do it healthy That's kind of like the same calories but you get a lot more for with the egg on toast than with 11 doritos chips So you can see that without knowing how much calories you're eating You can actually overeat in terms of calories without even knowing and still feel hungry at the end of the day The first thing I did when I was dieting was learn how much calories each, you know, food item has Until this day, I pretty much learned so much that I can just look at something now I kind of guesstimate the amount of calories in that particular meal You also find the importance of serving sizes You realise that in most western countries serving sizes are way too big for you, especially if you're of a small build Like if you think about it they serve the same serving size to men and women Even though women have a much lower calorie intake than men do And that's just something that you need to know and be aware of So don't eat everything that you're given, just know how much you're supposed to eat Eat that much and take it away; you can turn one meal into two meals and save a lot of money at the same time And yeah, those are the kind of things that I started learning And the other thing that I really used a lot was a diet tea that I heard was really good So I just ordered it of the internet.

It was called Lou, Lou long tea, I think But anyways, it was endorsed by Oprah and diet tea and I pretty much drank that religiously And normal tea can actually reduce the amount of calories you have by like 70 per meal Just because it increases your metabolism and it does good thing to your body Keep in mind that there are a lot of comments as well You guys also mentioned that tea can reduce the amount of iron that your body absorbs So be careful not to use this method for a long period of time or take iron supplements while you're doing it But I basically did this for three to six months And you'll find that when you drink it actually makes you flush things out of your system So be prepared to go to the toilet a lot, this is one side effect of drinking the tea regularly, like 3 times a day You'll find that you'll be going to the toilet a lot more and flushing all the food out of your body And you might be quite runny as well while you're doing it, so that's not really the best image I can give to you And I wouldn't actually use this tea that frequently for a long period of time I think it's a good thing to use initially to get the ball rolling, getting some momentum with your weight loss I definitely don't drink this tea that regularly anymore While I was trying to reach my goal weight I pretty much used it religiously And I guess when you flush the food out of your system quickly Like you'll feel lighter and you'll feel like much slimmer Anyways as a side effect I think it might be good if you're going to an event And you want to, you know, slim out for that event But yeah, not a long-term solution, definitely works as a short-term solution So that's something else I did while I went on a diet In terms of the actual diet, in three months I actually lost all the weight And I got to my goal weight of 42 again and I was really, really excited about that And you'll find that during the diet process it'll be hard Because, one you won't notice any, like weight loss I think that weight loss it's so subtle that it takes a period of time for you to realise But while you're in the zone of losing weight you won't realise you're losing weight So it might feel hard because you have to change all these life style habits that you had And were comfortable with and that made you happy But you don't notice anything different about your body for a while So that's something that I went through that I thought was really hard And you guys might experience it as well in terms of going on a diet The other thing you realise it's sometimes you can't actually be like a normal social person with friends Because I became really, really obsessed with losing weight And people don't want to hear, you know, all this weight loss talk from someone that they think looked skinny So that's one thing that you'll get as well You might feel, I guess, socially awkward The second thing is eating out is not going to be good for you during this time when you want to lose weight When I was losing weight I never ate out, I made all my meals, I bought my meals to work If I ate out I would only limit it to once per week Because when you eat out you realise you don't know what they put in the food Like it could just take one tablespoon of oil extra in your meal to throw you off your calorie count And you don't know when you got to a restaurant, you don't know what they put in it You don't know how much sugar they put in it So it's actually really, really scary to eat out when you're trying to go on a diet and lose weight And you'll find that when your friends invite you out it's going to be very difficult for you to go and eat the same amount They might look at you funny.

