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3 day diet | How to lose weight | 3 Day Diet Plan
February 7, 2017|Healthy Meals

3 day diet | How to lose weight | 3 Day Diet Plan

3 day diet | How to lose weight | 3 Day Diet Plan

3 day diet3 day diet 3 day diet3 day diet 3 day diet.

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Model interview | Yana | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs
February 2, 2017|Healthy Meals

Model interview | Yana | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs

Model interview | Yana | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs

I'm not too obsessed about my meals planning.

Here, in China I usually have oatmeal for breakfast.

I add honey/yoghurt/nuts/fruits there.

Just keep on experimenting with oatmeal.

lol it's my best option for breakfast.

That's it And because of the castings I usually miss the lunch.

I mean I have some time for time.

But something's just go wrong.

Lol I usually have sushi rolls as a snack I have it in my bag right now 🙂 I like salads, vegetables, omlettes.

it's really hard to find dairy products here, in China There are some yoghurts.

But no cheese.

Yes, it's hard without European food here But you can easily find most of the products here.

Like chicken.

I don't know, I eat everything 🙂 nothing special Are you ever being on a diet, count calories or just eat intuitively? I don't count calories.

I actually don't know anything about it.

lol I just don't eat chips, don't drink coca-cola and all the stuff like that.

I'm trying to avoid too spicy food as well Sport.

I want to start running.

I do some workout routine too.

A walk a lot.

Shanghai is much bigger city than my hometown There are many interesting places to look at here You've mentioned before (in our previous interview) what you usually bring to the work trips.

Could you please share it with us one more time? Sure.

I brought buckwheat, 2 packs of oatmeal.

But you can buy it here too.

But the buckwheat is hard to find in Shanghai, so i'm trying to enjoy it and eat it slowely.

lol I still have half of the package and I'm proud of it lol The honey.

You can buy it here too.

But, I don't know why, I think it's not natural here.

But I buy it anyways Why not? Girl often bring honey & sweetened condensed milk to their trips I brought quark, cheese.

And I'm trying to save it for longer time because you can't buy it here as well.

As I said before, it's really difficult to find good dairy products here.

You can probably find those good in some European shops but it will be really expensive.

I also brought nuts, it's very expensive to buy it here too.

Do you know any crazy stories about models diets, weight loss or maybe eating disorders? When the girls are really starving themselves or someting like that? It really happens very often When the girl being told to lose some weight She lose some weight, then she's being told it's not enough.

She thinks she's skinny, but then she's staring overthing and count calories.

She eats like 400-500 calories a day and being on a strict diet ( like those when you can only drink and eat liquids or smth).

I just don't get it.

Yes, I know few girls who even have been hospitalised I don't think it's a normal thing 🙁 I guess they didn't realize the importance of healthy eating Do you know how they have recovered from the eating disorders? Does only hospitalising have helped? Most of them have recovered in hospital.

Their metabolism has slowed down because of all of that diets Those crazy things like having an apple/pear for brakfast/lunch and dinner.

it's hard to control your body when your metabolism isn't working properly As soon as you're done with your diet, you gain 3 times more then your previous weight – So you get an opposite effect – Yes, exactly Because your body's starting to think: are we starving again? So, most of the people I know have recovered in hospitals, but some of them has found a way out of that too.

Whats the difference between your daily menu here and your meals at home? I'm having some tasty homemade meals at home.

Soups, puree.

It's harder (eating healthy) here.

I don't cook soups, just sometimes buy it at the cafes Everything is really spicy here So you usually have to tell everyone "no spicy".

I even had an allergy because of this type of food There's a lot of rice here.

And some, I don't know, the food is really different from what I used to eat at home The first week of my stay here I used to take a medicine for my stomach When I'll come back home, I'm going to eat salads, Olivier salad ( traditional Russian cuisine), sausages.

lol My inner voice is telling me to have some sausages.

lol Have you tried some exotic food here? I've tried tofu Its taste was really strange.

Too spicy.

It's some kind of a cheese, right? Soy cheese? – Yes, it's some kind of a cheese made of soy.

You can buy it in our countries too.

– It's quite strange here it usually has a very neutral flavor.

But depending on how you will cook it, it easily soaks up the flavors of other products like sauses and etc.

So i guess you've just bought a tofu cooked with some spices And I saw a chicken feets at local supermarkets.

Yes, everybody talks about chicken feets.

Strange At the supermarkets you can also find various boiled food (like sausages, chicken and some strange stuff).

I don't know what exactly it is, but its taste is actually good.

Tofu, seaweed.

Crab balls.

It doesn't look really good, but its taste is actually fine.

I don't think this kind of food is too bad.

It looks like a soup with some boiled products in it.

Yep – Thank you so much for sharing these.

It was really interesting.

– Thank you too :).

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Model interview | Nastya | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs
January 29, 2017|Healthy Meals

Model interview | Nastya | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs

Model interview | Nastya | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs

Please share with us how do you stay fit, what's your usual menu and do you ever count calories? It's such a burning topic lol I realise that I have to eat eat healthy food And I do eat healthy from time to time.

But sometimes I eat sweets.

I love it too much.

About staying fit.

I'm going to gym How often do you go to gym? Twice a week I have a personal traineer and my workout usually lasts for 1 hour.

Not that long Could you please give us an example of your daily menu? If I'm eating at home.

It's just a really simple homemade food In the morning I can eat everything.

Well, not exactly everything.

Oats with milk for example.


Something like that I'm having an absolutely usual food for lunch too.

Like soups, buckwheat with something.

