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Model interview | Yana | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs
February 2, 2017|Healthy Meals

Model interview | Yana | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs

Model interview | Yana | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs

I'm not too obsessed about my meals planning.

Here, in China I usually have oatmeal for breakfast.

I add honey/yoghurt/nuts/fruits there.

Just keep on experimenting with oatmeal.

lol it's my best option for breakfast.

That's it And because of the castings I usually miss the lunch.

I mean I have some time for time.

But something's just go wrong.

Lol I usually have sushi rolls as a snack I have it in my bag right now πŸ™‚ I like salads, vegetables, omlettes.

it's really hard to find dairy products here, in China There are some yoghurts.

But no cheese.

Yes, it's hard without European food here But you can easily find most of the products here.

Like chicken.

I don't know, I eat everything πŸ™‚ nothing special Are you ever being on a diet, count calories or just eat intuitively? I don't count calories.

I actually don't know anything about it.

lol I just don't eat chips, don't drink coca-cola and all the stuff like that.

I'm trying to avoid too spicy food as well Sport.

I want to start running.

I do some workout routine too.

A walk a lot.

Shanghai is much bigger city than my hometown There are many interesting places to look at here You've mentioned before (in our previous interview) what you usually bring to the work trips.

Could you please share it with us one more time? Sure.

I brought buckwheat, 2 packs of oatmeal.

But you can buy it here too.

But the buckwheat is hard to find in Shanghai, so i'm trying to enjoy it and eat it slowely.

lol I still have half of the package and I'm proud of it lol The honey.

You can buy it here too.

But, I don't know why, I think it's not natural here.

But I buy it anyways Why not? Girl often bring honey & sweetened condensed milk to their trips I brought quark, cheese.

And I'm trying to save it for longer time because you can't buy it here as well.

As I said before, it's really difficult to find good dairy products here.

You can probably find those good in some European shops but it will be really expensive.

I also brought nuts, it's very expensive to buy it here too.

Do you know any crazy stories about models diets, weight loss or maybe eating disorders? When the girls are really starving themselves or someting like that? It really happens very often When the girl being told to lose some weight She lose some weight, then she's being told it's not enough.

She thinks she's skinny, but then she's staring overthing and count calories.

She eats like 400-500 calories a day and being on a strict diet ( like those when you can only drink and eat liquids or smth).

I just don't get it.

Yes, I know few girls who even have been hospitalised I don't think it's a normal thing πŸ™ I guess they didn't realize the importance of healthy eating Do you know how they have recovered from the eating disorders? Does only hospitalising have helped? Most of them have recovered in hospital.

Their metabolism has slowed down because of all of that diets Those crazy things like having an apple/pear for brakfast/lunch and dinner.

it's hard to control your body when your metabolism isn't working properly As soon as you're done with your diet, you gain 3 times more then your previous weight – So you get an opposite effect – Yes, exactly Because your body's starting to think: are we starving again? So, most of the people I know have recovered in hospitals, but some of them has found a way out of that too.

Whats the difference between your daily menu here and your meals at home? I'm having some tasty homemade meals at home.

Soups, puree.

It's harder (eating healthy) here.

I don't cook soups, just sometimes buy it at the cafes Everything is really spicy here So you usually have to tell everyone "no spicy".

I even had an allergy because of this type of food There's a lot of rice here.

And some, I don't know, the food is really different from what I used to eat at home The first week of my stay here I used to take a medicine for my stomach When I'll come back home, I'm going to eat salads, Olivier salad ( traditional Russian cuisine), sausages.

lol My inner voice is telling me to have some sausages.

lol Have you tried some exotic food here? I've tried tofu Its taste was really strange.

Too spicy.

It's some kind of a cheese, right? Soy cheese? – Yes, it's some kind of a cheese made of soy.

You can buy it in our countries too.

– It's quite strange here it usually has a very neutral flavor.

But depending on how you will cook it, it easily soaks up the flavors of other products like sauses and etc.

So i guess you've just bought a tofu cooked with some spices And I saw a chicken feets at local supermarkets.

Yes, everybody talks about chicken feets.

Strange At the supermarkets you can also find various boiled food (like sausages, chicken and some strange stuff).

I don't know what exactly it is, but its taste is actually good.

Tofu, seaweed.

Crab balls.

It doesn't look really good, but its taste is actually fine.

I don't think this kind of food is too bad.