I basically had not much of a social life for a while Because or I avoided situations where we ate as social thing But I started switching everything to coffees instead of dinner or lunch Because then I could just have a coffee and not really have to eat a meal outside So that was a bit difficult for me as well Made you feel really socially awkward during that period of time, if you really want to stick to your diet And I think that's something that I realised about dieting, made me a lot more self disciplined And you have to give up a lot of things that you're comfortable with to pretty much, get to your goal And I think that's with any goal If you want to do something, I think you will have to be willing to give up some things in the process And I think a few of things that will help, is to let your friends know ahead of time why you're being antisocial Or that you can't eat out with them Those kind of things help and let them knowing them makes them prepared for what you're doing Same with your parents You might find that the meals that your parents cook may be actually really high in calories And not good for you and we can't choose what our family cooks Luckily my family cooked really, really healthy It's just that it was a problem when I actually cooked myself for myself My meals became really unhealthy because I went for whatever was fast, efficient and easy Yeah, so it will mean you have to learn cooking skills as well; I learned to cook a lot of low-calorie things I started changing kind of the ingredients I used; I put all the oil into little spray cans I use less, I just carve it, I started using nonstick pans more so I didn't have to use as much oil I replaced the kind of sugar I used and slowly you'll slowly like change your ingredients I made it easy for myself, I stuck to a few ingredients that I knew where healthy and low in calories And I just found different ways to eat them during the week and I made things easy So my pic was tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, lean meat Turkey was a really low calorie meat as well, so I used a lot of turkey and turkey mince And just different ways of cooking, oh also broccoli was a really good and healthy, low-calorie thing to eat And really clear mung bean noodle that was made from beans, I guess So it wasn't really like carbs and was a lot less calories than having rice or anything So I just replaced what I ate and just ate monotonous meals with the same ingredients for three months But it really helped me stick to my diet and it made things easier when I was cooking and things like that So you asked kind of what I wanted to talk about today With regards to my diet experience and the things I kind of learned If you're looking for more like actual information and tips I've linked all the all the resources I've created in the description box below I've got a blog post that details 10 different methods that I used while I was dieting And I have some other more detailed videos that goes into specifics about my actual diet But this is pretty much the journey I went through At the end of the three months it will all be worth it Changing your habits, eating differently, being a social outcast, learning self discipline Changing the way you look at food and even the way you enjoy food Soon you'll realise that unhealthy food will taste disgusting and you can't eat it anymore That means you're on the right track, and you're getting healthy habits and you're on your way So yeah, after, you know, the three months or however long it takes for you to get to your goal way It will all be worth it, it will be hard during the process, trust me, and it will be very uncomfortable But if you're determined to do it, do it! And I only recommend you do it if it's your natural and healthy weight Don't try and go underweight; your body will retaliate and tell you -no, you're too skinny- And it will try and hold on to all the calories and maybe you end up putting on weight although And I highly recommend, if you're unsure about what your natural or healthy weight is Go see a doctor and get some medical advice I think this is definitely a very personal thing between you and of course, your doctor as well And make sure you get some sound advice before doing any drastic weight loss And I encourage you guys to ask me any questions you want me to answer as well, that I haven't covered I have so much to say but I don't really want to put it all in one video and make it super long So yeah, use the comment section to ask me any particular, specific questions that you have In the future I'll probably do a FAQ video as well and answer your questions Thanks so much for watching this video guys, I really enjoyed sharing the diet journey with you Remember that self discipline is key to this whole process and it's very hard as well And I wish you guys the best of luck in developing your healthy eating habits It's so important and something that you will be thankful for the rest of your life Remember to thumb up this video if you enjoyed it and I'll see you guys next time Bye!.

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How to Lose Weight Fast for Women; Easy Weight Loss Diet Plan & Fat loss tips, Lose 5 Lbs in a Week
January 21, 2017|Dieting Tips

How to Lose Weight Fast for Women; Easy Weight Loss Diet Plan & Fat loss tips, Lose 5 Lbs in a Week

How to Lose Weight Fast for Women; Easy Weight Loss Diet Plan & Fat loss tips, Lose 5 Lbs in a Week

Hi, my name is Heather and through this videoI will show you how to lose weight fast for women and exactly how to lose 5 pounds ina week and increase metabolism, so STOP EVERYTHING YOU�re doing and watch this weight lossvideo till the end, because I have a weight loss diet plan, 2 great weight loss ebooksfor you and an APP to download for FREE in the link for the description Below!You see there are many approaches on how to lose weight fast, however mine is as simpleas possible and has worked for me and for thousands of women worldwide who have followedmy weight loss tips, so I am sure it will work for you too and you�ll easily lose5 lbs in a week.

