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Healthy Chicken Curry for a weight loss diet | Low Cholesterol | No Oil
January 19, 2017|Healthy Meals

Healthy Chicken Curry for a weight loss diet | Low Cholesterol | No Oil

Healthy Chicken Curry for a weight loss diet | Low Cholesterol | No Oil

Hello Friends! Today i am going to cook healthy chicken curry.

Ingredients are : 500gms fresh chicken Red chilly powder, Ginger garlic paste, lemons, 2 tea spoonful turmeric powder & coriander powder 1 teaspoonful butter, 1/2 cup of curd, salt per your taste, 2-3 red chillies (dry), 3-4 cloves, bay leaf, cinnamon, black pepper, black & green cardamom pods (1 each).

Also, we need 4 medium sized (cut on length) onions.

Now we will marinate the chicken.

For this we will add curd to the chicken.

Half cup of curd is enough for 500gms of chicken.

Now we will add turmeric powder Add two small spoons of turmeric powder Two small spoons of coriander powder.

2 spoonful of red chilly powder.

Add 2 spoonfuls of ginger garlic paste.

Two small spoonfuls of salt (or as per your taste) Now we add lemon juice by squeezing it on the mixture.

Now mix this mixture properly for 3-4 minutes.

After mixing it properly, close the lid of container and leave it for 30-45 minutes.

Now we take a pressure cooker and add 1 tea spoonful of butter to it.

Once the butter has melted.

we add bay leaf and red chillies.

Then add onions to the cooker.

Now mix it properly for around 2 minutes.

Stove or heater should be set on medium right now Now add the marinated chicken to it.

Now stir the mixture properly for around 2 minutes so that spices are mixed thoroughly.

Flame/heat should continue to be set on medium.

Again stir it after 2 minutes.

Now we add the spices including cardamom pods, cinnamon, black pepper and cloves.

For enhanced taste, grind the spices a bit.

Stir it again for some time for a minute or two.

Now close the lid of cooker.

Remember NOT to add water at all.

With flames/heat still medium, let it cook for some time.

After 5-7 minute (or 4 whistles) open the lid.

Observe that there is a lot of gravy now with the chicken which is because of the chicken.

This is pretty healthy as we just used onions & garlic for gravy.

both of which help reduce cholesterol.

Now add a few mint leaves to serve the chicken in a bowl Your hot healthy chicken curry is now ready.

Serve the "yummilicious" and soupy chicken now.

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Best post workout meal for weight loss | What to eat after workout? Healthy is Wealthy
January 18, 2017|Healthy Meals

Best post workout meal for weight loss | What to eat after workout? Healthy is Wealthy

Best post workout meal for weight loss | What to eat after workout? Healthy is Wealthy

Best post workout meal for weight loss | What to eat after workout? Your post workout meal is similarly as critical as your workout, if not more.

Whether you practice to get more fit, form muscle, or just stay fit, what you eat in the hour after you work out is critical.

Eat protein After a workout, your body's vitality assets are drained and needs recharging.

Protein, additionally called amino acids, (the building obstructs for proteins) is a decent decision.

Greasy, sugary, and slick nourishment ought to be kept away from.

Make a protein shake One constantly feels hungry – it's the body's method for requesting recharging.

The most ideal way is convey a protein shake and taste on it post workout.

Recharge lost electrolytes Vitamin waters, Gatorade, and different games beverages can reestablish supplements lost while sweating.

Coconut water is another awesome electrolyte refreshment, it actually has the minerals expected to better ingest water.

Maintain a strategic distance from garbage sustenance The most ideal approach to abstain from eating garbage sustenance in the wake of working out, or whenever, is to just not purchase any.

Eat foods grown from the ground These are dependably the most ideal snacks you can have.

Eat sustenance like celery and hummus, or apples and nutty spread.

Drink more water Water is the best drink you can have, beside drain.

Protein shakes and blends can be great, however look at them before you drink.

