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Weight Loss Motivation | WHY We Should Lose Weight | Benefits of Healthy Weight Loss
February 5, 2017|Healthy Meals

Weight Loss Motivation | WHY We Should Lose Weight | Benefits of Healthy Weight Loss

Weight Loss Motivation | WHY We Should Lose Weight | Benefits of Healthy Weight Loss

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel.

In this video, I wanted to share with youguys some reasons WHY you should stay motivated and some really great benefits that come fromreaching your goal weight and following through with a healthy nutrition plan, so if you wantto hear about those reasons on why you should be motivated, stay tuned.

(Intro music) You may want to lose weightbecause of different health reasons or perhaps vanity reasons.

You just want to feel better about the wayyou look, so there's a lot of different reasons why it's great to be in shape and feel better.

Obviously, you gain confidence.

It's really nice to be able to go places,speak in front of people if you have to and feel good about the way you look, feel goodabout the way you're presenting yourself.

And not be self conscious allowing that tohold you back from, you know, things that you can do, that you're perfectly capableof, so confidence is just invaluable, it is just one of those things that I think we reallytake for granted.

If you've never struggle with self esteemor body image then you may not understand but for most of us, I think we do strugglewith that so gaining confidence is a huge reason why you should stick to your plan andfollow through to the end until you reach your goals.

Accomplishing what you set out to do, justbrings you so much satisfaction so following through and all of those things really givesyou a boost to your confidence, knowing that you can do certain things that you never thoughtyou could do before.

Another really great benefit to sticking toyour weight loss plan and staying motivated is because you get more energy.

When we eat junk food, fast food, soda, highsugar content, our bodies tend to just start feeling sluggish.

Those foods contain little to no nutrientsand our bodies just can't take it after awhile so we just start feeling tired all the time.

When we eat good and we have vegetables andfruits, food that is grown from the ground from nature, natural foods, whole foods, thenthat gives our body a chance to be rejuvenated and thrive like we were meant to thrive.

We're not meant to sit around and feel sluggishand just down all the time.

You know, we're meant to be vibrant and bealive.

So losing weight gives you more energy andit helps you to sleep better too.

Recently, I've started getting up at 3 inthe morning just completely starving, to the point where my stomach hurts, I have pain,the pain is what wakes me up so I started reading what could be causing that and onething is stress.

I think stress causes a lot of different problemsfor most of us but aside from stress, another reason was problems with your blood sugar.

I'm not diabetic but I have been eating mostof my calories in the evening.

So that would make sense for me.

Because I take in all that food and the majorityof my food in the evening, that tends to raise my sugar to the point that it does enablea sugar crash and that's what's leaving me starving and just really, really hungry at3 in the morning.

So what I need to do instead is eat more mealsfrequently throughout the day.

That's going to keep my blood sugar regulatedand hopefully improve my sleeping patterns.

Another awesome reason to stay motivated andstay on track with your weight loss goals is that it gives you improved mental and physicalstrength.

Day to day tasks like going grocery shopping,bring in the groceries from the cra, picking up the dog food bag, picking up the kids,you know, just running around the house crazy, burning calories.

I think it's just really takes a lot of theload off your day when you can perform those physical activities with little to no problem.

Improved mental strength also comes from reachingyour goals and sticking to your weight loss plan so a really good reason to stay motivatedis just the improved mental status I think that you get when you work out on a consistentbasis and when you eat the right foods.

I think a lot of us know already that eatingjunk food, eating just fast food, too much sugar, too many carbs, it causes us to bedepressed.

We really need to try to avoid the fast food,avoid the soda because those added sugars, the preservatives, all the chemicals and everythingthat's in there to make you addicted to the food and make you just want more and morebut give you no nutrients, that's what we need to stay away from.

And when you do that, you start feeling bettermentally and you start feeling a little bit more of a clarity day to day.

You don't feel like you're in a fog just weigheddown.