In order to lose weight quickly, you needto consume a weight loss diet plan of around 1200-1300 calories per day, however this iseasier said than done, because you constantly crave for so many foods, you overeat and cravefor carbs or sweets, and I am almost sure that you consume over 2000 calories per dayand eat even when we are not hungry.

So, my first fat loss ebook with help youcontrol your apetite and your cravings, and after you watch this video till the end, clickthe link from the description below to download the ebook for free!The second aspect to reduce your weight really fast is a fast metabolism.

You see, a womanhas a metabolic rate of around 1400 calories per day, however if you could increase metabolismto 2000 calories per day, even if you don�t do almost anything, you will lose weight quickly.

And with 8 small changes in your lifestyle you can increase your metabolic rate over2000 calories per day and easily lose 5 pounds in a week.

So, my second ebook will teachyou how to increase metabolism, so after you watch my video till the end, click the linkfrom the description below to download it for FREE!Now, before I continue and share with you a few more weight loss tips that will helpyou lose weight fast, I want to tell you a few things about me.

You see, even though right now I am skinny and fit, I was not always like that.

In fact,a while ago, because I didn�t eat healthy and I was not very active, I gained a lotof weight.

I was almost 90 pounds overweight, a size 16, with over 44 % body fat.

This ishow fat I was� And even though I was always tired and myankles were in constant pain because of my weight, and none of my clothes used to fitme, I never felt like it was time to start losing weight fast.

But at one family reunion, something happened that made me feel so embarrassed about mybody.

A nephew of mine, which I hadn�t seen in 2 years, asked me �Aunt Heather,what has happened to you? You are so fat and ugly!� I never felt so embarrassed in myentire life, because all my family heard that, even my husband.

That was the moment Idecided to lose weight, but soon I found out that losing weight after a long period ofinactivity and eating bad foods is not easy at all!Slowly my confidence got really low.

I started having problems in my marriage.

I felt likemy husband isn�t interested about me anymore, that he is looking at other women, and eventhough those thoughts were mostly in my mind, they made me really frustrated.

So I started following weight loss diet plans, killed myself in the gym and even starvedmyself many times, but somehow I didn�t lose weight fast.

In 6 months I only lost7 pounds.

You see, I really wanted to be sexy again,but I couldn�t even wear shorts because I was so fat and my thighs were so big.

Igot to a point where I was even ashamed to go out of the house.

Then I found out thatmy blood sugar level was higher than normal, so I started to worry about my health.

Everymorning I used to be depressed when I looked in the mirror.

I didn�t even want togo on vacation because I was so ashamed of the way I looked.

But you know something.

I didn�t quit, I really wanted to lose weight quickly, so Ifound a way to control my apetite and cravings, then I discovered a great weight loss systemfor women, I created my own fat loss routine, I constantly exercised and ate right, andin 4 and half months I lost 70 pounds.

As you can see I completely transformed mybody.

Believe me, even though I had to work forit to lose weight fast, It was all worth it.

My life is simply perfect right now, I amso healthy, full of energy, I feel so sexy, my husband is simply crazy about me and evenwomen are admiring me when I am at the beach or just walking on the streets.

Because of all these, I started to be really interested in the topic of weight loss forwomen and women�s health, I read so many books and went to a few seminars, and I trulyconsider myself an expert in fat loss for women, and already thousands of women havefollowed my weight loss tips and lost weight, became healthier and sexier.

