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3 day diet | How to lose weight | 3 Day Diet Plan
February 7, 2017|Healthy Meals

3 day diet | How to lose weight | 3 Day Diet Plan

3 day diet | How to lose weight | 3 Day Diet Plan

3 day diet3 day diet 3 day diet3 day diet 3 day diet.

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The Jane Plan Diet Book Launch
January 27, 2017|Dieting Tips

The Jane Plan Diet Book Launch

The Jane Plan Diet Book Launch

Good evening everyone, my name's Ann Lawrence,I'm Jane Michell's – can you hear us? – Jane's commissioning editor at Piatkus books, which is part of the Little Brand book group.

We're absolutely delighted to have Jane'sbook on our list, it really is a fantastic approach to losing weight.

I think Jane is the best example, she's justa fantastic advertisement and it's lovely to see everybody here tonight supporting her.

I'm going to hand over to Jane now, to saya few words.

>>Obviously it's a massive, massive thankyou to every single person here, because there's not one person in this room who has not contributedin some way.

So thanks firstly to my amazing team at JanePlan.

They are incredible – I even got a bunch of flowers from them today, I was so overwhelmed.

All the girl's in the office clubbed together – it was just incredible – so I really appreciate your loyalty and dedication and the long hours you put in, so thank youso much.

To everyone who's contributed, Ann's a fantasticpublisher, and to Heather who bullied me into doing this book wherever you are.

I have notime, I said – I can't do it.

To Caroline Rise, an amazing friend, author,journalist, thank you for everything you've done.

Of course to Jane Garten, who played an enormousrole, we met every Friday, sometimes more, to pen the book.

She put heart and soul intoit, so I can't recommend her more highly.

Of course our amazing clients because JanePlan would not be what it is without our clients and they're an incredible, incredible bunchof people.

I really admire and am very close to all of our clients.

Even though we're so distant now because thereare so many of them! There are literally thousands and thousands of them.

They certainly spanthe country and to a degree, they span the world, as well.

To all the amazing publicity we've had, GoodHousekeeping recently voted us as Britain's best diet delivery service which is amazing.

Lots of other press, and to all my friends,I'm sorry I've been so absent for four years.

I'd love to pretend I'm not going to be foranother four, but, I might be.

But most particularly, to my family, who havejust been incredible, I am really very, very absent and they just carry on! So I'd liketo thank my three free range children, and to Jane Plan.

It's the book that's going to stop any woman,ever having to say again: does my bum look big in this?.

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Jane Plan Diet- Delicious Dinners
January 24, 2017|Dieting Tips

Jane Plan Diet- Delicious Dinners

Jane Plan Diet- Delicious Dinners

The one thing we all look forward to at theend of a long, hard day is a delicious dinner.

So today, in the Jane Plan kitchen, we areputting together lots and lots of different dinners, all of which are part of our deliciousrange of food.

I'm holding here the chickpea tagine, whichis one of our vegetarian dinners.

We also have a great range of dishes including meat,jam, pork and chicken.

This is the beef and mushroom stroganoff.

Right now, I have a treat ready, which is the lasagne.

I've actually cooked it in the oven, but ifyou want to do it in the microwave, it's not a problem at all.

So I'll just get that out.

It's one of those real treats, I think.

Cominghome to comfort food like lasagne.

As I said I just did this in the oven, butreally, if you want to do it in the microwave, it really is just a couple of minutes.

Adding some fresh tomato, topping it withsome basil, all of it makes a really delicious meal.

With the lasagne, we normally have ours inthe office with just a simple salad.

This looks like I've spent ages on it, but really it's just a bought packet of salad,some mixed green leaves, a few tomatoes and spring onions.

Sometimes when you're watching your weight,it's really hard to know what to add to salads.

And people often say, what salad dressingcan I use? What we don't want you doing is smotheringeverything in olive oil.

Delicious as olive oil is.

A little teaspoon of balsamic, a little bitof salt and pepper, tiny bit of olive oil if you'd like to.

One of my favourite things to do with a saladis to just simply add some pomegranate seeds.

It really lightens it up, they are delicious,full of nutrients, it's an alternative dressing.

If you don't want to have salad to accompanyyour evening meal, there are lots of alternatives.

So right now I'm just frying some vegetables.

I haven't spent hours chopping these, I just picked up a stir fry package from my local supermarket.

And because Jane Plan is all about makinglosing weight easy, we want to encourage you to do this, so be adventurous with your vegetables.

You don't have to stir fry of course, youcan steam, you can roast, you can do whatever you like.

The great thing about stir fry vegetables,it really allows you to get a rainbow on your plate, which means a variety of different colours,and a variety of different nutrients.

We have quite a lot of spicy foods on theplan, because we know you like them.

One of my absolute favourites is the thaichicken curry.

In a rush? Just pop off the top, pop it in the microwave,literally two minutes later while you're stir frying, it will be ready.

Lots of delicious chicken, really authenticsauce.

We also have a fragrant chicken curry, the chicken with coconut ginger and turmeric.

We also have the chicken korma.

What I loveabout this chicken korma is it's really quite a substantial portion.

We've done this with some steamed courgettes,peas and beans.

And we've added a tiny bit of coriander.

Some of our dishes are deliberately low incarbohydrates, because we know that you like low carbohydrate dishes but that, of courseis not everybody.

Some people do like to have rice, or pasta,in the evening, or even potatoes.

The great thing about the chicken korma isit does actually come with its own individual portion of rice.

If, however, you're more interested in followinga plan that is perhaps a little lower in carbohydrates, you're a little bit worried about adding pastaor rice, dishes like this chicken mascarpone.

Thisdish was literally done in a minute.

Pop it in the microwave, we've just made life sosimple here.