Meatballs for example.

And salads or quark for dinner.

Something like that And between main meals I'm having snacks.

I guess eating small portions about 5 times a day is the right thing to do Yes, it's quite close to healthy eating phylosophy.

– Yes OK, is there any difference between your daily menu at home and your meals during working trips? So, let's start with the fact that I don't cook at all.

So, during my work trips I usually buy foods lol For example, there were really cheap fruits in Shanghai.

So I've used to eat them all the time And sometimes we were looking for cheap cafes and were eating there And we didn't have many opportunities to cook And what was your menu during the castings time? Well, during the castings in Shanghai we usually went to some small grocery shops and used to buy something there Most of the times it were some snacks.

Like onigiri – yes 🙂 Family Mart, Seven Eleven.

Something like that About the other countries I can't say anything special because we didn't have much castings there, so we just ate at home after that or weren't hungry at all Whats your opinion about dieting? Do you think strict diets are necessary? Well.

I don't think that the strict diets are necessary Because it causes some real damages to your health It's my opinion.

And after such diets you're starting everything all over again.

It's kind of a hell circle But the normal diets.

I can't give you an example at the moment.

in general I think it's possible to lose weight if you're eating healthy.

Of course if you'll do the sports too What are you doing if you need to improve your measurements in short period of time? I follow my usual meals plan anyway.

But the portions of what i'm eating are getting a bit smaller I exclude everything which contains sugar too OK, thank you So, I'd like to ask you about the eating disorder problems among models.

Because of the stress, often flights & dieting it happens wuite often.

Maybe you know some crazy stories about stricts diets or someting? What's your opinion about it? Everyone I know have no problems with eating.

They just eat a normal food like usual people.

At leats those whom I know quite well.

didn't have any eating disorder problems So, I can't say anything special about this problem – And it's a good thing.

– Yes 🙂 Do you bring any food from home to your working trips? No, I don't bring anything Yes, there is some food you can't buy in certain countries.

But I can easily live without it.

So, when I'm leaving for 3 months I just forget that quark and sour cream exists.

There's nothing special about it.

OK, have you tried something really exotic? I think everything was quite normal.

I really liked Korean cuisine although I can't eat spicy food I haven't been to traditional food restaurants in HK, but everything was OK there too Once in Shanghai we were invited to a dinner Traditional cuisine We've been told that it's really delicious So, there was a huge pan on the table With beef soup inside of it There were huge pieces of beef cooking there it was cooking in front of us And we should have put other ingridients there by ourselver.

Corn, meat, some greens It looked absolutely terrible And the man who tooked us to that restaurant was so happy.

He was saying it's so delicious, you should try it We were like: Are you serious? We thought he was kidding So, that was quite a memorable moment because it was terrible lol What about the positive experience? lol Something you can't buy or try here maybe? I guess everything I like can be bought here too.

but there's one thing I like the most and usually eat it in my travels It's dumplings It's like Russian pelmeni but a bit bigger and with more veggies inside.

Really delicious! – Oh, I absolutely understand you! lol – Yes – Thank you so much for sharing with us, it was really interesting! – Thank you too.

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► ► Salad Diet Recipe for Weight Loss – Healthy Low Fat Salad Recipe for Flat Belly
January 28, 2017|Healthy Meals

► ► Salad Diet Recipe for Weight Loss – Healthy Low Fat Salad Recipe for Flat Belly

► ► Salad Diet Recipe for Weight Loss – Healthy Low Fat Salad Recipe for Flat Belly

Healthy Low Fat Salad Recipe for Weight Loss Salad Ingredients for weight loss One Tomato One Carrot One Cucumber One Onion Yogurt – Four Tablespoon Ginger – One Piece Crushed Mint Leaf – 5 to 7 Mint Leaves Lemon Juice – Two Teaspoon Black Pepper Powder – One Teaspoon Salt – Half Teaspoon Salad Recipe for flat bellyCut tomato, carrot, cucumber, and onion into thin slices.

Add and mix yogurt, ginger, lemon juice, and mint leaves.

Add black pepper powder and salt over salad.

Replace salad with your dinner food dailyfor twenty to thirty days for the flat belly.

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How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy- 2016- (NO EXERCISE) – Weight Loss – Lifestyle – Healthy Diet – Q&A
January 27, 2017|Healthy Meals

How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy- 2016- (NO EXERCISE) – Weight Loss – Lifestyle – Healthy Diet – Q&A

How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy- 2016- (NO EXERCISE) – Weight Loss – Lifestyle – Healthy Diet – Q&A