Now, to lose weight fast for women, there�s something very important: HOPE! You must believein yourself! There are so many women that want to lose weight fast but don�t havehope.

They hate the way they look , they start but they don�t really expect to look better.

So, don�t be desperate, be positive about your future, appreciate yourself and be atpeace with your body and smile, tell yourself that you are an amazing woman, because thiswill really help you reduce weight quickly.

So, as promised, here�s how to lose weightfast, and how to lose 5 pounds of fat in 1 week.

So here�s what you must do lose 5 pounds in a week:1.

Drink at least 3 liters of lemon water each day.

This will decrease water retentionand flush all toxins out of your body, even reduce your cravings.

My recommendation isto always have a bottle of water with you and set your alarm every 45 minutes to remindyou to drink water.


Do a 20 minute intense workout each morning.

Here�s a workout that has worked great for many women.

Do 5 sets of: 100 jumpin jacks,20 squats, 20 lunges, 10 pushups and 30 sit-ups or leg raises�.

Do 5 sets of these as intense as you can.

You will be really sore the next day, howeverdo not quit and keep doing this workout or a similar one each morning from now on, andafter a few days you�ll see amazing fat loss results.


Consume a weight loss diet plan of around 1300 calories per day, and make sure thateverything you eat are only fibers, lots of fresh veggies and protein.

Also, stay awayfrom bad foods! I know this is not easy to follow a weightloss diet plan, and that you always crave for bad foods, sweets� and that�s whyyou need my ebook, cause it will teach you how to control your cravings and appetite.

In fact, if you click the link below the video, you will get it for FREE, with a great weightloss diet plan for 7 days.

Also, if you enjoy this video, please likeit and share it on Facebook and Google + or Twitter so that friends of yours who needto lose weight fast can watch it too.


Use a massage brush.

This is a great fatloss tool because it increases blood flow and breaks down fat deposits from your troublespots, like thighs, butt and belly.

I got mine on Amazon, for only $12, and inthe link below the video you�ll find a 50 % OFF coupon for the brush to help you loseweight really fast.


Finally, and the most important thing inweight loss, is a fast metabolism.

My ebook will teach you how to increase metabolismand your metabolic rate over 2000 calories per day, and because I really want to helpyou lose weight fast, and lose at least 5 pounds in a week, I also have a great videofor you, from a world class weight loss expert who will share some amazing metabolism boostingtechniques with you, including the hormonal balance trick.

So, click the link from the description below to watch it for FREE!I will also give you for FREE, the diet and exercise routine I followed for 5 months,a list with all the mistakes I did in the process, so you can avoid them, and a weightloss App for your smarthphone , which contains a calorie calculator and more weight losstips for you.

So, if you want to lose weight fast and lose5 pounds in a week, you must start tomorrow morning! Do the morning workout and startdrinking at least 2 and half liters of lemon water.

However, Right now, click the link below the video, to get for FREE:- the video, to learn how to boost metabolism – the weight loss diet plan, coupon code forthe brush and the smartphone App – the routine I followed for 5 months ANDMY MISTAKES – the 2 weight loss ebooks, all for FREE!So, click the link from the description below right now and lose 5 pounds in a week so youcan wear bikini at the beach or get back in your skinny jeansMy video contained some great weight loss tips for women and was designed to teach youhow to lose weight fast for women, so if you will lose 5 pounds in the next week, pleaseshare it and come back to it to live a comment!.