We know not everybody wants to stir fry, wantsto bake, and so we actually just added some frozen peas.

But to make it even more exciting, you couldadd some roasted vegetables, so again we've got the lovely concept going of a rainbowon your plate, different variety of flavours, a differenttexture of course because you've roasted these Roasted vegetables are one of those all timestaples, you can just chop up any of your favourites and pop them in the oven.

In fact, these today that we did earlier,which took about fifteen to twenty minutes in the oven, actually came out of a readyroasted tray.

Most of the major supermarkets do.

So if you want to make losing weight easy,convenient, healthy and delicious, do take advantage of some of the things around youthat will do that.

We're very conscious of course, that peopledon't want to go hungry on a diet and that's so important, so a lot of the meals are verysubstantial.

They're always calorie and portion controlled.

One of our favourites is the pork meatballs.

We've done it here with some spinach, some leeks, and added some chopped tomatoesas well.

If you're too busy for all of that, a sprig of basil will finish it off reallynicely.

We know from all of our clients that that'sone of the absolute favourites.

Everything I'm showing you here today is actuallywheat and gluten free, of course with the exception of the lasagne.

That's one of the principles that runs throughthe plan, we're trying very very hard to make all of our foods 'free from.

' In fact, in none of these dinners at all,are there any preservatives whatsoever.

We use a very unusual cooking method, calledsous vide cooking method, or very similar to sous vide.

It's becomingmore and more popular now where we seal the food in it's container.

All the ingredientsgo in the container.

The container 's then popped in a pressurecooker and heated to a high temperature which steams everything beautifully.

And that will keep it fresh until you're readyto eat it.

This one is the rich ragu with beef.

One of my personal favourites is this sweetpotato and lentil curry.

Great thing about sweet potatoes is that they're very low g.


And you don't need to be following a vegetariandiet to enjoy a vegetarian food.

In fact, one of the great principles that we love iswhat we call the meat free Mondays.

So you might be a really keen meat-eater whichis fantastic, and you can have meat every day.

but it's wonderful to dedicate one day a weekjust to having no meat at all.

And because we have such a wide vegetarian selection, that's absolutely not a problem at all onthe plan.

I think the stir fry vegetables are pretty much ready.

What I will simply do is pop these onto aplate, and then you can pop your thai chicken curry or your chosen dish over the top.

No need for noodles, for rice, a lovely lowcarbohydrate nourishing and filling dinner.

What anyone needs, we've tried very hard toincorporate all sorts of food tastes in the range.

We have chicken, we have beef, we have pastadishes, we have a nice spicy range.

But we also have a very lovely classic Englishrange, such as chicken casserole and beef casserole.

Everythings calorie and portion controlled,so you really will reach your weight loss goals.

But most importantly, everythings absolutelydelicious.

So we hope you enjoy your Jane Plan dinner,and if you've got any questions at all about the sorts of fruit and vegetables you'd liketo add into the plan, or how best to cook the food, then obviouslyyou can always get in touch with us.

Thank you.

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A Review on Diet Plan for Weight loss in 21 days-Healthy Diet Plan
January 22, 2017|Healthy Meals

A Review on Diet Plan for Weight loss in 21 days-Healthy Diet Plan

A Review on Diet Plan for Weight loss in 21 days-Healthy Diet Plan

hi guys any here did you know that one healthy diet plan out of every 10 people have weight loss problems unfortunately for me i had actually struggled for many years trying to lose weight all my efforts yielded no positive results and just got me more frustrated and this video isn't about how excess body fat sucks and you healthy diet plan already know that this video is about how I could manage to lose 18 pounds in 21 days i was told by my doc that my heart was already at risk and he decided to place me some diet pills i got really nervous I couldn't do anything going on that I love to do with these an excess body fat could be a severe hi disorder to quite a few number of people told me to adhere strictly to the docks prescriptions but I wasn't impressed as well there was little or no results with healthy diet plan the diet pills so i searched hard for what I could find online to transform my body into a slim fit muscular body until it came across our free video presentation that promise to transform my body size with a three week diet plan the diet advice was great and after following the instructions i was able to dramatically reduce fat by 18 pounds in 21 days the video link is in the description box and i urge you to go and watch it yourself it's a life-changer guys so that was my short video that make sure you subscribe for more videos healthy diet plan.

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How to Lose Weight Fast for Women; Easy Weight Loss Diet Plan & Fat loss tips, Lose 5 Lbs in a Week
January 21, 2017|Dieting Tips

How to Lose Weight Fast for Women; Easy Weight Loss Diet Plan & Fat loss tips, Lose 5 Lbs in a Week

How to Lose Weight Fast for Women; Easy Weight Loss Diet Plan & Fat loss tips, Lose 5 Lbs in a Week

Hi, my name is Heather and through this videoI will show you how to lose weight fast for women and exactly how to lose 5 pounds ina week and increase metabolism, so STOP EVERYTHING YOU�re doing and watch this weight lossvideo till the end, because I have a weight loss diet plan, 2 great weight loss ebooksfor you and an APP to download for FREE in the link for the description Below!You see there are many approaches on how to lose weight fast, however mine is as simpleas possible and has worked for me and for thousands of women worldwide who have followedmy weight loss tips, so I am sure it will work for you too and you�ll easily lose5 lbs in a week.

In order to lose weight quickly, you needto consume a weight loss diet plan of around 1200-1300 calories per day, however this iseasier said than done, because you constantly crave for so many foods, you overeat and cravefor carbs or sweets, and I am almost sure that you consume over 2000 calories per dayand eat even when we are not hungry.

So, my first fat loss ebook with help youcontrol your apetite and your cravings, and after you watch this video till the end, clickthe link from the description below to download the ebook for free!The second aspect to reduce your weight really fast is a fast metabolism.