then you guys welcome back to another Q&A question weight loss series um today's question is about intermittent fasting so people ask me a lot about this i have you know expressed that I think in fact meant fasting is beneficial in the past and I just want to talk about it a little bit today so there's different diets that like promote intermittent fasting like I think the warrior diet is one where you pretty much don't need all day and have one meal at night there's a whole so the 52 diet i think it's called where you eat like as many colors as you can for five days and then two days we 500 or something like that um so intimate fasting isn't like something new with something that we have done our whole lives it's something that you know the body naturally time um it's not really like a diet it's more of listening to your body and it comes into play with like intuitive eating things like that so if you know I don't think that you should force your body to intermittently fast but what I do think is that when you listen to your body you'll realize that you know most people most thin people will listen to their bodies and fast when they're not hungry so like you ever have friend and it's like ten o'clock or new or something like that and they've just been so busy and they're just like you know I'm i haven't eaten anything all day because their body wasn't telling them to eat they weren't hungry and they were just busy in their focus on other things that's kind of an explanation intermittent fasting so if you go to bed you say stop eating you eat dinner at 5pm you wake up and you don't eat something till 8pm you technically be intermittent fasting for 15 hours so from 5pm to 8am 15 hours which I think 15 hours like generally how much people will internet and fast the biggest thing with this though is people are very brainwashed from diets from the media from having to eat 10 min meals every single day or else your metabolism is going to slow down and you're gonna die right like we've all heard that you need to eat ten times a day and you need to eat consistently or your body's gonna go into starvation mode so the only thing I really have to say about this is just listen to your body so if you wake up in the morning and you know some diet or some person or whatever is telling you that you need to eat at five o'clock in the morning or else you're gonna go into starvation mode and I but you're not hungry like just eat when you're hungry so we go in the morning drink a bunch of water get your body hydrated and then wait until you are hungry to get your first meal your next meal wait until you're hungry to your next meal so like a lot of time ago we were roaming the planet you know when we were not living by the standards of society and all their brainwashing and diets we didn't have three meals a day and like these were put into place by it the marketing of America to make us form our eating habits around certain times of the day which helps you know the restaurant that helps the fast food industries that helps sell more food and grocery stores because people are like what I'm going to have for breakfast when we going for lunch women for dinner it's all these different types of foods so like you have your breakfast foods you have your lunch food you have your dinner foods and generally those are what people at least in you know America on a standard American diet will eat for those specific meals that wake up the hot yogurt because it's a breakfast food you over the hump oatmeal or fruit or eggs bacon or something like that they'll go out to eat and they'll get a huge bacon and egg platter or whatever um for lunch to have like a sandwich or something like that they bring to work with the chips or they'll have like a hot dog or something that's more like a lunchtime meal and then for dinner they'll you know make something at home that's like a stew or pizza or whatever so it's really just american marketing tactics that have placed mealtimes around everything and the dying industry to it took advantage of that and they said well we're going to like make this into you have to eat ten times a day or this is going to happen to you or you know now there's internet fasting diets and things like that but nothing is really new I mean generally if you just listen to your body and you go by intuitive eating and how your body feels and you eat as much as you want everything will work out a hundred percent so i wouldn't say like force your body to intermittently fast i mean it is good to not eat right before bedtime or anything like that but just make sure you're eating enough at dinner that your full and satisfied and that you can go to bed and not be like starving and then when you wake up drink a quart of water do a couple things and then once you feel hungry eat and then once you feel hunger again eat so don't force your body to intermittent fast it's just something that we naturally do day-to-day and I think that that's the healthiest way to go about it so thank you guys for watching this video and leave your comments and questions about intermittent fasting below and I will see you guys tomorrow.

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The Jane Plan Diet Book Launch
January 27, 2017|Dieting Tips

The Jane Plan Diet Book Launch

The Jane Plan Diet Book Launch

Good evening everyone, my name's Ann Lawrence,I'm Jane Michell's – can you hear us? – Jane's commissioning editor at Piatkus books, which is part of the Little Brand book group.

We're absolutely delighted to have Jane'sbook on our list, it really is a fantastic approach to losing weight.

I think Jane is the best example, she's justa fantastic advertisement and it's lovely to see everybody here tonight supporting her.

I'm going to hand over to Jane now, to saya few words.

>>Obviously it's a massive, massive thankyou to every single person here, because there's not one person in this room who has not contributedin some way.

So thanks firstly to my amazing team at JanePlan.

They are incredible – I even got a bunch of flowers from them today, I was so overwhelmed.

All the girl's in the office clubbed together – it was just incredible – so I really appreciate your loyalty and dedication and the long hours you put in, so thank youso much.

To everyone who's contributed, Ann's a fantasticpublisher, and to Heather who bullied me into doing this book wherever you are.

I have notime, I said – I can't do it.

To Caroline Rise, an amazing friend, author,journalist, thank you for everything you've done.

Of course to Jane Garten, who played an enormousrole, we met every Friday, sometimes more, to pen the book.

She put heart and soul intoit, so I can't recommend her more highly.

Of course our amazing clients because JanePlan would not be what it is without our clients and they're an incredible, incredible bunchof people.

I really admire and am very close to all of our clients.

Even though we're so distant now because thereare so many of them! There are literally thousands and thousands of them.

They certainly spanthe country and to a degree, they span the world, as well.

To all the amazing publicity we've had, GoodHousekeeping recently voted us as Britain's best diet delivery service which is amazing.

Lots of other press, and to all my friends,I'm sorry I've been so absent for four years.

I'd love to pretend I'm not going to be foranother four, but, I might be.

But most particularly, to my family, who havejust been incredible, I am really very, very absent and they just carry on! So I'd liketo thank my three free range children, and to Jane Plan.

It's the book that's going to stop any woman,ever having to say again: does my bum look big in this?.