Another reason, which is one of my favoritesreasons is an improved immune system.

Staying motivated and sticking to your weightloss plan gives you a better immune system.

You are less likely prone to disease, you'reless prone to sickness and you're also less prone to injury when you improve your physicalstrength.

So a stronger immune system is really important,especially in the day in age that we live in where we just have so many things surroundingus that are cancer causing and just wrecking havoc on our health.

You want to do the most you can, in your powerto strengthen your immune system and be the healthiest version of you that you can beso you can fight off all of those things that are coming against us in our atmosphere, inour food, all of those areas of life these days.

Another great reason to stay motivated isso you can help other people.

Other people love to be inspired, other peoplelove to see other people doing good! So that's a really great reason, that's afun reason.

Educate other people, educate your familyso that you guys can all live a healthier, happier life.

You know, that's a really great reason tostay motivated.

And then of course there's the vanity reasonwhich is one of my favorite reasons.

I think just because I struggled a lot withmy self esteem.

I'm very much a girly girl.

I wear make up and so I love all of that kindof stuff so vanity is one of those things that is important to me.

I also want to reflect a healthier lifestyle,I want to reflect that no, I don't eat junk food.

You know, I don't participate in that kindof environment or those things.

And that's something to be proud of.

It feels really great to know that you'redisciplined and you can choose the better option.

The healthier we are, the longer we live.

the longer we're there for our kids and thelonger we're just here to help impact this world in a better way.

Today's Saturday but I might not be able toget this video up until tomorrow, which would be Sunday but today is my weigh in day andfor me personally, today I did not lose any weight and my measurements didn't change eitherso I was feeling a little bit discouraged and I started thinking about all the reasonswhy I should keep going, why I should stay motivated so that's why I wanted to sharethis with you guys today.

I personally kind of dealt with this justtoday so with that said, it does happen.

It happens to all of us so I encourage youguys to keep going.

Keep pushing towards your goals.

The effort and the work IS worth it, I promiseyou.

Make it fun, do something you enjoy.

Find something you enjoy, you know, it istrial and error with cooking, with your food prep, with all of it, with exercising so ifyou just press on, you will find probably a million ways that don't work for you butin the end, you will find a way that does.

I always welcome video suggestions! So if you have a suggestion for me to do avideo on a topic or a work out, leave it in the comments below and I would love to getback to you and see what I can do for you! So thanks a lot guys for watching, I reallyappreciate it.

Have a great rest of your weekend and makehealthy choices! Bye everyone.

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How to make Black Coffee – Black Coffee Recipe for Weight Loss – Benefits of Black Coffee
February 3, 2017|Healthy Meals

How to make Black Coffee – Black Coffee Recipe for Weight Loss – Benefits of Black Coffee

How to make Black Coffee – Black Coffee Recipe for Weight Loss – Benefits of Black Coffee

Hello friends, today we will see How to Lose Weight with coffee, yes you heard it right.

Black coffee plays a key role in assisting with weight loss.

About 80% of the world’s population drinks coffee every day in various amounts, but very few know about the black coffee and weight loss connection.

So lets watch how to make black coffee and how it helps in weight loss.

Drink 1 cup of Black coffee empty stomach in the morning before going for morning walk or a workout.

Sipping black coffee in conjunction with workout, helps burn more calories and fat.

Avoid Sugar and milk in coffee – Coffee only has 2 calories per cup.

Adding cream and sugar to your coffee can significantly increase the calorie content.

If you cannot drink black coffee, use skim milk and add some honey as sweeteners instead.

Benefits of Black Coffee and How Black Coffee helps in weight loss?1.

Black Coffee is a low calorie drink and it has only 2 calories per cup.


Drinking black coffee can reduce hunger and gives a feeling of fullness.

This is because caffeine can suppress hunger and helps you eat less.


Black coffee, being high in antioxidants, can aid weight loss.


Black coffee is a perfect energy booster that keeps you alert and increases your energy flow.