It looks like a soup with some boiled products in it.

Yep – Thank you so much for sharing these.

It was really interesting.

– Thank you too :).

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Model interview | Nastya | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs
January 29, 2017|Healthy Meals

Model interview | Nastya | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs

Model interview | Nastya | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs

Please share with us how do you stay fit, what's your usual menu and do you ever count calories? It's such a burning topic lol I realise that I have to eat eat healthy food And I do eat healthy from time to time.

But sometimes I eat sweets.

I love it too much.

About staying fit.

I'm going to gym How often do you go to gym? Twice a week I have a personal traineer and my workout usually lasts for 1 hour.

Not that long Could you please give us an example of your daily menu? If I'm eating at home.

It's just a really simple homemade food In the morning I can eat everything.

Well, not exactly everything.

Oats with milk for example.


Something like that I'm having an absolutely usual food for lunch too.

Like soups, buckwheat with something.

Meatballs for example.

And salads or quark for dinner.

Something like that And between main meals I'm having snacks.

I guess eating small portions about 5 times a day is the right thing to do Yes, it's quite close to healthy eating phylosophy.

– Yes OK, is there any difference between your daily menu at home and your meals during working trips? So, let's start with the fact that I don't cook at all.

So, during my work trips I usually buy foods lol For example, there were really cheap fruits in Shanghai.

So I've used to eat them all the time And sometimes we were looking for cheap cafes and were eating there And we didn't have many opportunities to cook And what was your menu during the castings time? Well, during the castings in Shanghai we usually went to some small grocery shops and used to buy something there Most of the times it were some snacks.

Like onigiri – yes πŸ™‚ Family Mart, Seven Eleven.

Something like that About the other countries I can't say anything special because we didn't have much castings there, so we just ate at home after that or weren't hungry at all Whats your opinion about dieting? Do you think strict diets are necessary? Well.

I don't think that the strict diets are necessary Because it causes some real damages to your health It's my opinion.

And after such diets you're starting everything all over again.

It's kind of a hell circle But the normal diets.

I can't give you an example at the moment.

in general I think it's possible to lose weight if you're eating healthy.

Of course if you'll do the sports too What are you doing if you need to improve your measurements in short period of time? I follow my usual meals plan anyway.

But the portions of what i'm eating are getting a bit smaller I exclude everything which contains sugar too OK, thank you So, I'd like to ask you about the eating disorder problems among models.

Because of the stress, often flights & dieting it happens wuite often.

Maybe you know some crazy stories about stricts diets or someting? What's your opinion about it? Everyone I know have no problems with eating.

They just eat a normal food like usual people.

At leats those whom I know quite well.

didn't have any eating disorder problems So, I can't say anything special about this problem – And it's a good thing.

– Yes πŸ™‚ Do you bring any food from home to your working trips? No, I don't bring anything Yes, there is some food you can't buy in certain countries.

But I can easily live without it.

So, when I'm leaving for 3 months I just forget that quark and sour cream exists.

There's nothing special about it.

OK, have you tried something really exotic? I think everything was quite normal.

I really liked Korean cuisine although I can't eat spicy food I haven't been to traditional food restaurants in HK, but everything was OK there too Once in Shanghai we were invited to a dinner Traditional cuisine We've been told that it's really delicious So, there was a huge pan on the table With beef soup inside of it There were huge pieces of beef cooking there it was cooking in front of us And we should have put other ingridients there by ourselver.

Corn, meat, some greens It looked absolutely terrible And the man who tooked us to that restaurant was so happy.

He was saying it's so delicious, you should try it We were like: Are you serious? We thought he was kidding So, that was quite a memorable moment because it was terrible lol What about the positive experience? lol Something you can't buy or try here maybe? I guess everything I like can be bought here too.

but there's one thing I like the most and usually eat it in my travels It's dumplings It's like Russian pelmeni but a bit bigger and with more veggies inside.

Really delicious! – Oh, I absolutely understand you! lol – Yes – Thank you so much for sharing with us, it was really interesting! – Thank you too.

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Model interview | Liza | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | ENG subs
January 11, 2017|Dieting Tips

Model interview | Liza | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | ENG subs

Model interview | Liza | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | ENG subs

The next thing I'd like to talk to you about is the food.

Please share with us how do you keep your body fit? What do you eat, are you counting the calories? Well, I don't count the calories, because i think it's not necessary – it's "too much" when people are counting calories.