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Detox Diet Tips : Full Body Cleanse : Liver Cleanse, Heavy Metal Detox – VitaLife Show Episode 150
January 26, 2017|Dieting Tips

Detox Diet Tips : Full Body Cleanse : Liver Cleanse, Heavy Metal Detox – VitaLife Show Episode 150

Detox Diet Tips : Full Body Cleanse : Liver Cleanse,  Heavy Metal Detox – VitaLife Show Episode 150

Welcome to the VitaLife Show I'm doctor Janine Bowring and in today'sepisode were talking all about detoxification what it is, why it's so important that wedetox because we've had a lot of questions here on our YouTube channel onthe VitaLife Show what exactly is detoxification why do weneed to do it why is it so important lot of people have heard all thesehorror stories about detoxes and cleanses as well and I want to dispel all thosemyths all about detox it something really all should be doing I have a greatdemonstration coming up so be sure that you stay tuned to the end of the video so you reallyunderstand what's going on internally with detoxification and why you need todetox regularly so let's start what is detoxification?It's basically like cleansing its getting all those bad guys out of our internal organs we're allexposed to toxins daily in the environment and we really have tobe proactive about getting those toxins out these toxin sit it in the internalorgans and we're gonna go through all those internal organs so make sure that again you're payingattention maybe you've heard about some of these toxic issues maybe not so be surethat you're paying attention and be sure to like this video and share with allyour friends because it's really important to sharethe good news about you know when you're learning something that really touches home with you so the internalorgans can you name the five top detoxification internal organs? I'll giveyou a second can you do it okay well let's start withthe liver the liver is our biggest filterinternally and I'm gonna turn it over to Lucy.

Lucy is my friendhere who helps me to demonstrate exactly what we look like internally soour liver if we take a look is a very largeinternal organ right here which filters all our blood and a lot of signs of toxicityare related to liver being toxic do you get headaches is this somethingthat chronic for you do you know somebody who gets headaches well that's a telltale sign that theliver has become toxic and it's really important just liketaking the weeds out of the garden if you've ever done any gardening itsyou know if you think about it if you don't get rid of those weeds the weeds takeover and at the same withtoxins in our body and unfortunately that's what turns into disease sostarting off with liver is really important in terms of detoxification now the lungs are another detox organwhich people don't really think about as the detox organs but they're huge organs that start up in our neck angleright down to the bottom of my rib cage so again really important that we detoxifywe breathe deeply one of the best ways to detoxify the lungs but there arespecific herbs which will get to as well which help to cleanse the lungs.

Now if I start to take Lucy apart little bit we can also take a look at the digestivetract now you may have to heard about you know toxins in the digestive tractand they can cause symptoms like IBS, diarrhea, constipation well its reallyimportant as well to get these toxins out and we're going to talk about how wedo that as well in a gentle yet effective in safe way.

So lets take Lucy's liver out also let removeher stomach this is quick surgery here let's take out the top of her largeintestine and some of her small intestine andwere even gonna take out more her intestines were also now goingto look at her kidneys now the kidneys are reallyimportant detox organs as well and we have to get those toxins out thereason that we need to do this is that our kidneys filter as well all our blood and if you're taking any kind a medicationit's usually the liver and kidneys that have to do a lot of that detox sothat's really important to clean the kidneys as well, as well the blood and lymphatic system as well as the skin so the skin is ourlargest organ on the outside and any signs or symptoms toxicity from the internal organsusually translate out into skin conditions so whetherthats acne whether that the eczema, psoriasis typesof symptoms those are again signs that thoseinternal organs have become overwhelmed on the inside of the bodyand now the spilling out to the outside the skin so we're talking aboutdetoxification it's really important that we detoxify all of the internal organs that we justspoke about at the same time I have to tell you most of the cleanseson the market unfortunately are detox is if you're taking them they onlyconcentrate on one organ system there's a problem with this so if we take a look at the toxins so thetoxins are all these multi colored balls within this pitcher of water we cansee that by stirring them up we're now going to do a detox so letsyou know it's you know a liver cleanse perhaps or maybe it'ssomething for the intestines and that's unfortunately how most of thedetoxes on the market is there just focusing on one organsystem in essentially what happens is this basically what happens is that you'reshifting those toxins from one toxic organic to another so really youhaven't done any detoxification the danger in this is that if thatsecond organ that you're shifting that toxins to isn't ready to handle thedetoxification process you feel unwell and you may if you donea cleanse before you may have some of these symptoms of detox you get headache and feel tired you feel sick some people up from mypatients have actually been throwing up which is you know not something that you want todo I used to have to tell my patients you know start your detox on a Friday when I was using other detoxes ofcourse because they didn't know how they would react to start on Friday becauseyou don't know you know if your gonna have any of these negative reaction and one of the most popular once ofcourse is running to the bathroom with diarrhea well you don't want to be going throughthat wo thats a toxic load that you don't want to haveto deal with and that's what unfortunately most of the other detox out there do well it didn't exist in themarketplace so that's why I actually created a detox to address all the internal organs at once it'scalled the VitaDetox and what makes it so special is that ithelps to cleanse the liver the kidneys, the lungs, the digestivetract, the skin, the lymphatic, the blood getting heavy metals out of the body aswell comprehensive it didn't exist that's why I created it So now if we take a look at what the VitaDetox does if for now using the VitaDetox because it's working on all of the internal organs at once its cleansing all those toxins atonce so working like a magnificent filter to get those toxins out what does this mean for you this meanshealth, vibrancy you start to look and feel your absolute best people ask you whatare you doing because they see that vibrancy that kick in your step that luminosity inyour skin your digestion starts to feel betterthose headaches go away i mean the list goes on and on and on line as to howmany thousands of people that we've been able to help with VitaDetox, so really you knowthe power is in your own hands give it a try the VitaDetox absolutelyphenomenonal thank you for joining me today rememberthat your health is in your hands you have the ability to live a healthy and VitaLife I want you tolike this video make sure that you click below and also leave your comments belowbecause it's so important we engaged in this conversation allabout your health I know you've got it a million and one question so ask themhere maybe your question will be featured inour next video here at the VitaLife Show Be sure to like us on Facebook Follow uson Twitter @vitatree and also make sure you subscribe soclick right here in Lucy to subscribe I gave you a couple seconds did yousubscribe okay great great for listening thank you so muchand don't forget to Subscribe!.