You see, a womanhas a metabolic rate of around 1400 calories per day, however if you could increase metabolismto 2000 calories per day, even if you don�t do almost anything, you will lose weight quickly.

And with 8 small changes in your lifestyle you can increase your metabolic rate over2000 calories per day and easily lose 5 pounds in a week.

So, my second ebook will teachyou how to increase metabolism, so after you watch my video till the end, click the linkfrom the description below to download it for FREE!Now, before I continue and share with you a few more weight loss tips that will helpyou lose weight fast, I want to tell you a few things about me.

You see, even though right now I am skinny and fit, I was not always like that.

In fact,a while ago, because I didn�t eat healthy and I was not very active, I gained a lotof weight.

I was almost 90 pounds overweight, a size 16, with over 44 % body fat.

This ishow fat I was� And even though I was always tired and myankles were in constant pain because of my weight, and none of my clothes used to fitme, I never felt like it was time to start losing weight fast.

But at one family reunion, something happened that made me feel so embarrassed about mybody.

A nephew of mine, which I hadn�t seen in 2 years, asked me �Aunt Heather,what has happened to you? You are so fat and ugly!� I never felt so embarrassed in myentire life, because all my family heard that, even my husband.

That was the moment Idecided to lose weight, but soon I found out that losing weight after a long period ofinactivity and eating bad foods is not easy at all!Slowly my confidence got really low.

I started having problems in my marriage.

I felt likemy husband isn�t interested about me anymore, that he is looking at other women, and eventhough those thoughts were mostly in my mind, they made me really frustrated.

So I started following weight loss diet plans, killed myself in the gym and even starvedmyself many times, but somehow I didn�t lose weight fast.

In 6 months I only lost7 pounds.

You see, I really wanted to be sexy again,but I couldn�t even wear shorts because I was so fat and my thighs were so big.

Igot to a point where I was even ashamed to go out of the house.

Then I found out thatmy blood sugar level was higher than normal, so I started to worry about my health.

Everymorning I used to be depressed when I looked in the mirror.

I didn�t even want togo on vacation because I was so ashamed of the way I looked.

But you know something.

I didn�t quit, I really wanted to lose weight quickly, so Ifound a way to control my apetite and cravings, then I discovered a great weight loss systemfor women, I created my own fat loss routine, I constantly exercised and ate right, andin 4 and half months I lost 70 pounds.

As you can see I completely transformed mybody.

Believe me, even though I had to work forit to lose weight fast, It was all worth it.

My life is simply perfect right now, I amso healthy, full of energy, I feel so sexy, my husband is simply crazy about me and evenwomen are admiring me when I am at the beach or just walking on the streets.

Because of all these, I started to be really interested in the topic of weight loss forwomen and women�s health, I read so many books and went to a few seminars, and I trulyconsider myself an expert in fat loss for women, and already thousands of women havefollowed my weight loss tips and lost weight, became healthier and sexier.

Now, to lose weight fast for women, there�s something very important: HOPE! You must believein yourself! There are so many women that want to lose weight fast but don�t havehope.

They hate the way they look , they start but they don�t really expect to look better.

So, don�t be desperate, be positive about your future, appreciate yourself and be atpeace with your body and smile, tell yourself that you are an amazing woman, because thiswill really help you reduce weight quickly.

So, as promised, here�s how to lose weightfast, and how to lose 5 pounds of fat in 1 week.

So here�s what you must do lose 5 pounds in a week:1.

Drink at least 3 liters of lemon water each day.

This will decrease water retentionand flush all toxins out of your body, even reduce your cravings.

My recommendation isto always have a bottle of water with you and set your alarm every 45 minutes to remindyou to drink water.


Do a 20 minute intense workout each morning.

Here�s a workout that has worked great for many women.

Do 5 sets of: 100 jumpin jacks,20 squats, 20 lunges, 10 pushups and 30 sit-ups or leg raises�.

Do 5 sets of these as intense as you can.

You will be really sore the next day, howeverdo not quit and keep doing this workout or a similar one each morning from now on, andafter a few days you�ll see amazing fat loss results.


Consume a weight loss diet plan of around 1300 calories per day, and make sure thateverything you eat are only fibers, lots of fresh veggies and protein.

Also, stay awayfrom bad foods! I know this is not easy to follow a weightloss diet plan, and that you always crave for bad foods, sweets� and that�s whyyou need my ebook, cause it will teach you how to control your cravings and appetite.

In fact, if you click the link below the video, you will get it for FREE, with a great weightloss diet plan for 7 days.

Also, if you enjoy this video, please likeit and share it on Facebook and Google + or Twitter so that friends of yours who needto lose weight fast can watch it too.


Use a massage brush.

This is a great fatloss tool because it increases blood flow and breaks down fat deposits from your troublespots, like thighs, butt and belly.

I got mine on Amazon, for only $12, and inthe link below the video you�ll find a 50 % OFF coupon for the brush to help you loseweight really fast.


Finally, and the most important thing inweight loss, is a fast metabolism.

My ebook will teach you how to increase metabolismand your metabolic rate over 2000 calories per day, and because I really want to helpyou lose weight fast, and lose at least 5 pounds in a week, I also have a great videofor you, from a world class weight loss expert who will share some amazing metabolism boostingtechniques with you, including the hormonal balance trick.

So, click the link from the description below to watch it for FREE!I will also give you for FREE, the diet and exercise routine I followed for 5 months,a list with all the mistakes I did in the process, so you can avoid them, and a weightloss App for your smarthphone , which contains a calorie calculator and more weight losstips for you.

So, if you want to lose weight fast and lose5 pounds in a week, you must start tomorrow morning! Do the morning workout and startdrinking at least 2 and half liters of lemon water.