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Fast and Healthy Way To Lose Weight Fast As Hell
January 18, 2017|Healthy Meals

Fast and Healthy Way To Lose Weight Fast As Hell

Fast and Healthy Way To Lose Weight Fast As Hell

Update on a fast and healthy way to lose weight fast as hell Been testing a great program You have to have a solid step by step daily meal plan Guys are busting their butts off in the gym Trying to find a fast and healthy way to lose weight They are not getting the results that they want Just guessing at everything Fast and healthy way to lose weight and tone up.

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How to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers – Lose Weight Healthy Way – Must Watch
January 17, 2017|Healthy Meals

How to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers – Lose Weight Healthy Way – Must Watch

How to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers – Lose Weight Healthy Way – Must Watch

How to lose weight fast home remedies Losing weight takes a lot of sweat and discipline,but even if you're not feeding through a treadmill interval training or counting calories, thereare plenty of simple ways to see those pounds fall on the scale.

Employing these 8 little tricks daily willhelp you lose weight, no gym or diet required.

1: START EACH MEAL WITH A GLASS OF WATER You will stay hydrated and feel differentinstantly, which can help you overeat.

2: HAVE A PIECE OF DARK CHOCOLATE FOR THEDESSERT Instead of opting for cookies in the breakroom, quench your sugar cravings with a slice of dark chocolate.

You may not feel so satisfying the first fewtimes, but as you get rid of your sugar addiction, you'll be glad you're saving calories whilehaving a healthy and decadent treatment.

3: BE DILIGENT ON PORTION CONTROL If you want to lose weight, stick to the rightportions at every meal is important.

Measure the snacks in advance rather thaneating from the bag, use smaller plates to visually point out what your food will satisfy,and save the leftovers so you will not be tempted to come back for seconds.

4: MOVE MOREEven if you are not spending a lot of time on a workout, you can burn off some extracalories by making an effort to move around a bit more during the day.

Taking breaks to walk around the office, optingfor escalators rather than escalators, and parking a little further away from the officeentrance are simple ways to increase your calorie burn.

5: DO NOT DRINK CALORIES It is a common reason why you are not seeingthe results – those empty calories from a daily soda, a morning juice, or a large glassof wine at dinner can really add up.

Stick to water flavored with fresh ingredientssuch as cucumber, lemon or mint in order to save on significant calories.

6: DO NOT HAVE MUCH HUNGRY A little hunger may be good for you but starvingyourself all day in order to "splurge" on dessert at night is both unhealthy and sabotagediet.

Eat well-timed meals and snacks to avoid lowblood sugar levels that cause you to fall.

7: SNACK IN FOODS HIGH-FIBER PROTEIN HIGH When it's time to snack, make your meal workfor you.

Stay away from empty and calorie choices likechips and crackers, and go for foods rich in protein and fiber that taste good and fillyou too.

You can eat fewer calories while still feelingsatisfied.

One of these 150 calorie snacks is sure toget to the point.

8: EATING A LIGHT, ANTICIPATED SCENE Try to keep your dinner at about 25 percentof your daily calories, and have it at least two to three hours before going to bed.

Eating too much too late can cause digestionand sleep problems that make it difficult to follow a healthy routine.

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15+ Snacks To Help You Lose Weight Easily | Healthy Snacks Life Hack
January 16, 2017|Healthy Meals

15+ Snacks To Help You Lose Weight Easily | Healthy Snacks Life Hack

15+ Snacks To Help You Lose Weight Easily | Healthy Snacks Life Hack

Snacking is probably the best thing in theworld when you’re bored.

In fact, there’s actually science behindwhy it’s so great.

When you’re bored and you snack, it triggersa release of endorphin, which momentarily makes you not-so-bored.

If you’re anything like me, that can bedangerous.

Especially if you’re the type that reachesfor the potato chips when you’re ready to snack.

It doesn’t have to be as dangerous, though.

That’s the beauty of protein.

Protein keeps you full longer than carbohydrates,so you aren’t elbow deep in that bag of chips 10 minutes after you snack.