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5 Bodybuilding Diet Tips To Help You Stay Consistent
January 24, 2017|Dieting Tips

5 Bodybuilding Diet Tips To Help You Stay Consistent

5 Bodybuilding Diet Tips To Help You Stay Consistent

Hey what's up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here ofBodyTransformationTruth.

Com, and in this video I’m going to outline 5 tips that you canemploy in order to stay more consistent with your bodybuilding diet.

The key to effectivebodybuilding nutrition is consistency.

It’s about structuring your overall daily mealplan in a way that is as simple, streamlined and sustainable as possible, so that you cansimply go about your day with minimal to no guesswork involved and know that you’reon the right track towards your goals.

So here are 5 effective tips that you can employto stack the odds as far in your favor as possible and maximize the chances that youwill maintain proper nutritional habits over the long term.

Tip #1 is to follow an exactstep-by-step meal plan.

Tracking your diet on the go throughout the day can certainlywork well once you gain more experience and once you really know how to accurately trackthings properly, but if you’re having a tough time staying consistent with your diet,then the simplest solution is to just map out exactly what you’re going to eat eachday, in what specific amounts and at what times.

Not only is this approach going todeliver superior results and ensure that you’re landing in the proper calorie and macronutrientranges for the day, but it's also going to keep you more motivated and consistent sinceyou’ll know that all you have to do is just follow the set plan that's in front of youin order to reach your goals.

Now the way that you specifically employ this approachis up to you.

You could simply create one single plan and eat the same things everyday until you get tired of it, you could create a 3-day or 7-day plan and then just rotatethrough it, or you could map out a few possible options for each meal that have similar macronutrientprofiles (for example, 3 different breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 snacks etcetera), and then justchoose the option that you most prefer based on how you feel that day.

Tip #2 is to prepareyour meals in advance.

So rather than preparing every single meal on the fly throughout theday, set aside one or two days a week to pre-package your meals in bulk.

That way, when it comestime to eat, you can simply reach into the fridge and grab your pre-made food withouthaving to go through the entire cooking and cleanup process every single time that youneed a meal.

Not only is this type of approach going to streamline your overall diet in general,but it's also going to save you a huge amount of time over the course of the week as a whole.

You can either prepare entire meals and then store them in the fridge or freezer, or youcould just cook up a few of your main items in bulk that usually take longer to prepare,such as chicken breast, steak, fish etcetera.

Tip #3 is to base your diet around foods thatyou like.

Now this tip sounds really obvious, yet so many people fall into the trap of thinkingthat certain foods are somehow "mandatory" to include in their bodybuilding diet, andthey end up choking down these foods on a daily basis even though they don’t likethe taste.

This is totally unnecessary, it's counter-productive and it greatly increasesthe chances that you won’t stick to your nutrition plan over the long term.

Alwaysremember this, your body does not view your diet within the context of individual fooditems.

It only sees the big picture, so the total calories, the total protein, carbs,fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber and other micronutrients, and there are a virtuallyinfinite number of different ways that you can go ahead and reach those totals for yourself.

So if you don’t like tuna, don’t eat tuna.

If you don’t like eggs, don’t eat eggs.

If you don’t like oatmeal, then don’t eat oatmeal.

No single food source is a must-havein your diet plan.

So if you specifically enjoy blueberries and mangos, then use thoseas your primary fruit sources.

If you prefer turkey and salmon to chicken and beef, thenuse those as your primary protein sources.

If you’d rather have sweet potato in placeof rice for your carb sources, then just go ahead and do that.

If you simply take sometime to plan your nutritional approach around the foods that you most prefer for each majorcategory (such as proteins, starchy carbs, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats etcetera),then your diet is going to be far more enjoyable and your chances of long term success aregoing to be hugely increased.

Tip #4 is to optimize your daily meal layout and frequency.

The research on meal frequency and its effects on protein synthesis and basal metabolic rateare pretty clear at this point, and that is that long as you’re hitting your overallcalorie and macronutrient needs for the day as a whole, then the specific way in whichyou lay those meals out is essentially going to be a non-issue when it comes to optimizingmuscle growth and fat loss.

And for that reason, just figure out what you need to consume forthe entire day as a whole in terms of protein, carbohydrates and fats, and then lay out yourmeals in the way that you enjoy most and that maximizes your overall adherence to the diet,whether that be 3 larger meals consumed in the morning, afternoon and evening, 5 mediumsized meals spread all throughout the day or 7 small meals consumed every couple ofhours.

And tip #5 is to utilize a "flexible dieting" approach.

I’ve said this many timesbefore, but assuming that around 80-90% of your diet is comprised of nutrient-dense,“clean” foods (so lean proteins, minimally refined carbohydrates and healthy fats), thenthe other 10-20% can come from whatever food sources you’d like as long as it fits intoyour overall daily calorie and macronutrient totals.

As I said earlier, your body doesnot view your nutrient intake within the context of individual food items, and with the exceptionof foods that are particularly high in partially hydrogenated oils, there is almost never sucha thing as a food that is inherently “good” or “bad”.

All there is is an overall dietthat is “good” or “bad”.

So including a small amount of higher sugar or higher fatfood here and there is not going to negatively affect your muscle building or fat burningprogress, and it will make your overall eating plan much more enjoyable while still deliveringthe same muscle building and fat burning results.

If you’re constantly depriving yourselfof the foods that you enjoy most, then there’s a much greater chance that you’re goingto become discouraged and quit in the long term.