However, Right now, click the link below the video, to get for FREE:- the video, to learn how to boost metabolism – the weight loss diet plan, coupon code forthe brush and the smartphone App – the routine I followed for 5 months ANDMY MISTAKES – the 2 weight loss ebooks, all for FREE!So, click the link from the description below right now and lose 5 pounds in a week so youcan wear bikini at the beach or get back in your skinny jeansMy video contained some great weight loss tips for women and was designed to teach youhow to lose weight fast for women, so if you will lose 5 pounds in the next week, pleaseshare it and come back to it to live a comment!.

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My Diet Plan, How to Lose Weight Fast and Diet Tips 2015
January 20, 2017|Dieting Tips

My Diet Plan, How to Lose Weight Fast and Diet Tips 2015

My Diet Plan, How to Lose Weight Fast and Diet Tips 2015

BREAKFAST!!! What's going on everyone it's.

(yawn) What's going on everyone? This is Carlo The Solution as in the Solution to fitness and today, I'm going to be sharing with you, my meal plan.

Now today I'm going to walk you thru my meal plan as my NPC Men's Physique Competition draws near.

So unless you're competing, you don't really have to have a precise count on your macros but if your overall goal is to lose weight, you can take bits and pieces of the information I'm giving you and incorporate it into your own diet.

This diet routine is broken into 6 meals a day this allows me to hit my goal.

So without further adieu let's get started because I'm starving.

So for my first meal, I have my Egg Whites One egg I got Spinach, my oatmeal, and one slice of Ezekiel Bread Alright, so I usually do about 5 Egg Whites.

So that's the equivalent of 4 ounces in this ounce cup.

I'll throw some spinach in there.

Chop it up.

This is a good pot Some people put it all in one shot, in one frying pan, I just like to do it like this.

As you can see, the Egg Whites are starting to look a little plump.

Oh no, only got one left.

Gotta go shopping, So your ending result should be something like this.

Oooh, looks good.

I recommend replacing your table salt with this.

Cayenne Pepper.

I literally put this in everything.

Among the many other health benefits it has, this is a handy spice that helps speed up your metabolism and quickly helps the body burn excess fats.

It's a little spicy, but I'm used to it.

So you guys should give it a shot.

Now we're gonna start with the Oatmeal.

This is a very useful ladle, this is an Easy Measure Ladle.

This is the equivalent to a cup.

So I'm gonna put a cup dry.

It usually depends on what I'm working on, today I'm doing legs and I'm gonna need a lot of energy.

So I'm gonna put a cup in there, if not I'd usually go a little less.

I already put the water in here, it's about 7 ounces.

This Oatmeal is really good cause it also has no sodium in it.

Alright, so I'm gonna microwave this for a minute Stir, and then microwave for another 30 seconds.

Let's see what we got.

Alright, so just took it out of the microwave This is what we got.

I like to put Cinnamon.

Mix that bad boy up.

and voilà Got yourself an awesome, healthy breakfast.

I like a lot of Cinnamon.

Alright, so now I'm getting ready to go to the gym.

Now, this is about an hour after my breakfast.

I like to make my protein BEFORE I go to the gym so I can just drink it up right after.

So this is my protein here.

Gold Standard Whey Any protein will do, honestly.

Wal-Mart Whey Protein will do.

It's all the same, I just get this for the same price and it has more servings.

I have 8 ounces, this is the last time I'm going to use this ounce glass.

This Banana weighs exactly 3.

4 ounces, which is just the right amount of Carbs I need after my workout.

Don't overdo it with 2, 3, 4 scoops.

Just one scoop is fine.

This is about 24 grams of protein.

It's all you really need man, don't overdo it.

You're just gonna be wasting your money.

I'll take this container with me to the gym.

Now, right after that, I'll make my Casein Protein.

This will be my last meal of the day.

About 6 ounces here.

I like to make the Casein early, cause at the end of the day I'm beat and I don't wanna come down here, make a shake, and then wash the blender again, just do it all in one shot.

And store it away later.

Again, just one scoop, this is about 25 grams of protein.

And then I'll blend that right up, store it in the fridge, and then I'm off to the gym.

Alright, now we're at meal 3.

Probably my most favorite meal of the day.

This is my Rice Cooker.

It's super convenient.

Probably the best invention since the calculator, in my opinion.

All you gotta do Is put the rice, this is a cup here.

I usually put 2 scoops.

What I'm gonna have is 1 cup of rice, all I need to eat is 1 cup So I usually make 2 cups dry.

That usually lasts me about 3 days.

No salt, nothing.

Just make it just like this.

It tastes just as good.

For me anyway.

So I just plug that in there and cook.

And ready to go.

Leave that there for 15 mins.

It'll be done.

Now I have my Chicken Breast here.

This is Chicken Breast that I get from Wegmans.

You wanna make sure they're not ones that have so much sodium in it and all that.

So make sure you check the Nutrition Facts.

So I'm gonna cut off some of this fat.

Now these are 2 breasts here, but I can cut these in half and I can have 2 now, 2 later.

Gonna weigh these after I'm done cooking.

Now a lot of people eat bland chicken, I don't like bland chicken.

So these are the only seasoning that i'll use.

Garlic Powder and Cayenne Pepper.

Cayenne Pepper is back.

Now don't get confused, this is Garlic Powder, not Garlic Salt.

I already told you about the Cayenne Pepper.

I told you I put it in everything.

I wasn't lying.

Now the frying pan we go.

Regular frying pan this time.

You want a tablespoon of Olive Oil.

You gotta have your good fats too.

I only put one tablespoon.

This is a tablespoon right here.

Cause 14 grams of fat is good enough for me.

Now I'm gonna make this bag of Broccoli.