Here are some ideas for quick, easy snacksthat will keep your belly full and your brain satisfied.

Apple and Almond Butter Sandwiches This is the most fun snack, and its packedfull of protein and low on carbs! It only has a few ingredients, but you couldmake it however you want.

I suggest experimenting with different kindsof nut butters.

Apple and Nut Butter Fruit Dip This snack is just a mixture of some of myfavorite high-protein foods, yogurt and almond butter.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try it withdifferent flavors of yogurt, like pumpkin! Tuna Salad on Crackers Tuna is one of most protein dense foods around.

A can of it has 26 grams of protein for only120 calories, making it one of the best foods you can eat if you like to snack but wantto watch calories.

Avocado and Cottage Cheese Toast Cottage Cheese is super high in protein, andavocado is probably the healthiest form of fat you can eat.

This is a well-rounded snack with all thenutrients you need.

Burritos in a Jar Well what can I say? Who doesn’t love and crave burritos on adaily basis? With this recipe from SkinnyMs, you can havea burrito without the guilt.

Chickpea and Avocado Salad This is your new favorite salad, and it keepsyou full and satisfied for hours.

Homemade High Protein Trail Mix Here’s a recipe from Dr.

Axe that you canliterally make by mixing the ingredients.

Stick to nuts with high protein and driedfruits.

This snack is an amazing source of energy.

Pesto and Turkey Roll Ups This recipe is based on high protein whitemeat, and vegetables.

You really can never go wrong or feel guiltyabout eating white meat and veggies.

Oh, and its tasty to boot.

Caprese Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and ChickPeas Mozzarella cheese is a great portion of protein,and veggies are always good for weight loss.

Cottage Cheese and Blueberry Bliss Another case of using cottage cheese as thework horse.

And it’s so perfectly balanced with thesugar of the blueberries and the crunch of the flax seed.

Black Bean Hummus and Sliced Veggies It’s no secret that black beans are an excellentsource of protein.

If you replace the chips with sliced veggies,you have a perfectly healthy meal.

Cookie Dough Yogurt This is yogurt that tastes like cookie dough.

And it only has 155 calories to it’s 26grams of protein.

Do you need anymore information? Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Is there any combination on Earth better thanpeanut butter and banana? Maybe peanut butter and banana in a high-proteinsmoothie… Hard Boiled Egg Salad Eggs are always a good choice when you needa snack that will keep you full between meals.

Add healthy fats from avocado, and you havea snack time winner.

Beef Jerky Beef Jerky is, believe it or not, an extremelyhealthy snacking option.

It has high protein and low carbohydrates,which is the best combination for losing weight.

Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs Remember your favorite food from college thatyou probably shouldn’t eat 3 days a week? Well trade out the deep fried wings for deviledeggs and you eat to your heart out.

No Bake Energy Bites These are like no bake cookies you used tomake as a kid, but with built in portion control.

They’re also really high in protein thanksto the peanut butter and flax seeds, and really high in healthy fats thanks to the coconut.

And it’s delicious thanks to all the ingredients.

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How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way – Best weight loss tips
January 15, 2017|Healthy Meals

How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way – Best weight loss tips

How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way – Best weight loss tips

How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way – Best weight loss tips.

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Zucchini Noodles with Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce | HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS
January 14, 2017|Healthy Meals

Zucchini Noodles with Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce | HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS

Zucchini Noodles with Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce | HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS

nut butter in my mouth all day long it's ok to lick things, now I'm sticky hi everybody my name is Alexandra Napoli this is a health coach TV the show to watch if you want to learn to love yourself as you slide into your skinny jeans.

today I'm cooking which is what I do a lot of here so get excited yay! what I am cooking with today is two zucchini's two bell peppers a couple of carrots an onion and one very spicy pepper whose named i don't know but i've tasted and know that it's hot as the fire the hell.

what I'm going to cook is a spiralized noodle with a spicy peanut sauce it's like thai food but without the 45-minute wait and indigestion afterwards.