At least it's not normal for your body.

If I feel like you need to eat this at the moment, – I will eat it.

I mean, I usually eat oatmeal in the morning.

Breakfast is very important for your health.

Seriously, you have to eat porridge in the morning, so won't have a desire to eat something unhealthy during the day If you didn't eat anything in the morning, you'll probably won't be eating at all during the day.


There's another type of people, who.

Eat just a lot, I mean really a lot.

And something unhealthy too.

But I think, you'd better have a breakfast then have a good lunch And then have some food with low calories to help your body feel good before going to bed.

So, you will have a good sleep and you stomach will feel good as well.

Yes, I think so.

Please give us an example of your daily menu.

In Russia I start my day with oatmeal, because its available in every store here.

I usually cook it with milk or water – it doesn't really matter for me.

But I eat it with something sweet, because I don't want to eat too much sugar during the day.

Or some chips.

If you'll eat something sweet in the morning, your stomach will be understand it.

It will feel happy πŸ™‚ Then I have a lunch.

It's usually the soup.

Because you have to care about your stomach, eating only "dry" products isn't good for it.

If you always eat potatoes, rice.

This food is too heavy for your body.

For your stomach and intestines.

You need to think about its health too, not only about the look of your body.

Then I have a dinner with something not fat.

I like to have tvorog ( * Quark – type of Russian dairy product ) for dinner.

Because I like it very much I don't have any problems with eating dairy products And for the snacks I prefer fruits, because it's pure vitamins It's really good for your health and body too.

And, of course, sometimes we all eat some sweets, sushi.

But I'm trying to avoid this food as much as I can So, my body won't get used to this type of food and won't want it all the time.

So, that's how I keep my body fit I guess.

If you don't overeat.

If you eat oatmeal or any other porridge for breakfast.

Everything's OK.

But you also go to the gym, right? Yes, I go to gym at least 2 times a week.

I'm trying to go more often, but everyting's hurts.

Because you're trying to workout hard.

And if my body feels good, I'm trying to go to gym 3 or even 4 times a week.

I'm trying to run in the morning, if the weather is good.

If there's a sun and its not raining, why not go for a run? So your oatmeal will taste even better after that πŸ™‚ Did you do sport before modeling? No, I've started doing sport about a year ago.

And before that I used to dance.

It was enought for me, because I had dance classes for about 5 hours long and I was really tired after that.

I just went to bed after that.

I had my classes 4 times a week plus performances.

Sometimes it was 5-6 times a week, so I felt really tired.

That's why I didn't go to gym.

But after i quit dancing When I've started modeling I've started doing sport, so body would look better and stay fit.

Because at the moment too skinny girls don't work as good as the fit ones.

With the beautiful abs, legs and the booty.

Ahah, yes πŸ™‚ Yes.

but unfortunately many models are having eating disorder and other problems.

Because of the stress, flights and other reasons.

Did you have an experience like that or do you know someone who had such problems? Sure, it's a huge problem in fashion industry.

Especially, among the girls in the age of 14 -15 – 16 years.

You're being told to lose some weight.

For example, your agent or the agency requires that And the girl doesn't understand that she needs to lose a little weight, not too much Then she's starting to think that she's not pretty enough, she won't be able to work.

And then she's literally going crazy She's starting to lose a lot of weight Maybe she won't have an anorexia, but she will lose too much weight I haven't been told to lose some weight, because I always was skinny But when I came to Taiwan, I've been told that I'm "too skinny" I didn't have any job offers for 2 weeks.

And everyone were saying it's because I'm too thin.

So, I thought, why not eat some more food? So, when I came to Taiwan my weight was 44 kg.

And when I was going back home I was 51.


Yes, I mean I had almost the same situation but with weight gaining.

then when I came back to Russia.

Of course, I've started doing sport And i've started losing weight.

Actually, I knew many girls who has an eating disorder in Tokyo because in tokyo everyone loves really skinny girls For example, in my agency every week we had a weight check And if you have gained, for example, 200-300 gramms, your pocket money would have been cut.

I mean, if it was 15 000, then it will be cut to 10 000.

And it's a lot.

I knew some girl who haven't been eating anything for the 2 days before the weight check And, sure, it wasn't good for their health.

And yes, then they were starting to "eat everything" Onigiri from 7/11, lunch boxes filled with God knows what.