This usually lasts me about 3 to 4 servings So I just take a handful of this and i'll just throw it in the microwave for 3 to 4 mins.

They're only a dollar a bag at Wegmans so, you can't beat that.

So the ending result should come out to something like this.

I like to add a little Spinach in my rice too.

You know, kinda like how Chipotle puts their Cilantro in their rice, I like to put Spinach.

I didn't mention this in meal 1 Spinach is good for you too because it has a lot of health benefits as well.

but the main ones I'm looking at here is how high in fiber it is and it also helps speed up the metabolism.

It's got protein too.

Once again, I'll have my Cayenne Pepper.

I'm telling you, I put this on everything, I'm serious.

I'm not afraid of a little ketchup.

I'll put a LITTLE LITTLE drop.

Just like that, that's all I need.

It'll smooth around the same way.

I've been good, I haven't had a lot of sodium today.

So yeah That's how it should come out.

with practice.

I'm about to go out, but before I go I'm setting up meal 4.

Which is basically Ezekiel Bread, one slice, toasted and this Organic Peanut Butter.

This is really good Peanut Butter.

2 tablespoons, you have 40 mg of sodium Really low, but I'm gonna have just one tablespoon, that's good enough.

One tablespoon will be 20 mg of sodium, 8 grams of fat.

Really not bad at all.

Smooth it out, make sure it's legit one scoop.

This is gonna be so good, I'm so hungry.

This is it right here.

Now, if you feel like you're lacking in protein, like you didn't get enough protein in the day with this meal, sometimes I will add in this Light and Fit Greek Yogurt.

This is without a doubt, the best yogurt on the market.

I highly recommend this.

You got 12 grams of protein, 8 grams of carbs, that's unheard of 55 mg of sodium, 0 fat It really doesn't get any better than this.

Most yogurts I see, it has somewhat high protein but really high in carbs.

This is really low carbed and really high protein.

So I definitely recommend getting this and it tastes so damn good! Now for meal 5, I would have the chicken that I made earlier It would just be the Chicken Breast that I had left over but this time, no rice just Broccoli on the side and that would be pretty much it and meal 6 would be the Casein Protein I made earlier.

Well that was meal plan video guys, I hope you liked it I didn't really plan on doing a meal plan video so early in the channel I kinda wanted to do more workout videos first so you could see my physique a little more but I got a lot of requests from, you know, friends and people at the gym about what do I eat and this and that.

so I decided, I guess this would be a good time to put a video out.

In the future, I do plan to making a video discussing the breakdown of carbs, fats, and protein and how you can find out how much would be your daily goal.

Another video I'm planning on doing is a more in-depth discussion about sodium so subscribe to this channel and be on the lookout for that.

Just remember, if you're really trying to lose weight 30% is working out, 70% is in the kitchen.

So you have to make sure that you're eating right.

That being said, if you liked my meal plan and learned something new, please like the video and share the video around if it's not too much to ask and subscribe to the channel so you can get more videos like this one.

Once again, this is Carlo The Solution saying if you got a problem, I'll help you solve it.

Your worst days are done and your best is yet to come.

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Diet Plan for 6 Pack Abs (STEP BY STEP!)
January 20, 2017|Dieting Tips

Diet Plan for 6 Pack Abs (STEP BY STEP!)

Diet Plan for 6 Pack Abs (STEP BY STEP!)

What's up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.


Today's going to be a little bit of a rantvideo.

But you know what comes with a rant, The Truth! And today the Truth about getting Abs is alwaysgoing to reside around your nutrition.

But the fact is, many people will complicatethe nutrition unnecessarily along the way.

Whether it be consciously or whether it bea subconscious thing.

Because we want to have something stand inthe way of actually doing what we know we need to do to get Abs.

Well we don't need to do that.

I'm going to simplify today a 5 step planfor you on how to get your Abs to start showing, regardless of what you look like now.

Because I can tell you this, when I startedthis very same 5 step plan that I'm going to share with you here today, I didn't haveAbs.

And I had nothing of what you might see heretoday.

But I do know this works.

Because I did usethis myself and I know that the simplicity behind this is the key.

Because if you can't do something consistentlyforget about this long term effectiveness and that's what we have to fix, ok.

Ok, step one, are you ready for it? Cut The Crap!! And I mean this two different ways guys.

Number one, Cut the Crap, start being honestwith yourself about the foods that you know you shouldn't be eating.

If you have this idea about wanting to chasea 6 Pack, which we will put up here as the end goal.

We know that it's not something that everybodyhas.

It requires effort, it requires dedication.

Then there are things along the way that you'regoing to have to sacrifice.

And for you to pretend that you don't knowwhat the Crap is in your diet that you need to cut out, that's just lying to yourself.

So I know that it's probably not the answeryou WANT to hear but it's the answer that you NEED to hear.

And that is, you need to start right awayby cutting the Crap out of your diet.

And I can tell you first and foremost, speakingfrom experience, I was the absolute worst eater on the planet.

I used to have fast food all the time, everydinner, pretty much.

I used to eat Entenmann's, I've talked aboutthis before, every morning for breakfast, Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.

I used to bring Hostess cupcakes, Ding Dongs,Ring Dings, Snowballs, that was my lunch, Otis Spunkmeyer cookies.

I'm plugging a lot of brands here but unfortunatelyI don't support them anymore because I don't eat any of their Crap.

So I got rid of it.

But you have to do that right now, whetherit's excess alcohol, you've got to make sure, if you have to question whether it's excess,it's probably excess.

You want to make sure that you get those thingsout of your diet as soon as you possibly can.

Because you're only fooling yourself and lyingto yourself the longer you keep them in there, thinking that you're going to be able to keepthem in your diet long term, I'm saying long term and still be able tohave the 6 Pack that you want.