you're welcome.

the first thing I need to do is spiralize my zucchinis which involves cutting off the top because my spiralizer is kind of small I have to cut them in half if your machine is cooler than mine nice for you, oh god it's still too tall this is so easy.

let's just use my hand why is this so difficult I think I'm spiralizing, potentially maybe maybe not this is supposed to be easy and fun ok here we go here we go here we go here we go now ahhh exelent very thin noodles now I'm gonna take these and put them on paper towel which I don't currently own so I'm going to put them on a clean dish cloth what I'm trying to do is get some of the moisture out of the zucchini it's very wet okay well that was one-half of one zucchini let's keep going sometimes cooking is also a workout so much fun.

do they sell machines that do this? that are like motorized it's ridiculous weakling the infomercials they lie you'll have delicious spiralized vegetables in no time flat yeah once your shoulders get all jacked up working up an appetite working up an appetite ok I'm done whatever that was fun ok got all my zucchini laid out here and i'm going to take another towel and put it on top and then spread it out we're just trying to get some of the moisture out of here.

spiralizing done now let's get all the other stuff going I'm going to start with an onion take off the bottom take off the top take off the skin cut it in half and then I'm just going to do really thin slices kind of missed there a little bit Wow this isn't going very well don't do what i do i know this is instructional but don't don't follow my lead on most of these thing if your knife skills are better than mine go with those yeah yeah that's why that's why you go with your knife skills not mine I'll be okay okay well I've got a wok just great big wha kinda heavy alright so my wok is on medium-high i'm gonna add some coconut oil that much.

I'm gonna use some garlic as well that thing's pretty hot already so i'm going to add the onions now the thing about a wok is that you want the food kind of moving around it all the time and also probably turn down the heat a little bit the garlic is a finical part of my sauce.

I actually read somewhere that you should never put anything in the wok until everything is cut up and I'm definitely breaking that rule right now you want to cook like real chefs do cut everything up first and then put in your wok or be like me and just wing it garlic crusher all my tiny little pieces of garlic not very many it's probably equals like one clove which makes me very sad I'm gonna put it all in so take the core out of your bell pepper and then just really thinly slice them into the pan cut up your other pepper Ihave a lot of clients tell me that when they get home from work they're starving and when they're cooking dinner they're just snacking on everything I don't really think that a horrible thing especially when you're cooking with fresh wholesome ingredients you're snacking on things like bell peppers and carrots green pepper gonna let that cook down for a couple minutes do I care about the carrots I don't care about the carrots cut the carrots from the recipe carrots are out if you wanted to spiralize them and and deal with that madness again by all means go for.

it's sauce time let's just go for it this is rainforest nut butter its cashews and Brazil nuts use whatever nut butter you have peanut butter is obviously the classic Thai 2 tablespoons of that I love nut butter gluten-free soy sauce tamari.

why am I measuring I don't know you know some soy sauce.

toasted sesame oil crushed red pepper flakes a little bit of apple cider vinegar organic coconut milk that much so just mix up your sauce one more ingredients fresh ginger and I just take my microplane and my ginger my spoon so dangerous stay and grate my ginger my spicy little pepper I'm sure the seeds are super hot I'm going to take that out and then I'm just going to really thinly sliced up if you know the name of this pepper please leave it in the comments below also not going to touch it even like a little bit with my fingers I'm a wuss always get hot pepper eye.

onto the knife into the stirfty i'm going to add my whole sauce into the stir-fry and the bowl too mix it up and bring it up to like a boil well that gets really hot I'm gonna go back to my zucchini noodle they have let out so much water but i think there's still some more we can get it's soaking wet okay get it all towards the middle get outta here water so now we have our much drier zucchini this looks really good right right I'm gonna add my zucchini that came out really fast and then just toss it around a little bit it's pretty good nom nom nom nom it kind of looks cheesy okay if i could stop eating it for a second i'm gonna add the black sesame seeds you can add peanuts on top you could add cashews on top or chopped onion like green onion check this out we have our spicy zucchini noodles in a peanut sauce which is actually super delicious amazing woo there a little kick in there too yum if you enjoyed cooking with me today make sure to subscribe and give me a thumbs up if you want to find me off od health coach TV all the links are below facebook Instagram snapchat all that jazz that's about it really thanks for joining me tonight I hope this episode of health coach TV has helped you transform your life from the inside out huh if it wasn't a thousand degrees i would just be shoveling shoveling.