Caution – 1.

Drink coffee in moderation.

Excessive coffee consumption can lead to increased stress levels and insomnia, both of which can lead to overeating.


In long term black coffee effects gets reduced due to tolerance so follow a routine of two weeks on and two weeks off.


Along with Black coffee we need to follow a healthy diet and exercise to lose weight.

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January 28, 2017|Healthy Meals



Hi Guyz, I am Pooja, I am health blogger and fitness enthusiast.

Today, I'll talk about food and vegetable diet.

So, Lets Begin with That.

I still remember the time when mom is used to forced me to have fruits and vegetables like all the time and, How much I hated having those meals , I cant tell you.

No tantrums worked.

The only explanation given was, it is good for your health.

And over theyears I have realised the importance of that statement Includes fruits and vegetables in daily diet works like magic.

In fact, It makes me feelbetter about myself.

Its being a long time since I have been lethargic.

It never makes me feel stressed, anxious,depressed or tired.

It boosted my energy levels.

Let me tell you an interesting fact that, According to WHO including fruits and vegetablesin your everyday diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and certain typesof cancers.

It also helps in weight loss and reduces the risk of obesity Some naturopaths suggest that switching to only fruits and vegetables can help you lose upto 5 kgs in 1 week.

Can you actually believe that! No gym, no yoga,no weight-loss treatments and no stress.

Once you start with the fruits and vegetable diet,you will see a different, and a better you with every passing day.

I can vouch for that.

Keeping up with the fast paced lifestyle isn’teasy! Crazy deadlines, ongoing meetings, social engagements! There’s no time, When I decided to take the health food path, my firstthoughts were ‘Where’s the time to buy those organic fruits and vegetables? And whois going to cut, peel and cook them? My lunch break is over before I even know it.

Why notjust order a pasta and get done with it? What we often fail to understand is thesereadily available instant food options are the first step to bad health, digestion problems,skin and hair issues and a sudden weight gain.

Who wants to save time and look like a slouchypotato? And here’s a scarier fact! A survey of WorldHealth Organisation suggests that in 2013, close to 5.

2 million deaths were registeredworldwide due to inadequate or no consumption of fruits and vegetables.

It might seem like a big deal at first, butincorporating fruits and vegetables in your daily diet is not a tough battle.

All youneed to do is watch what you eat and replace it with healthier options.

Adding just 2 cups of fruits and veggies inmy daily meals not just helped me shed weight, but my skin and hair looks so much betterthan before.

Gone are the days of illnesses, fatigue and stress.

I have learnt to start it slow and easy.

Ibegin with one fruit a day, fill a quarter of my plate with raw vegetable salad, and I keep dry fruits handy to munch on.

When i crave for a quick snack.

I prefer ordering salad instead of pasta, having an Apple instead of opening that unhealthy packet of chips.

And I prefer fresh fruit juice over aerated drinks, And before I know I am sorted Just a matter of time till gets into habit.

You must be wondering what's this whole big deal about fruits and vegetables! Let me tell you few healthbenefits of consuming fruits and vegetables.

It prevent illnesses but also boosts up immunity.

I'll make sure to fill half my platewith veggies and that makes sure my daily requirement of vitamins, mineralsand antioxidants is met.

Not to forget, they also reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Vegetables are a rich source of vitamin A, potassium, fiber, vitamin C and folate which helps the formation of red blood cells.

Folate rich food such as spinach, tomatoes and bellpeppers is said to prevent high blood pressure and chronic illnesses.

Foods rich in vitaminA like carrots and sweet potatoes work wonders on skin and eyes.

Most important, And how do you make these a part of your daily routine? Try something new every now and then.

I buy organic fruits and vegetables online.

I do all the cleaning and chopping over the weekend and store them in air-tight containersin refrigerator.

Thus, whenever I am back from work I can throw them all in a bowl,add a low fat dressing, some olive oil and my delicious salad is ready.