Everything's fresh in Tokyo.

But still.

It's mostly the rice.

It damages your body and everything.

There was even one girl who has been tarving yourself.

She haven't been eating at all for example for 10 days.

She was fainting And she's 23 years old.

I don't know why she did it.

She had some vitamins, I mean she's an adult and understans everything.

She realise that your body needs food.

But she didn't have any food for 10 days.

And it was so strange for me.

We were living in the same room and she was like.

Just only drinking water for the whole day.

When I was eating.

And, it was really strange situation for me.

Yes, it's really a problem in modeling.

Unfortunately it is.

Do you bring any food from Russia to your working trips? Yes, sure.

The oatmeal for sure.

Everyone loves it.

Buckwheat seed ( really popular in Russian cuisine).

I think all of the models know it.

And everyone brings it no matter if you like it or not – it will be eaten.


The first few days when you come to a new country you don't know anything about the products othere.

It's a need food for you, especially if it's Asia.

Sometimes there's no English description on the products.

So, you just see the hieroglyphs and have no idea what it is.

So, you eat the food you broght from home, to adapt and slowely get used to the new food.

Because changing your food habits too sudden isn't good for health too.

I also bring some Russian bread for the snacks During the castings.

And now I'm planning to bring some cheese Because cheese in Asian is either too expensive or not as good as here.

And I also would like to try to bring tvorog ( * Quark – type of Russian dairy product ).

It has to be frozen.

So I will be able to bring it.

Because some models used to do it.

And so great to have tvorog and cheese from home.

Oh, I also broght the beetroot to my last trip.

Because I really wanted to have Borscht ( tart soup popular in several East European cuisines) when I was in Taiwan I really wanted it so much! Even without cream, just the Borscht would be OK too.

So I brought one beetroot with me to cook the Borscht ( tart soup popular in several East European cuisines) And it was so cool! Everyone loved it, everyone wanted to eat it.

lol Especially those, who were staying there for few months And yeah, it was a really good idea I think someone will try to steal the cheese or tvorog from you πŸ™‚ lol If they'll can.

Yeah, probably.

Because when the new girl comes And you have been there for 2 or 2,5 months already.

And even there are only 2 weeks before you'll come back home, you really want that tvorog, cheese and etc.

Especially the last months in Taiwan for example, because I was there for 3 months.

And I haven't been that long in Tokyo And in the last month you're just calling to you mom and ask her to prepare this and this and that.

And you make a huge list of Russian products that you love And really want to eat it when you'll be back to Russia So, probably someone will want to steal or buy it.

or will just ask to try it πŸ™‚ If talking about Asian cuisine, did you try anything special? Did you like anything? Which food model can try? Or maybe even some unhealthy food? Ahah, I'd say theres' some unhealthy food.

I think onigiri are really popular in Asia I've been told that onigiri in Tokyo are really tasty But I haven't notices any special differense between onigiri in Taiwan and Tokyo.

I've bought it in 7/11 and it seemed the same.

But it's really delicious.

I also really liked the caramel strawberries in Shilin market in Taiwan, it was soooo yummy! I was ready to go there every day to have it! And, no doubt, you have to try sushi in Tokyo.

It's really good.

There is a plenty of really tasty food in supermarkets and 7/11 stores.

Really delicious sandwitches, salads.

There's no a lot of such food in Russian supermarkets Or it's not as fresh or as tasty at othere.

Or its too expensive And you buy such food in Asia really often and it's really delicious.

Don't you know how shocked I was.

Were you? Yes Does it happen to everyone? Sure, it does.

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Model interview | Anne Barreto | Modeling story | Daily menu | Diet tips | RUS subs
January 7, 2017|Dieting Tips

Model interview | Anne Barreto | Modeling story | Daily menu | Diet tips | RUS subs

Model interview | Anne Barreto | Modeling story | Daily menu | Diet tips | RUS subs

Hello! Please tell us a few words about yourself.

How long have you doing modeling as came into the industry? Hi, my name is Anne, I'm 23 years old, I am from Brazil Yes πŸ™‚ I started modeling at age 14, when still at school I also dance.

I work as a model for a long time.

But there were breaks, when I was dancing.

And, as a result, I started practicing again modeling at age 17 So, I was engaged in modeling, then take a break.

But, all the same – it's my passion πŸ™‚ Great.