Ok now that the Crap is out of your diet,the second phase here is one that actually might shock you.

Because it's counterintuitive to what a lotof the keyboard scientists will tell you out there on youTube.

And that is you actually should be EatingMore Often.

You see if you Eat More Often there's threethings will happen that actually allow you to start seeing that 6 Pack a little faster.

Number one it's a habitual thing, it's habitforming.

It's teaching you to look at nutrition asfuel instead of looking at nutrition as a reward for being a good boy when you werea kid.

Alright you did something good, mommy gaveyou a chocolate sundae.

Well that's not going to happen here anymoreguys.

You've got to start looking at food as thefuel to get you through the day at your peak performance.

Like an Athlete would view their food.

Ifwe can get to that point, we're one third of the way.

The next thing that happens is, we want tostabilize our blood sugar by eating more frequently.

Now forget about the implications of whetherwe eat our 42 grams of protein in the morning or we divide it in 21 grams at breakfast and21 grams at lunch, and stuff, about how anabolic or not that is.

Guys it's probably not going to matter allthat much at all.

There's studies that show that.

I'm not talking about that, I'm talking aboutthe implications on blood sugar stability and how that makes you feel, and feel more energetic throughout the entireday by having a steady blood sugar as opposed to succumbing to the peaks and the valleys.

The third thing that happens when we eat moreoften is we actually then are more able to control our portion sizes.

Because if you're supposed to eat every 2and a half to 3 hours what winds up happening is you might not be hungry enough to overeat, or crave or indulge in something you mightnot necessarily want to later in the day, because you've controlled your hunger throughoutthe day.

So it's for all the reasons that you neverare told about.

It's for all the reasons that aren't in thescientific journals but it's for the reasons that we actually get it to work when we doit long term.

Ok now we're going to move on the phase three.

You Cut the Crap out, you're Eating More Often,and now it's the one that kind of trips people up the most because they don't know they'redoing it.

You've got to go back and take a second passthrough that diet and start eating less of the less obvious stuff that's not so goodfor you and replace it with more of the stuff thatyou know is good for you.

What I mean by that is, I'll bring you backto my experience, when I was eating and trying to transition myself to eating better, awayfrom all that junk food that I was eating, I started to eat chicken more often.

I startedto eat oatmeal more often because I was reading that these were the things that I should beeating and I started drinking juice because I knewit was healthier than maybe some of the soda that I was drinking in the morning.

Ok, that's improvement but it's not whereyou need to be if you truly want to get your 6 Pack to show and to show throughout theyear, 365 days a year.

So, what you need to do is start looking atthose choices again, could I make them better.

And in terms of chicken, yeah I was eatingchicken but I was still eating chicken tenders and chicken mcnuggets and all kinds of vatfried chicken.

Just because you're eating chicken doesn'tnecessarily mean that you're eating the right kind of chicken.

So I educated myself that there are betterways and healthier ways to eat chicken and prepare it which is what I started to do, and I started to immediately see differencesin gains by doing so, so I was encouraged by it.

The next thing I did again, with oatmeal,I started to change the way I prepare my oatmeal.

It was easy enough to make the change.

And then use the Quaker Oats that came outof the packs and say I think I'm doing a good thing, but I felt like it was candy at thesame time.

Because I'm eating all that extra sugar, allthat extra salt that's in those prepared, along with the additives, that's in those little prepared packets, untilI made the change to go to Whole Grain Slow Cooked Oats.

Those are much healthier foryou.

And again, when I made that switch, I couldsee the immediate differences in gains in my physique as I was making them.

So I was encouraged to continue to do themand it wasn't bad.

I loved what I was eating.

It wasn't like I went from eating somethingI liked to something I didn't, I'd already made that change.

And I was now used to it and making more improvementsalong the way.

Same thing with juice.

Guys at some pointtrust me, at some point, get rid of your sippy cup, stop drinking juice and start drinkingmore water.

When you're a kid, it's ok.

When you get tobe an adult, I don't think juice is the best thing in the world for you.

And it's not even because it tends to be loadedwith sugar.

What happens here guys is we tend to drinkthings in place of what we know we should be drinking more of, and that's Water.

And there's no way to replace the water thatyou need in your diet.

Especially if you're trying to develop a completephysique.

Your muscles thrive on water and everythingyou drink in place of that is not a substitution for it.

It's something exactly that, drinking in place.

So get rid of the juice, start making moreimprovements and refinements on that second go-through in your diet and I promise you, you'll start to see a lotmore improvements, this is where you see the most.

But this is where people tend to need themost help because they may not realize some of the things that they're still eating thataren't so great for them.

Ok so you Cut out the Crap, you're EatingMore Often, you took a second pass through that diet to get rid of the less obvious thingsthat are causing a problem, and now you're going to do something that'sprobably again, going to blow your mind a little bit, and that is you're going to start eating MoreOf the Good Foods.

See you don't want to be confusing yourselfhere guys with your pursuit of Abs of just getting Abs.

Because you see even Christian Bale on theMachinist here had Abs but it doesn't mean that he looked good.

If you want to look good and build muscleat the same time, you're going to have to support that new muscle growth along the way.

So the goal here is not just to get Abs butto get Abs along with building lean muscle.

In order to do that, you're going to haveto eat.

But we want to make sure that, there's a sequencewe're following here, because you have to had already gotten out those bad foods fromyour diet.

You have to have already abandoned those cheatdays and those childlike needs for rewards of hot fudge sundaes because you show up atwork on time.

You've already gotten rid of that.

You've gone through the second pass-throughand made sure you've gotten rid of those ones that are a little bit more deceptively underminingyour ability to get your Abs.