On weekdays, my instant breakfast is oftensome chopped fruits, dry fruits and berries mixed with yogurt or cereals.

It takes threeexact minutes for preparation.

Quick smoothies are capable of brighteningup my day.

They make me feel full and fresh as I begin my day.

For lunch I often saute some vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, beans, carrots and tomatoesin olive oil and yum it up with some italian seasonings.

I also make sure to add loadsof vegetables to my omelets or pastas.

Delicious sides with asparagus, cauliflower and broccoli,sandwiches and pizzas filled with colorful vegetables and my taste buds are enlightened.

I often brighten up my boring snack breakswith citrus fruits, berries and papayas that are rich in vitamin C and extremely beneficialfor immune system deficiencies.

Fruit and Vegetable diet plan helps immenselywith weight loss.

I remember planning a weight loss diet regime with a friend and how itbecame a fun activity.

We set timelines and ate our fruits, sipped on fresh juices andtook walks chatting over those delicious cucumber bites.

Our weighing scale smiled back at usin a month.

Some simple changes in food habits have helpedme lose weight, look better and more than anything else feel better.

No matter how busy I am, all it takes to feelbetter is pulling out a surprise from my diet bag and munch on it to my heart’s content.

Options are available, it’s just a matter of taking that little effort to choose themover fast food joints.

It’s time we stop giving lame reasons andswitch to a lifestyle that keeps us active, fit, calm and happy.

It might seem like abig task at first but once you get a hang of it, it’s a cakewalk.

The age-old sayingof ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ can be tweaked to ‘2 cups of fruits andveggies a day, keeps the doctor, the stress and the fatigue away’.

Ever thought how success could be relatedto your good food habits? I can see the difference.

Sometimes one right decision can set yourentire life back in order.

I look forward to my fruit bowl and salad.

I look forwardto health and happiness!.

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How to lose arm fat fast for women, Best tips to lose weight on arms, How to get rid of arm fat,
January 24, 2017|Dieting Tips

How to lose arm fat fast for women, Best tips to lose weight on arms, How to get rid of arm fat,

How to lose arm fat fast for women, Best tips to lose weight on arms, How to get rid of arm fat,

Hi, my name is Heather and in this video Iwill show you how to lose arm fat fast, how to get rid of arm fat and exactly how to lose1 inch from your arms in 1 month with the best arm workouts, so for the next coupleof minutes, stop everything you�re doing, set your phone on silent and even take notes,because the routine that I will share with you has already helped hundreds of women losefat on arms and even get rid of arm flab.

If you�ve been struggling to get rid ofarm fat and nothing has worked for you so far, within this video I will show you thebest arm workouts and a few diet tricks to burn lots of fat from arms, and how to boostyour metabolism so that once you lose arm fat, you keep the results long term and howto get rid of arm fat easier.

Now, before I get to how to lose arm fat fastor how to get rid of arm fat, I want to tell you a few things about me.

You see, even though my arms are skinny andslim, I was not always like this.

The reality is that because I didn�t have a healthylifestyle in the past, didn�t care what I ate and for a few years I didn�t exerciseat all, at one point I was 90 pounds overweight.

My arms were really big! This used to be me.

So, if you are really embarrassed about yourarms and you are always ashamed to wear sleeveless T-shirts, believe me I completely understandyou.

I was so ashamed about my body, especially about my arms, that when used to be hot outsideI was ashamed to go out.

And when I realized that I have to do something and start losingweight, almost nothing worked.

My confidence was so low that I started havingproblems in my marriage and every morning I was depressed when I looked in the mirror.

If you are a woman and you have big arms, you know how it feels, especially if you wantto be sexy.

I wanted so badly to be able to wear a bikini at the beach, that I decidedto do whatever it takes.

And after many failures, after 6 months whenI only lost 7 pounds, I didn�t give up and finally I found a weight loss system for women,created my own routine, followed it daily, and lost 70 pounds and all the fat from myarms.