So figure out what you need in termsof overall daily calories and macronutrients (and the level of detail that you specificallyapply here is going to depend on your individual goals and situation), and then allocate asmall percentage of that total to allow for the foods you crave most.

By basing your dietaround the “clean” food choices that you like best (like we covered in tip #3) andalso allowing yourself to indulge in the “flexible” foods that you crave most in controlled amounts,you’ll be able to structure a nutrition plan for yourself that you fully enjoy andthat gets you into the best shape possible at the same time.

So, here’s a quick recapof the 5 tips we just covered.

Tip #1, create a structured daily eating plan for yourselfbecause this way there will be no guesswork involved and you’ll already know exactlywhat to do each day in order to get the best results.

Tip #2, prepare your meals in advancein order to save time and to maximize overall efficiency.

Tip #3, take some time to figureout which foods you enjoy the most when it comes to lean proteins, starchy carbs, fruits,vegetables, healthy fats etcetera, and then simply base your diet around those choices.

Tip #4, Don’t worry about the specific intervals between meals and instead just structure yourmeal frequency and meal layout in whatever way you most prefer based on your appetiteand your schedule.

And tip #5, allocate 10-20% of your overall diet to indulge in the foodsyou crave most.

Employ these 5 bodybuildig diet tips and your chances of long term musclebuilding and fat burning success are going to be greatly increased.

So thanks for watchingthis video today, I hope you found the information useful here.

If you did enjoy the video, asalways, please make sure to hit the LIKE button, leave a comment and subscribe to stay up-to-dateon future videos.

Also make sure to check out my complete step-by-step muscle buildingand fat loss programs over at BodyTransformationTruth.

Com by clicking the icon at the top of the videoor using the link in the description box below.

And make sure to check out my official blogover at SeanNal.

Com for all of my latest articles, tips and other updates.

Talk to you againsoon.

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Jane Plan Diet- Delicious Dinners
January 24, 2017|Dieting Tips

Jane Plan Diet- Delicious Dinners

Jane Plan Diet- Delicious Dinners

The one thing we all look forward to at theend of a long, hard day is a delicious dinner.

So today, in the Jane Plan kitchen, we areputting together lots and lots of different dinners, all of which are part of our deliciousrange of food.

I'm holding here the chickpea tagine, whichis one of our vegetarian dinners.

We also have a great range of dishes including meat,jam, pork and chicken.

This is the beef and mushroom stroganoff.

Right now, I have a treat ready, which is the lasagne.

I've actually cooked it in the oven, but ifyou want to do it in the microwave, it's not a problem at all.

So I'll just get that out.

It's one of those real treats, I think.

Cominghome to comfort food like lasagne.

As I said I just did this in the oven, butreally, if you want to do it in the microwave, it really is just a couple of minutes.

Adding some fresh tomato, topping it withsome basil, all of it makes a really delicious meal.

With the lasagne, we normally have ours inthe office with just a simple salad.

This looks like I've spent ages on it, but really it's just a bought packet of salad,some mixed green leaves, a few tomatoes and spring onions.

Sometimes when you're watching your weight,it's really hard to know what to add to salads.

And people often say, what salad dressingcan I use? What we don't want you doing is smotheringeverything in olive oil.

Delicious as olive oil is.

A little teaspoon of balsamic, a little bitof salt and pepper, tiny bit of olive oil if you'd like to.

One of my favourite things to do with a saladis to just simply add some pomegranate seeds.

It really lightens it up, they are delicious,full of nutrients, it's an alternative dressing.

If you don't want to have salad to accompanyyour evening meal, there are lots of alternatives.

So right now I'm just frying some vegetables.

I haven't spent hours chopping these, I just picked up a stir fry package from my local supermarket.

And because Jane Plan is all about makinglosing weight easy, we want to encourage you to do this, so be adventurous with your vegetables.

You don't have to stir fry of course, youcan steam, you can roast, you can do whatever you like.

The great thing about stir fry vegetables,it really allows you to get a rainbow on your plate, which means a variety of different colours,and a variety of different nutrients.

We have quite a lot of spicy foods on theplan, because we know you like them.

One of my absolute favourites is the thaichicken curry.

In a rush? Just pop off the top, pop it in the microwave,literally two minutes later while you're stir frying, it will be ready.

Lots of delicious chicken, really authenticsauce.

We also have a fragrant chicken curry, the chicken with coconut ginger and turmeric.

We also have the chicken korma.

What I loveabout this chicken korma is it's really quite a substantial portion.

We've done this with some steamed courgettes,peas and beans.

And we've added a tiny bit of coriander.

Some of our dishes are deliberately low incarbohydrates, because we know that you like low carbohydrate dishes but that, of courseis not everybody.

Some people do like to have rice, or pasta,in the evening, or even potatoes.

The great thing about the chicken korma isit does actually come with its own individual portion of rice.

If, however, you're more interested in followinga plan that is perhaps a little lower in carbohydrates, you're a little bit worried about adding pastaor rice, dishes like this chicken mascarpone.

Thisdish was literally done in a minute.

Pop it in the microwave, we've just made life sosimple here.

We know not everybody wants to stir fry, wantsto bake, and so we actually just added some frozen peas.

But to make it even more exciting, you couldadd some roasted vegetables, so again we've got the lovely concept going of a rainbowon your plate, different variety of flavours, a differenttexture of course because you've roasted these Roasted vegetables are one of those all timestaples, you can just chop up any of your favourites and pop them in the oven.