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Diet Tips: My BAD Eating Habits | Wengie | Lose Weight by changing your eating habits
January 21, 2017|Dieting Tips

Diet Tips: My BAD Eating Habits | Wengie | Lose Weight by changing your eating habits

Diet Tips: My BAD Eating Habits | Wengie | Lose Weight by changing your eating habits

Hi guys, it's Wengie here Today I wanted to do another video all about my diet experience Because you guys love these videos And today I was actually browsing through some of my old photos on facebook Because my friend was like I can never imagine you like, you're tiny I could never imagine you any bigger than you are now And also I swear I was bigger So I went and looked through my old Facebook photos and I found this one And I'll pop it up on the screen right now And it just like super surprised me because I realized how far I have come For those of you guys that are still, you know, going through your life-style changes And if you're trying to lose weight Just, basically don't worry because I think it's definitely a time thing And it's really well known that habits take 60 to 90 days to kick And if your habits take 90 days to kick then you got to wait at least 3 months For you to see any kind of change that you want to see I mean there are fad diets when you do do something extremely different for a short period of time But I don't feel like that's the right way to go about losing weight.

It doesn't last If you want to change how you weight or how you look it needs to be sort of like a routine that you work in And it's like a habit that you develop and it needs to change your old habits as well And I just feel like fad diets don't do that I feel like it's really important to share with you guys that weight gain it doesn't just happen to you There might be a moment in time when you realise that it has happened But it actually is a build-up of all your habits put together that led you to that moment And you may not know what these habits are or you probably don't even realise you're doing it But a lot of the time weight gain or even weight loss as well is just a result of a change in habits So, I mean there's a lot of research that goes into looking at people habits and how to change them But one thing that's in common with all of them is just time You need to give it enough time for you to get used to it You need sort of like self-control because that's a huge thing I mean if you always, you know, don't control yourself you will find that you will never stick to any habit It's that 90 days is so painful because it's like kicking in old habit and old habits die hard So if you don't change it permanently you actually revert back quite quickly And looking at my like eating habits now they have changed dramatically So I'm going to pop another photo up for you right now.

This is what I look like at the time And these where my eating habits at the time I had supper every night at twelve o'clock For supper I would actually dip potato chips in avocado and that would be my supper a lot of the time And that would be sort of like my dessert after supper I would also have maybe like a pasta or maybe like frozen dinner or something like that And then I finished off with chips So that would be my habit, like I would do that almost every single day without fail In addition, I started drinking soft drinks which I never drank for a long time And I cut soft drinks out for a very long time but I started drinking soft drinks 'Cause my boyfriend at the time, who I lived with And that's like going to be a huge influence on what kind of habits you develop He loved soft drinks, so I started buying them from the supermarket And when they're there in the fridge you just drink them because it's easy And when you eat chips, I mean, nothing goes better with chips than some soft drink, right? So then, I did that And then, on top of that I ate out a lot 'cause I used to go dancing a lot And I used to go really late and then you wouldn't have time to cook So we'd all be out and we all have like a social dinner out after class or something So I always ate out and because when you eat out the portions are big and you don't want to waste the food And yeah, because you've just eaten sort of three quarters of it and there's like a quarter left You don't want to take it home so you kind of just finish it 'cause you don't want to waste food So that's another habit I did.

I ate out like three or four times a week with friends after dance So it was pretty much those two or three habits, it wasn't a lot of habits But they.

Oh another habit I had was, my boyfriend at the time ate a lot, I started cooking more food So, I would never cook that much for myself but because there was a hungry boy eating I cooked more food And I didn't want to waste it and it wasn't enough to kind of portion out for a second meal So I just put the whole portion in my plate in my plate and his plate and I kind of would portion it similar Because you know, at the time I just thought why don't I eat almost the same amount as him? Why not like I just cooked a double portion? 'Cause in my head times 2 is easier than 1 and a half and me eating half and him eating one, that makes sense But yeah, so I had bigger meals as well Those four habits, like it wasn't a lot, it was only those four habits over a period of time of like a year Had a huge dramatic effect on how much weight I put on And yeah, I had a lot of extra weight and now that I think about it I still vaguely remember it but I don't actually When I sat down my belly would hang over my pants I would do a lot more slimming photoshoping on my photos for my blog And there were just a lot of factors that led to me going like OMG and having that 'aha moment' So yeah, I just wanted to share that with you guys because I think it's really important For you guys to be realistic about how long it takes for you to lose weight and to change your habits And that's the most important thing I do not recommend any sort of fad diets Detoxes are fine, but don't rely on them for weight loss.