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Super Fudgy Brownies *Gluten Free* \ Healthy Dessert Recipe
January 13, 2017|Healthy Meals

Super Fudgy Brownies *Gluten Free* \ Healthy Dessert Recipe

Super Fudgy Brownies *Gluten Free* \ Healthy Dessert Recipe

ugggg stop swearing.

that's how you died of food poisoning.

should have thought this through hi everybody welcome to health coach TV I'm Alex 'tis the season for holiday cooking and I think that there's a way to do it where it's delicious and not super super super bad for you.

and today we're getting baked goods out of the oven because we're making brownies I'm going to be making a fudgy brownie with a coconut chocolate frosting and I've never made this recipe before but i do know how to read instructions which is what you should always do when you're baking because baking is like science in baking if you get it wrong the whole thing just crumbles in on itself or is rock hard and it just doesn't work get a recipe ok people step one in baking read all the way through the instructions because you'll be surprised how many twists and turns they put in there just to f*ck you up I'm going to do it in reverse because i want the icing to be cool faster so i'm going to make the icing first and then do the brownie second.

dang its 13 ounces I need eight obviously of course it can't just be one whole can 1 cup of coconut cream i'm using coconut milk because that's what I have they're not different right? coconut cream and coconut milk same thing right? this is off to a great start ok so the recipe said that the coconut cream needs to be scalding which is like a little simmer i think? what kind of an instruction is scalding.

like I gotta test it on my skin to see if scalds? so let that get hot.

I'm going to be adding one and a half cups of chocolate chips they're mini so when you're buying chocolate chips make sure you always look at all the ingredients I always avoid chocolate that has soy in the ingredients and this chocolate chip is one of the few that actually also avoids dairy enjoy life with these chocolate chips the thing about baking is there's a lot of reading involved so if you're not good at reading than baking just not probably going to happen for you.

whisk it up so in my little ball year i'm going to add my 1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips taste test.

who doens't love chocolate okay I can hear a sizzle, does that mean you're scalding? doesn't hurt.

its got like bubbles all around the outside and like a little *bubbing noise* is that what's scalding is? yeah that that's what's scalding is.

pour over your chipits.


look at you smooth silky chocolate.

now we add a splash of vanilla it's really a half a teaspoon but who measures vanialls, stop.

and then we put this whole thing into the fridge to cool god my frosting is so cool don't you just think it's the coolest frosting? step two let's make the brownies.

bigger bowl! I don't need the bowl.

I need my pan.

pot? I need my pot.

eight ounces of butter I always make sure to buy butter from grass-fed cows because the butter is just higher quality it's like it smells so good.

I'm missed you.

so all that into the pan.

going to put on like a medium-low heat I'm also gonna scrape off the butter that's left in here pro tip! to grease your baking sheets use the inside of your butter.

reduce reuse recycle friends ok so into our butter we need to add six ounces of dark chocolate again choose really good chocolate high quality chocolate equals high-quality dessert this is a lot of chocolate almost two whole bars of chocolate *ugh my thumbs are not strong.

melt the butter and the chocolate together stirring frequently annoying add the coconut sugar to the vanilla and chocolate butter we're back here's where we're at the brownies are ready to go into the oven don't they look delicious? so once you've got all the batter together just throw it in the oven preheated at 350 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes always always always preheat your oven before you put any baked goods in it because then you know exactly the cooking time if you put it in a cold oven you have no idea when it's actually done so into the oven looks really good is is gonna be our frosting.