Here�s my transformation To be honest with you, my life is simply amazingright now, and even though I had to work for my transformation, it was all worth it.

Iam filled with energy and confidence, my husband is really crazy about me and even women areadmiring me at the beach or when I go for a run in the park.

And after having lost all the weight, I startedto research everything about weight loss.

I read hundreds of books, went to a coupleof seminars, became friends with many of the health experts out there and now I considermyself a fat loss expert and I already helped thousands of women become sexier and loseweight from arms.

So, here�s how to lose arm fat fast.

Thereare 4 important aspects when it comes to losing the fat from your arms really fast.

1st is exercising.

Now, to be losing arm fatreally fast, everybody will tell you that you must exercise your arms a lot, but inreality, if you don�t do the right exercises your arms will only grow bigger and you don�twant that.

SO, go for the best arm workouts The 2nd aspect is about the diet.

The bestway to reduce arm fat is to take all carbs from fresh vegetables.

The 3rd aspect is about increasing blood flowto your arms, because this way your body will burn more fat from your arms.

The 4th aspect is to boost your metabolism,and if you are not able to achieve this, your results will show really slow! So, because I promised you'll learn how tolose arm fat fast, I�ve got 5 tips for you and if you follow them daily, you can lose1 inch from your arms in 1 month.

Consume 1100 calories per day, and make yourdiet mostly from fresh veggies.

This way you will never be hungry, but you�ll have enoughenergy to go through the day.

For proteins, go for grilled or roasted chicken, turkeybreast or salmon, whey protein or even hemp seeds powder.

In fact, if you click he linkbelow the video, I will share with you for FREE, a diet plan I personally created for7 days.

It's special for how to get rid of arm fat.

Drink lots of water, over 3 liters per day.

And in order to flush all toxins out fromyour body, ad lemon juice to it and also drink, a glass of fresh juice made from carrots,beet root or oranges.

Exercise the right way.

Even though it iscounter intuitive, the more you work your lower body and mid section, the faster youwill lose fat from arms.

Now don�t get me wrong.

You have to work your arms, but donot focus only on them.

I recommend to work out 5 times per week for 50 minutes, workyour lower and mid section for 40 minutes, and for 10 minute, do triceps extensions,curls and a few other arm workouts to burn fat in arms.

In fact, if you click the linkbelow the video, I will give you for FREE a list with all the best exercises for losingfat from arms really fast.

Massage your arms, using a brush or do coffeeground wraps on your arms, daily.

This way you�ll increase the flow of blood in yourarms, and this will speed up your burning and will make the skin of your arms elastic.

This is the best way to get rid of arm flab, which you already have or can appear if youwill lose lots of weight fast from the arm area.

Finally, and the most important thing in weight loss, is hormonal balance.

If you want tolose weight easier and burn more fat from arms, you must fix the one hormone that controlsyour body�s ability to lose fat.

This is the only way to boost your metabolism andkeep it fast long term.

And if you click the link from the descriptionbelow, I have a great video for you,for FREE, and it will teach you exactly how to fix thisfat burning hormone, how to boost your metabolism with 52 %.

Just click the link below the videoto watch it, because if you can fix this hormone, you can know how to get rid of arm fat somuch easier.

And because I really want to help you loseweight and arm fat, I will also give you for FREE, the diet and exercise routine I followedfor 5 months to lose almost 2 inches from my arms, and a list with all the mistakesI did in the process, so you can avoid them.

Also, for FREE, a great ebook called � TheNo.

1 Metabolism boosting tip for women� So, if you want to lose weight from arms fast,you should create a routine today, and start tomorrow! Right now, if you still want toknow how to lose arm fat fast, click the link below the video, to get for FREE, – the video, to learn how to boost your metabolismwith 52 % and how to fix the hormone that controls your burnings – the 1100 calories per day diet plan forthe next 7 days, – the routine I followed, my mistakes andthe ebook – the most effective exercises for burningfat on your arms and arm workouts.