In fact, these today that we did earlier,which took about fifteen to twenty minutes in the oven, actually came out of a readyroasted tray.

Most of the major supermarkets do.

So if you want to make losing weight easy,convenient, healthy and delicious, do take advantage of some of the things around youthat will do that.

We're very conscious of course, that peopledon't want to go hungry on a diet and that's so important, so a lot of the meals are verysubstantial.

They're always calorie and portion controlled.

One of our favourites is the pork meatballs.

We've done it here with some spinach, some leeks, and added some chopped tomatoesas well.

If you're too busy for all of that, a sprig of basil will finish it off reallynicely.

We know from all of our clients that that'sone of the absolute favourites.

Everything I'm showing you here today is actuallywheat and gluten free, of course with the exception of the lasagne.

That's one of the principles that runs throughthe plan, we're trying very very hard to make all of our foods 'free from.

' In fact, in none of these dinners at all,are there any preservatives whatsoever.

We use a very unusual cooking method, calledsous vide cooking method, or very similar to sous vide.

It's becomingmore and more popular now where we seal the food in it's container.

All the ingredientsgo in the container.

The container 's then popped in a pressurecooker and heated to a high temperature which steams everything beautifully.

And that will keep it fresh until you're readyto eat it.

This one is the rich ragu with beef.

One of my personal favourites is this sweetpotato and lentil curry.

Great thing about sweet potatoes is that they're very low g.


And you don't need to be following a vegetariandiet to enjoy a vegetarian food.

In fact, one of the great principles that we love iswhat we call the meat free Mondays.

So you might be a really keen meat-eater whichis fantastic, and you can have meat every day.

but it's wonderful to dedicate one day a weekjust to having no meat at all.

And because we have such a wide vegetarian selection, that's absolutely not a problem at all onthe plan.

I think the stir fry vegetables are pretty much ready.

What I will simply do is pop these onto aplate, and then you can pop your thai chicken curry or your chosen dish over the top.

No need for noodles, for rice, a lovely lowcarbohydrate nourishing and filling dinner.

What anyone needs, we've tried very hard toincorporate all sorts of food tastes in the range.

We have chicken, we have beef, we have pastadishes, we have a nice spicy range.

But we also have a very lovely classic Englishrange, such as chicken casserole and beef casserole.

Everythings calorie and portion controlled,so you really will reach your weight loss goals.

But most importantly, everythings absolutelydelicious.

So we hope you enjoy your Jane Plan dinner,and if you've got any questions at all about the sorts of fruit and vegetables you'd liketo add into the plan, or how best to cook the food, then obviouslyyou can always get in touch with us.

Thank you.

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Hungry While Cutting? 12 Ways To Reduce Hunger On A Diet
January 23, 2017|Dieting Tips

Hungry While Cutting? 12 Ways To Reduce Hunger On A Diet

Hungry While Cutting? 12 Ways To Reduce Hunger On A Diet

Hey what's up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here ofBodyTransformationTruth.

Com, and in today’s video I want to share 12 effective tips thatyou can employ to minimize the amount of hunger that you experience during a fat loss diet,and in turn maximize your chances of long term success.

So, regardless of what typeof dieting method that you employ or how your training plan is specifically structured,fat loss ultimately comes down to one central thing, and that is maintaining a net caloriedeficit over time by consistently burning more calories than you consume.

And the factis simple, when your daily caloric expenditure consistently exceeds your caloric intake,your body is going to naturally kick into survival mode and produce feelings of hungerin order to motivate you to eat, and food cravings are the number one reason why mostpeople ultimately fall off track with their fat loss diet and end up failing in the longrun.

So although these 12 tips are not going to completely eliminate your hunger altogether,they will make a very significant positive difference when it comes to reducing themdown to a more manageable level.

So let's go over it.

Tip #1 is to Maintain A SmallCalorie Deficit And Focus On Losing Fat At A Gradual Pace.

This is the most basic andmost obvious tip for you to employ, but it's also the most important.

Create too largeof a calorie deficit and not only will you lose an excessive amount of lean muscle massthroughout your cutting phase, but you’re also going to feel excessively hungry as well.

Always think of fat loss as being more of a marathon rather than a sprint, and focuson creating a small calorie deficit that gradually strips the fat away while allowing you tomaintain your lean muscle mass and while keeping your hunger levels relatively controlled.

And a good guideline to follow for this is to employ a calorie deficit of around 15-20%below your maintenance level, and aiming to lose about 1-2 pounds of total body fat perweek.

Tip #2 is to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Protein.

Protein is the most fillingof the 3 macronutrients and it also plays an important role in helping you spare leanmuscle tissue as you diet down.

A good guideline here is to aim for around 1 gram of proteinper pound of body weight daily from lean, high quality sources.

Tip #3, Don’t LetYour Dietary Fat Intake Drop Too Low.

The idea that “dietary fat makes you fat”is one of the biggest myths when it comes to proper fat loss nutrition, and maintainingadequate fat intake is a very important aspect of your overall plan.

Not only does a sufficientamount of dietary fat help to keep your testosterone levels from dipping too low throughout yourcut, but it will also leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied in between meals by slowingdown the rate of gastric emptying.

And for those reasons, I would recommend that youaim to get at least 20% of your total daily calories from fat.

Tip #4 is to ensure ThatYou’re Eating Plenty Of Fiber.

Fiber absorbs water as it moves through your digestive tractand essentially “gels” and expands in your stomach to increase feelings of fullnessand satiety.

And just like fat, fiber also slows down the rate of gastric emptying.