so in case you were wondering the dry side of the batter was for a quarter of a cup of almond flour a teaspoon of baking powder and a half a teaspoon of salt house it was pretty easy you really didn't miss that much you missed you missed some great jokes that I'll just never be able to repeat so we'll be back in 35 to 40 minutes to ice this all up and get it going.

all right everybody we're back we got baked for 30 to 45 minutes the cake i mean the brownie course and mine was actually 35 minutes on the nose i went and checked it the way to check baked goods are done you take a toothpick and you pick it and if nothing comes on it it's done I let this cool for another 15-20 minutes on this rack so that it was a little bit colder now I need to finish my frosting so as you can see my frosting harden up ouu in the fridge I guess I shouldn't have left that in there mm that's not bad at all not long enough.

so now we need to whip this until light and frothy it's kind of working it looks really light and fluffy, woah.

cool so it actually got kind of frothed up.

back to the brownie I'll take it out on the parchment paper icing fixes everything always remember that.

ok well maybe we just leave it in there got ya so now we frost not exactly a smooth frosting maybe it needs to melt a little bit i should let that cool longer let it cool longer do as I say not as I do I mean it still looks good oh ok our brownies are done that's it don't they look delicious from all the batter tasting i did i'm pretty sure they taste good.

if you want this recipe head on over to my blog and happy holiday baking remember you can always make a better choice when baking and still get to the delicious chocolate this is going to go into the fridge because the icing is melting really fast alright have a great night everybody happy holidays.


I'm sorry if you're not good at reading let's talk because I can help you although i'm not the best at reading either, ugh, this got awkward.

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New Years Resolution | 3 Radical Ways to lose weight & get healthy
January 12, 2017|Healthy Meals

New Years Resolution | 3 Radical Ways to lose weight & get healthy

New Years Resolution | 3 Radical Ways to lose weight & get healthy

Welcome to Hungry Gopher.

My name is Sun Chung aka Hungry Gopher.

The New Year is almost upon us.

This is a great time of the year to reflectand make New Year's resolution to ensure that you have a great start to 2017.

Some of you might already know my story aboutbecoming medicine free after relying on steroidal medicine over 3decades to combat a chronic skin condition, called Seborrheic dermatitis.

I achieved this by changing my lifestyle.

The pillars of the change werealtering my diet and modifying small things in my life.

So I want to share 3 radical ways to improveyour health, lose weight, and stay on course.

Number 1, Reframe your mindset.

Work with your body and mind, not againstthem.

I worked against my body for many years bysuppressing my immune system by taking harsh medicine.

When I learned that I could support my immunesystem by supplying healthy quality nutrition andremoving highly inflammatory foods, everything changes.

I was not only able to get off the medicinefor first time in my life in 30 years, but I also lost a total of 14 lbs/ 7kg thatI had never been able to shed over the years.

Your body is not your enemy.

Rather it’s your best friend.

So treat it well and listen to your body.

Number 2, Do not over exercise.

In my opinion, this is the number one reasonthat people experience the ‘yoyo’ effect with their weight.

I used to bean avid swimmer for many years.

Last year I learned thatone of the factors that contributed to my chronic skin condition wasthe ongoing exposure to low levels of chemical toxicity.

The swimming pool I frequented had a highamount of chlorine in the pool, so much that Mr.

Lunch smelled chlorine onmy skin, even after I had showered.

So I quit swimming and started doing moregentle exercises, such as progressive stretching, mindful yoga,and walking outdoors since I enjoy the fresh air.

Even though I was doing less cardio exercisedue to the changes I had made, my belly really tightened up.

I never thought that would happen.

So be smart about what type of exercise youchoose to do.

Do something that you enjoy in a moderateamount, so the practice is sustainable and enjoyable for you.

If you go overboard with a new workout,you will most likely find yourself abandoning the over zealous routine.

Number 3.

Have a challenging, yet realistic goal.

My chronic inflammatory condition developedover the years.

It didn’t happen overnight.

If you are currently overweight or you aresick, the same applies to you.