So, click the link below, get them all forfree, start tomorrow and you�ll get back to wearing sleevless t-shirts in a few weeks.

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What Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day? – Weight Loss Tips To Help You Lose Weight Fast!
January 20, 2017|Healthy Meals

What Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day? – Weight Loss Tips To Help You Lose Weight Fast!

What Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day? – Weight Loss Tips To Help You Lose Weight Fast!

hey everyone this is Alek with the change your life diet i'm here sharing my weight loss tips with you so you can lose weight fast now in this video I want to answer the question what is the most important meal of the day well i'm going to surprise you it's not breakfast like everyone thinks it's actually dinner dinner is the most important meal of the day when you think about it in terms of weight loss so what you eat for dinner and your evenings rituals after dinner 100-percent determines whether you will gain weight lose weight or maintain your way so it's very important to focus your eating habits if you're interested in losing weight on your dinner meal and what you do after dinner now the most powerful thing you can do if you want to lose weight is have a healthy dinner consisting of nothing but vegetables pretty much go vegan for dinner ok you are allowed to eat whatever during the day it really makes no difference you're gonna burn it off because you're active and alive during the day you don't need to do anything in particularl you don't need to go to the gym and do cardio just don't lie around and vegetate on the couch all day so you will burn off whatever you eat early in the day but for dinner nothing but vegetables be vegan for dinner why because vegetables first of all they have they have a very high water content you're pretty much eating a lot of water and they fill you up they are highest in nutrient density and lowest and calories so you can eat a lot of a huge huge portion of vegetables and you can fill yourself up and you're giving yourself very very few calories and a lot of water now in my system the change your life diet i go into specifics about you know certain recipes and what meals to eat but i'm not going to get into that right now so you want me to help you know you want to eat an early dinner as early as possible if you give yourself enough time to fast in the evening and you also want to not snack afterwards so you want to fast in the evening time fasting in the evening time is the most powerful thing you can do to lose a lot of weight quickly now the other side of the coin when you answer the question of what is the most important meal a day is breakfast because breakfast it you know the traditional responses that whatever you eat it fuels your body you're giving your body fuel for the day which will get burned off and consumed now you know one slight thing to that is that with the way I look at it is breakfast time is your opportunity to eat whatever crap garbage food you want not that I'm saying you should be in that but it's an opportunity to eat unhealthy things just for psychological reasons and it's guilt free you get to get away with eating whatever you want guilt-free and it's like it's like having a psychological boost so when you're fasting at night and we're having that dinner which you know might not be the most enjoyable dinner you can always mentally think about that you're going to allow yourself to have a crazy meal for breakfast and even for lunch so there you have it i hope you liked this video I hope you click the like button please subscribe for future videos please leave me your comments your thoughts in the suggestion comment section below and also if you're interested check out my website to change your life diet.

Com i challenge you to find a better diet system you get to lose a ton of weight you get to eat a lot of your favorite foods you get to lose a lot of weight really really quickly and you never have to exercise and I guarantee it's going to work for you what more would you want people so if you want more information about it there is a link in the description below and all you gotta do is click on it so you go we have a great day and check out my website and change life diet it just might change your life take it easy.

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Exercise For Weight Loss Is A Complete WASTE OF TIME: Weight Loss Tips To Help You Lose Weight Fast!
January 13, 2017|Easy Fat Burning Exercise

Exercise For Weight Loss Is A Complete WASTE OF TIME: Weight Loss Tips To Help You Lose Weight Fast!