Anda good guideline here is to shoot for about 15 grams of fiber for every 1000 caloriesthat you consume.

Tip #5, Eat More Vegetables.

This somewhat overlaps with the previous point,but vegetables are one of the very best food sources for your fat loss diet because they’revery high in overall volume but extremely low in calories.

Consuming vegetables withseveral of your meals throughout the day is a great way to help fill yourself up whilekeeping the total calorie content of your meals down.

Not only are vegetables a greattool for reducing hunger, but they’re also incredibly micronutrient dense as well.

Tip#6, Optimize Your Daily Meal Frequency And Layout.

The research on meal frequency andits effects on basal metabolic rate are fairly clear, and that is thatas long as you’reconsuming the same overall calorie and macronutrient totals for the day as a whole, the specificway in which you lay out those meals doesn’t really have any significant effect on yourbottom line fat loss.

And for that reason, you’re going to want to experiment withdifferent meal plan structures in order to find the one that works best for you in termsof controlling appetite.

So for some people that might mean eating 6 small meals a day,for others it might mean 4 medium sized meals, and for others it might mean 3 larger meals.

In addition to that, some people do best by consuming a larger percentage of their caloriesearlier on in the day with fewer calories later on, while others do better using theexact opposite approach.

And finally, you can also consider trying out the popular “intermittentfasting” protocol by consuming all of your daily calories within an 8 hour “feedingwindow”, and then fasting for the remaining 16 hours of the day.

So just play around withthese different variables and see wihch one works best for you.

Tip #7 is to IncreaseYour Water Intake.

So aside from drinking plenty of water throughout the day as a whole,you can also try consuming a couple glasses of water with each meal in order to increaseoverall feelings of fullness.

Tip #8 is to Find The Right Balance Between Dieting AndCardio.

So as I mentioned at the beginning of the video, fat loss ultimately comes downto maintaining a net calorie deficit over time by burning more calories than you consume.

Now you can create a calorie deficit by consuming less food, by increasing your activity level,or through a combination of both.

Now both of these variables (so reducing calorie intakeor increasing calorie expenditure) will obviously stimulate your appetite, but everyone doesreact a bit differently to each one.

Some people are able to manage their hunger moreeffectively by creating a larger calorie deficit through their diet and then performing lesscardio as a result, while others prefer to consume more calories through their diet butto perform a higher amount of cardio in order to create the same overall calorie deficit.

So try playing around with each of these variables by either consuming fewer calories and exercisinga bit less or by consuming more calories and exercising a bit more to see which one youprefer.

Tip #9 is to Perform Some HIIT Cardio.

Performing low intensity, longer durationaerobic sessions is fine as part of your overall plan, but do keep in mind that these typesof sessions tend to have a more powerful appetite-stimulating effect than high intensity, low duration cardiodoes.

And for that reason, you can try mixing in some high intensity interval cardio intoyour plan in order to burn additional calories without experiencing a significant increasein appetite.

Tip #10 is to Allow For Dietary Flexibility.

Trying to “eat clean” 24hours a day is not only completely unnecessary when it comes to maximizing fat loss, butit’s also a great way to ensure that you fail with your diet over the long run.

Completelyrestricting a particular food item is only going to make you desire it more, increasingthe chances that you’ll eventually “give in”, become discouraged, and then potentiallybinge even further, and ultimately throw your entire program off course.

On the other hand,if you simply allot a small percentage of your total daily calories to come from thefoods that you crave most right from the outset, your chances of long term success are goingto be hugely maximized, and with no negative effect on your fat burning results either.

Remember, fat loss nutrition is all about the big picture, and including a few “cheatfoods” here and there is NOT going to magically cause you to gain fat as long as it’s beingproperly tracked.

So my suggestion here is to follow the basic rule that if 80-90% ofyour total calories are coming from lean high quality protein, minimally refined carbs andhealthy fats, then the other 10-20% can come from whatever foods you’d like as long itfits into your overall daily calorie and macronutrient totals.

Tip #11 is to Make Sure That You GetEnough Sleep Each Night.

Not only does chronic sleep deprivation negatively impact your mentalfocus, your physical strength, energy levels and motivation, but it also boosts your appetiteas well, and this is due to a decrease in leptin levels and an increase in ghrelin levels,which are two key hormones that regulate hunger.

Now everybody’s individual need for sleepvaries quite a bit, so I won’t give you the standard “8 hours a night” guideline.

Instead, just aim to get enough quality sleep each night so that you feel fully rested,alert and energized throughout the day.

And tip #12 is to Slow Down When You Eat.

Nowthis is a pretty simple one, but research has shown that eating your meals at a slower,more gradual place helps you to feel fuller and more satisfied off of a smaller volumeof food.

Your food isn’t going to run away, so take your time and enjoy it.

Now again,these 12 tips are not going to completely eliminate your food cravings altogether, butemploy some or all of them and you should notice a significant positive effect thatwill make your diet much easier to stick to over the long term.

So thanks for watchingthis video lesson, I hope you found the information useful here today.

To get some more highlyeffective fat burning and muscle building nutrition tips, along with step by step mealplans, recipes and other helpful information, make sure to head over to BodyTransformationTruth.

Comand grab my complete “Body Transformation Blueprint” System, and you can do that byclicking the icon at the top of the video or using the link in the description box below.

If you did enjoy the video, as always, please make sure to hit the LIKE button, leave acomment and subscribe to stay up-to-date on future videos.

And make sure to check outmy official blog over at SeanNal.

Com for all of my latest articles, tips and other updates.

Talk to you again soon.

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