Tell me, please, a few words about his MA and agency in Barcelona.

My mother agency Nass Model Management This Brazilian agency with a wonderful team My agency here in Barcelona – View Model Management Please tell us about the most common work here.

I'm doing a show for the Women's Secret.

What is it like.

– Something in the style of Victoria's Secret show – Yes, exactly.

And as recently I'm doing various fashion shows (impressions) Because now I'm at the agency-oriented fashion.

Before that I was with a more "commercial" agency, so doing more advertising What else? πŸ™‚ Hmm, tell us about the most interesting work that you had.

– Here.

– Or, in Brazil, where it does not matter – just a favorite work In Paris, I took part in the show Vivienne Westwood It is simply gorgeous, I met her.

And this show is definitely one of my most vivid memories.

And I'm also a fan of it, so I'm very happy that I did it show.

What you are most attracted to the fashion industry and the model work? Travels! I like traveling very much I really appreciate the opportunity to travel and meet new people, be able to work with clothing haut-couture This is, perhaps, the things for which I love modeling You can learn a lot from the fashion industry I learned to make herself make-up, hair care The ability to learn – that's what I like in the fashion industry Yes, I agree – it's a wonderful experience Which countries have you worked? I worked in New York, Paris, Argentina Here (Barcelona), Logdon.

But I went to London to meet with the agency, I did not work there.

What is the fashion industry in South America? Honestly, I almost do not know anything about it.

Please tell us about Brazil and Argentina – you have mentioned that worked there.

For me, as a dark-skinned models, Brazil – a rather difficult market, because there is a lot of black models and a lot of competition.

A lot of dark-skinned people, but, unfortunately, on the podium they are almost there.

But things are changing, and this year I saw more than a dark-skinned models on the catwalk As you know, in Brazil, a lot of girls, not only black, a wide variety of types of appearance For example, Gisele BΓΌndchen European appearance, you might think that she is from Germany, but she was Brazilian Adriana Lima.

There are so many types of beauty.

and I would very much like to see the whole range of types on the podium but I think that now the situation is really improving and I very much hope that this improvement will happen quickly, because I want to do a lot of shows in my country πŸ™‚ Yes, it would be really wonderful OK.

You look wonderful! – Thank you And I would like to ask, how do you keep yourself in shape What is your daily menu, you go if you're in the hall, etc.

I'm genetically – slim But I do not really like the food, which can contribute to weight gain I do not like sweet I love simple food I do not sit on a diet But I eat well I like running I love to walk.

If you can walk somewhere to walk, I'll do.

I think it is good for both the body and the mind.

And when you combine all of this, I think it works best.

Ideal for body and mind.

Your soul.

All this is due πŸ™‚ I do not sit on a diet, but I do not like to eat fast food and junk food But to be honest, now I spilled a little.

And I have little time, so sometimes I eat something harmful.

But not every day.

I try to take care of themselves I guess you could eat it! But reasonable (small) amounts Sometimes you think, no, I can not eat anything.

But this is not correct – you can eat everything, just need to put certain limits.

Bring me an example of your daily menu I love to cook something quick For example, I love salads with tuna – What? – I love them too πŸ™‚ So, I do something fast, because cook – not my hobby I love salads, and chicken with rice.

This is my daily menu.

My simple menu I love to cook very simple food Yes, this is perfect πŸ™‚ Give please advice to girls who are just starting their career in modeling I think you need to work on his character (as you carry yourself, impress) In this industry, a lot of beautiful girls, but what distinguishes you from them? We need to try to be yourself I think, be an interesting person is far more important than just being beautiful Because when you see a charismatic girl, you see that there is something there.

And that something makes it special Different from others.

So you need to work on their personality And to practice a lot of things.

Such as the pose.

For example, in the mirror.

Mirror – one model πŸ™‚ Because, you must know your best angle, everything about myself.

how to look better on camera, how to pose for a better.

Just have fun in front of the mirror πŸ™‚ OK, thank you very much for the interview! – You are welcome I wish you a successful career, I'm sure everything will be great! – Thank you too! Thank you I have such a terrible English! – No – no, it's okay You understand me? – Your English is fine.

You speak better than me πŸ™‚ Oh, I do not think πŸ™‚ Guys, you know what I mean? If so, then everything is fine πŸ™‚ The video will also be Russian subtitles.

– Oh cool! – And perhaps the British.

– It's great :).

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