So now if you're locked in on the foods you'reeating and you're really doing a good job on selecting the proper nutrition to fuelyour body, well now you want to feed your body and especiallyif you're training hard, you want to feed your body more.

Because that's the only way you're going tosupport your new muscle growth.

One of the big things that happens a lot oftimes, when guys go and they make these kinds of radical changes to their eating style, is they're getting in a lot fewer caloriesthan they're used to because the foods they swapped out were either loaded in fat or loadedin sugar or loaded in lots of extra calories, so now they're finding themselves to be veryvery hyper caloric, enough to get Abs but not enough to support that new muscle growth.

So you want to make sure that you are supportingit by eating more of these good foods that now exist in your diet primarily.

And that brings us to our fifth and finalphase here, which is to Supplement for Consistency.

Guys here we say it all the time, that consistencyhere is the key to looking good.

Not just for a few days but to looking goodfor a lifetime.

I try to stand in front of you here, 365 daysa year now for the last 6 years and not just look good but look better each time I stepout.

At least that's the goal I have in mind.

And what I do is I practice what I preach.

And by doing so, I utilize my supplementationhere as a very key part of me staying consistent with my meals.

Because I know that we have to have a highfocus on the quality of our nutrition.

Everything we just built up to, to this fifthand final phase, but nutrition can sometimes be difficult to stay consistent with.

You guys know the challenges.

I myself knowthe challenges.

I travel a lot for my job.

I may not be withinaccess to all the proper nutrition that I need at any given notice.

But if I have my supplements and I have mysupplementation available, I know that I can get what my body needs right then and there,in a very convenient, travel friendly way.

So I do that.

But it doesn't have to be where you're runningaround on the road, it's just something that you can take with you that you know you'redelivering the proper nutrients, you're getting protein to your muscles, youhave everything your body needs and you're getting it in a way that's very very, likeI said, convenient and easy to do and easy to follow.

At least less stress than to have to focuson getting all these meals throughout the day to follow the recommendations that I'vebeen giving you.

We also have the added benefit of supplementationproviding us with the ability to take our bodies to the next level by delivering thingslike Creatine.

Which we know is a highly researched supplement,ergogenic supplement that we know the benefits are proven.

But we can't get it through food alone guys,we've talked about this many many times before.

Those that argue that you can get it froma steak, that's steak every single day.

Do you think that you're going to eat steak,first of all you might not have the budget for steak every single day.

And your heart may not like the fact thatyou're going to eat steak every single day.

What you want to do is get the benefits ofCreatine without having to have steak every single day.

And the only way you're going to be able todo that is by taking in the proper supplementation.

So there's two big reasons why you want todo it.

But remember, focus on it when you need tofocus on it.

If you're sitting there at 30-40% body fat,forget about the supplements at this point.

And forget about my supplements.

I tell youthat honestly all the time.

It won't matter, at that point it won't matter.

It's like throwing a deck chair off the Titanic.

If you want to make a difference, do the things you know you need to do now.

Start with step one, get rid of that Crap.

That's the biggest thing.

You know what it is.

If you don't know what it is, I'd be shocked.

You really probably know what you need to start doing.

It's just that we feel like the need thatwe have to continue to reward ourselves with the things that make us happy.

And a lot oftimes food makes us happy.

But there's a lot of other ways to be happytoo guys.

Looking in the mirror and loving what yousee and liking what is looking back at you, that can make you happy too, I promise you.

And feeling energetic and being able to goout with your wife and feel good standing next to her.

Or being able to take your kids out and notfeel like the Dad that has no energy to be able to do something with them, that can makeyou feel great too.

And it can be far more rewarding than thatpiece of chocolate cake or whatever it is that's tempting you at the moment.

So start getting yourself in line here, followthis 5 simple step plan please.

If you do one thing for me, don't get deterredby the simplicity of this plan.

Don't say, oh I couldn't wait for him to finallygive me the macros that I needed to get my Abs in proper shape.

"&#@%" the macros guys.

Honestly if I haveto hear that one more time, I'm going to puke.

We don't need, macros are not solving yourproblems here.

You know what you're problems are.

You'veidentified what they are and you've got to start implementing them.

And I'm not trying to be a tough ass here.

I'm trying to be the real, the real help that you need.

The one guy that will come up here and willtell you that this is what you truly need to do.

It's not as hard as it seems but you haveto have the dedication and the desire to start making that change, alright.

Guys, I hope you found this helpful, again,this is a real plan and this will really work and I know it really works because I reallydid it myself.

And it took some time but changes, minor asthey may be, over time lead to consistency that lead to your ability to look good allyear round.

If you guys are looking for help along theway with a meal plan, head to ATHLEANX.

COM, get our ATHLEANX Training System.

I lay it all out for you, meal by meal.

And if you're looking for the supplementation,if you're at the level, to help you remain consistent by delivering proper nutritionto you every single day, day in and day out, that's our RX Supplement Line, you can findthat at ATHLEANX.

COM as well.

Guys, I'll be back here again in just a fewdays.

I hope you enjoyed the video and again sorryfor the rant, if I got a little bit off topic here but I think it's really really important.

I'll see ya.

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January 14, 2017|Easy Fat Burning Exercise



How to use grapefruit for weight loss 7 daydiet plan – How to lose weight fast in a week It's time to lose weight by eating grapefruit,Lose 8 pounds in a week.

This diet consists of eating only grapefruitfor a week and must not exceed that period because it is a 'mono diet' that means thatall your power will be based on this fruit.

Obviously, this diet is for those with willpowerand not for those who leave the diet on the first day.

You have to have willpower.

If still interested lose those eight pundsin a week, continue with this video Why grapefruit?.

Grapefruit is indicated for weight loss because it has very few calories and many benefits.