Exercise For Weight Loss Is A Complete WASTE OF TIME: Weight Loss Tips To Help You Lose Weight Fast!

hey how's it going this is Alek with the change your life diet i'm here sharing my weight loss tips with you so you can lose weight fast now this video I want to talk to you about exercise for weight loss and why it's a complete waste of time that's right I said it exercising is a complete waste of time if you merely want to lose weight now I'm not here telling people who are into fitness who enjoy exercising and running and you know going to the gym I'm not telling you stop doing that if you enjoy that go right ahead but if you find it enjoyable but if you are overweight and you simply want to lose some weight and you don't want to you know do something you hate like you know running and exercising and you just you don't have to weight loss is all about diet it's all about finding the right diet that you can stick to for the long-term that's going to feel enjoyable for you and you know a system that's not going to make you do things that you don't want to do on a regular basis so personally and I have a lot of experience with you know doing different types of diets and different weight loss systems and I felt for all those are you know weight loss game is on late-night TV i bought all those systems like the t25 and the p90x you get excited about it and personally you know I did it for a few days and I gave up because it's just not enjoyable it's seems you know silly to me at least you know be in your basement following along to these exercise programs you know sweating like an idiot and you know you don't really get that mean that much results and a lot of these programs like that the 21 day fix also you know it's an exercise plan but they also include a meal plan right and it's like the whole point of that is that the meal plan is what gets you to lose weight not the exercise portion of it but the exercise is what they can sell you on TV that you have whole you know 30-minute infomercial about you know all the exercises you do we have fun it is and all that stuff but if that doesn't do anything it's the diet part of it which they just you know gloss over that's what gets you to lose weight so the point I'm trying to make is if you're like me I'm gonna be honest i don't like exercising you know I want a shortcut I don't want to have to run every day on the street are going to go to the gym and run on the treadmill do some cardio exercise everyday just lose weight because I've done it before for four years I i try to do so many different exercises on and you know I got to be honest with myself like it's not enjoyable it's not something I'm gonna want to do off the long term and I know sooner or later I'm just going to give up i mean be honest with yourself you know you're not going to stick the some exercise routine for a long-term sure you do it for a week and then you'll give up because unless you truly enjoy it unless it seems like a recreation you don't like so for example like one thing is like Zumba classes orderly popular but their problem because they're fun you know people like doing them because it's more like recreation rather than exercise so if you do something that you enjoy hey that's great and you don't get some activity out of it that's awesome but my point is is doing something you don't enjoy for the purpose of losing a little little weight is not sustainable in the long run so trying to force yourself to do something for you know a few days a few weeks you know it'sit's just not gonna last long run so you know I used to run a lot the first time I lost weight because I thought that that's what you need to do and I hated it I absolutely hated running and you know now I mean you know you can pay me to run I wouldn't run unless somebody's chasing me and that's because I mean I found this system and enjoyable system that allows me to lose a lot of weight and you know maintained for a long long term without having exercised with a while allowing me to leave a lot of my favorite foods and you know it's perfectly sustainable is perfectly enjoyable and you never I never have to exercise which is something I just don't enjoy doing something I want to talk about is the difference between fitness and weight loss so if you know if you're into fitness if you're into running if you're into exercising because you enjoyed hey that's great you know that's great for you it's it's not my thing if if you're I probably just want to lose weight without doing stuff that I feel is unenjoyable like running and exercising on the gym you know running on the treadmill just not really enjoyable to me so I don't really wanna on i know i'm not going to continue that indefinitely long long night so I want to try to find a weight loss system that doesn't include that is enjoyable so let's take for example let's say you know you found weight loss system that you can lose 20 pounds in one month ok just by diet alone now what if i told you you could lose 20 pounds in you know three and a half weeks by adding you know an hour of cardio every day and hour of running on a treadmill every day doing something you you don't enjoy an hour every single day would you do it i mean you know after a while you're going to get the same place anyway you'll just get there a little bit a little bit shorter by adding exercise so my my point of view is that you know why do something you don't really enjoy she's going to get you there a little bit faster but it's just not sustainable so there you have it that's the end of my video if you liked the video please like subscribe and leave your comments and questions below and also if you're interested in my diet system the change your life diet there's a link in the description below the website is change your life diet.

Com and there's also a free download so check it out it just might change your life thanks.

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