If you want to detox yourself, that's fine But you can't really expect a long time change when you just detox for a month And then go back to your old eating habits And I also don't condone starving yourself because you can actually eat a lot of healthy food And still lose weight as long as you choose the right food So that's like super important And don't think that the only way to lose weight is actually to not eat Because that's incredibly wrong and incredibly harmful for your body And I can't really emphasise that enough I actually developed this book which is like my 7 day eating plan And you guys have always asked what I eat on a daily basis And what you guys should eat on a daily basis if you want to lose weight Like what you should cook and everything So I put together this ebook and it has 7 days worth of meals for you guys It's very easy to cook with very easy ingredients And it's kind of like a fusion between western food and Japanese, Korean and Chinese food So it's a fusion of those kind of styles of food And the great thing about this ebook is that $1 of it goes to charity So at the end of the year I'll donate $1 from each book to charity which would be awesome And I think a lot of you guys would benefit from this So if you're interested, I've got the link down below.

You can find it on my blog as well There's quite of few girls doing it and you know I'm really excited to see the feedback 'cause I love seeing people kind of log their journeys If you guy get this book and decide to follow it, please log your journey for me and please give me feedback 'Cause I really want to improve it and help you guys stick to a sort of diet plan That's healthy, that means you get all your nutrients and that you also lose weight and get to your goal as well That is my ultimate aim for this book And I'm happy to change it and adapt it and improve it according to your feedback So I'd really love to hear from you guys I'm going to be posting like a few like healthy recipes as well on my channel 'Cause you guys have been asking for cooking videos for so long and I haven't got around to filming one of them But I'm definitely going to film a few for you guys and put them on my channel as well So please stay tuned for that I hope you guys enjoy this video I just thought I'd do a video for you guys That, you know, just motivate you guys on your healthy life style change journey It's very, very hard.

It's not easy, the times where I sat there and I would crave chips I still crave chips and Maccas, like to this day.

I just don't eat it as often Whereas before I would kind of buckle to my cravings like every day or every other day Now I only do it like once a month or when I feel like I've eaten really well for the day I would reward myself And that's okay, as long as you keep track of Like how many calories on what you're eating and whether you're doing well That's changed a lot for me and you'll find that once you start eating healthy you won't crave junk food as much It's kind of like a downward spiral, once you start eating junk food you just keep craving it and craving it And it's just like a bad, bad.

It's like a stone rolling downhill I'm really bad with my example today, I'm really sorry But yeah, anyway, that's off on a tangent; I was going to end this video Yeah, I wanted to create this video to encourage you guys So leave your comments below and let me know if you guys are on this healthy eating journey How you're going, any tips to motivate other people Because I think it's good as a community to share with everyone and help everyone in the comment section So, do that! I can't wait to see you guys in my next video! I love you guys, don't forget to thumb up and subs blaaah Don't forget to thumb up and subscribe if you haven't already And I'll see you guys in my next video, bye!! It's gratitude time Don't forget to tell me what you're grateful for in the comments box below with the hashtag #wengiesgratitudejournal Punnyh C: I must admit we spend most of our time complaining about uni, so it's really refreshing to hear that Vicanna, I'm so proud of you and your mom, she must have given up so much looking after you So I'm really glad you feel the love between you two through this comment Duachongmaiya, I think everyone's families get on the nerves at times hey but we love them And I'm so glad you found your soulmate and best friend make sure you keep in touch with her Because I don't actually even remember my first best friend from primary school high I think her name was Amy For today I'm going to start up with this Widriff top, this cute pair of denim shorts, these white platforms sneakers And I'm going to show how to turn this basic outfit into three different looks Just by adding different pieces on top So let's get started.

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