These things don’t just happen overnight.

So give yourselfa goal that is a little challenging, but achievable.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Things will take time.

We tend to overdo it and then crash.

This is a sure bet,you’ll get disappointed and give up on your goal.

The chances are you’ll be making some progress,but it might be slower than you anticipate.

A great way to ensure that you stayon your goal is to focus on your ‘wins’.

It can be small things.

Write down your ‘wins’ everyday so youcan focus on the improvement you are making towardsyour goal rather beating yourself over how far left you still have to go.

Write a small win everyday.

Your body has an incredible healing powerinside it.

IF and only IF you provide it with the rightenvironment and the right nutrition.

As you get healthier, you’ll get in bettershape and be happier.

Work with your body and mind,not against it.

I hope this video was helpful to you.

You can find more information,practical health tips, and easy healthy recipes at hungrygopher.

Com Have a wonderful holiday season and HappyNew Year! Remember Guys, Eat Real, Be RealThanks for watching….

I’ll see you next time! Have you made your kimchi yet? Eating probiotic foods willstrengthen your immune system and make your skin glow.

Making kimchi is easy and simple.

Download a FREE list of 8 ingredients I useto make a 10 minute water kimchi.

This is how I feed my endless appetite forkimchi without breaking a sweat.

Sign up right here with your email addressto download this FREE list of 8 ingredients to make a10 minute water kimchi and receive my bi-weekly newsletter as a bonus.

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Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan: What To Eat For Breakfast To Lose Weight – My Typical Breakfast
January 12, 2017|Healthy Meals

Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan: What To Eat For Breakfast To Lose Weight – My Typical Breakfast

Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan: What To Eat For Breakfast To Lose Weight – My Typical Breakfast

hey what's going on this is alek with the change your life diet i'm here sharing my weight loss tips with you so you can lose weight fast and now in this video I want to talk to you about my intermittent fasting meal plan and more specifically what to eat for breakfast to lose weight so check out this clip where i show you exactly what my typical breakfast is like now if you watch my other video you know that i have a nice big bowl of oatmeal every morning really hooked up a bowl of oatmeal with lots of lots of nuts in it almonds pecans pumpkin seeds also sprinkle some coconut shredded coconut on it really really healthy and as you know I've always said in other videos is that it's too early in the morning i'm sorry i'm just like just woke up it's a weekend so I kind of slept in late i just want to show you that i do eat a nice you know treat in the morning meeting a nice slice of pizza about a little tuna fish just whatever cup of coffee with some stevia and almond milk of course my oatmeal but you gotta got to have you know something really good for breakfast like a slice of pizza I own the whole like almost like having pizza on with like it's something in the morning was guilt-free not going to get away and done they are you enjoy yourself don't eat it right now at night you can get bad eat whatever you want in the morning on like i said you know i don't know just keep my cholesterol down but you gotta have like a treat or something it could be like a bagel it could be you know a slice of pizza it could be on em go beyond where I'm going on piece of cake was something indulge in the morning so you get that you know you get your cravings out and allowed to no you don't have to suffer all day so whenever you eat at breakfast time is absolutely guilt free so it was really good anyway i hope you liked the video on please like subscribe ask me any questions or comments nothing don't eat this at night because yourgonna get fat but morning time is absolutely told 3 i'm going to choke over here on anyway so if you want my full diet plan check out my website change your life diet.

Com it just might change your life as you can see all gone on one thing i don't like the price forgot to mention was done course you know on the weekend we got this piece for the kids late last night and I'm you know if you know what I see my other videos you know I fast in the evening time so I'm not going to be eating pizza at night I'm going too fast maybe after you know five o'clock six o'clock however you know I have a healthy dinner of just vegetables and then I'm going too fast rest the evening so i will allow myself to have a treat in the morning so like what I do a lot of times I'll take it on to go the next month that's why did tonight last night I took the pizza to go in preparation for the next morning I absolutely devoured so usually the same and you will lose a ton of weight take it easy.

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