We can eat grapefruit without fear becauseit has no fat, has a lot of vitamin C, fiber and water, believe it or not, will allow youto satisfy your hunger.

If you are not hungry, you do not eat theunnecessary and lose weight quickly.

And the best part is that is rich and economical.

Now for sure you wonder what's the diet about.

Take note of all the details now.

Breakfast: take the half of a grapefruit withcoffee or tea without sugar.

For the Lunch: half of a grapefruit with twoboiled eggs, tomato and cucumber salad with vinegar and lemon juice, brown toast, coffeeor tea without sugar.

Dinner: the half of a grapefruit, lettucesalad dressed with lemon and apple cider vinegar, chicken breast grilled.

not exceed of 200grams.

Do not eat sweets, snacks, replace sugar withsweetener.

Other benefits.

Are you still interested? Excellent, because besides losing eight poundsthis week, you will have a clean and healthy skin.

Any wound that you have heal quickly and advancementof marks and wrinkles will stop.

As if that were not enough, you will not breakyour nails and have strong hair.

Besides grapefruit is cleansing, you willlose your bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Your liver and your heart will function perfectlythanks to the nutrients of the fruit.

Finally, your defenses will improve becausemore red blood cells are created.

Warning:If you suffer from diabetes, digestive or kidney problems, ulcers and gastritis, weregret to inform you that this diet is not for you.

And you should not make more than 2 or 3 timesa year.

How to use grapefruit for weight loss 7 daydiet plan – How to lose weight fast in a week.

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The Three 3 Week Diet Plan – How to Lose Weight in A WEEK
January 12, 2017|Dieting Tips

The Three 3 Week Diet Plan – How to Lose Weight in A WEEK

The Three 3 Week Diet Plan – How to Lose Weight in A WEEK

The Three 3 Week Diet Plan – How to Lose Weight in A WEEK.

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My Diet Plan, How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle At The Same Time Fast, More Diet Tips! 2016
January 12, 2017|Dieting Tips

My Diet Plan, How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle At The Same Time Fast, More Diet Tips! 2016

My Diet Plan, How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle At The Same Time Fast, More Diet Tips! 2016

What's going on everyone? This is Carlo The Solution as in the Solution to fitness and today, I'm gonna share with you another diet plan.

So I just woke up and one of the most popular videos on my channel is my diet plan that I posted last year.

Cause right now it is currently climbing at 300,000 views.

So I figured, why not do another diet plan video I don't think it's gonna get the same results as that one but I decided to do another one because it is very requested on my channel and I decided to share with you a similar style to that video if you haven't seen that, i'll leave a link to that in the description below if you haven't seen my style, I basically walk you through my entire day of what I would eat I'm gonna make it a little different, I'm not gonna repeat the same thing I said in that video you're probably gonna see a lot of alternatives I would have Alright, so I'm gonna walk you through meal number 1 breakfast.

Alright so i'm gonna reference the last video a lot so you guys really understand where I'm coming from but on my last video, one of the most popular questions I got was where I got this pan from.

This is the pan that I use to make my egg whites with the circles and all that This is a Cast Iron Skillet Pan I got this pan from a Fortunoff, I don't even know if their still around This is probably the pan I've had the longest I don't like to use the same pans over and over again because the scratches and the parts of the pan could get in your food and can eventually cause cancer A lot of the time, I'm always switching pans around but this pan I've had the longest so I may have to switch this out soon it's a very useful pan, but since most people can't get this I decided to use a different pan This is the Copper Chef Very very useful pan, one of my newest ones I recently got this one You should DEFINITELY google the benefits of the Copper Chef I don't want to get into it now cause it will take too long Alright so our breakfast here is gonna be similar to the first video, it's gonna be a little less carb heavy I have my materials here you'll see them again soon Got the egg whites, eggs spinach, oatmeal's in the back but you'll see them again soon so we're gonna start with the egg white so if you're getting a carton, usually 3 tbsp equal 1 egg white I have a measuring spoon here, this is a tbsp so i'm gonna put one two three alright that's 1 egg white I want 4 egg whites for this so I'm gonna need 12 tbsp so I've already measured, I use this glass to know how many ounces it is for 12 It's around the 5 oz.

mark this is usually where I get 12 tbsp got my baby spinach you know one thing I kept seeing a lot of comments on is that I don't wash it Now unless I am using soap, there's no way you can wash this this is already triple washed organic spinach pouring water on spinach does not clean it, I'm sorry if you wanna make it more filling add one whole egg Now what's good about the Copper Chef is that you don't really need to put any cooking spray on it nothing sticks to this pan Now look at that Doesn't this look filling? so once again I have this Cayenne Pepper here and you know I mentioned Cayenne Pepper in so many other videos This is my secret fat burning ingredient Alright so I already have the Oatmeal made you can see how I did it in the first diet video I don't wanna keep treading on the same grounds again but in that video you saw me use cinnamon Tbsp of cinnamon and this time, I'm gonna add in PB Fit Peanut Butter powder This is for people that think just cinnamon and oatmeal is very bland but just a reminder, this oatmeal is plain oatmeal nothing in it This is gonna make the oatmeal a lot more creamier too and it's gonna add some more flavor So if you're trying to lose weight and all that I recommend maybe trying only a quarter cup or half cup of dry oatmeal for me it's a little more but I think for you guys a half cup or less than that would be good for you so this is measured by 2 tbsp With 2 tbsp it's 2g of fat 70mg of sodium, 4g of carbs and 5g of protein.

So you're pretty much cutting all that in half.

and with that, you have meal 1 your breakfast like I said, check the first video to see the first diet video that's linked in the description if you're having trouble making Oatmeal, I show you how to make it there.

Alright so we're now on the next meal And we have here some frozen tilapia this (defrosting) should take no more than 5-10 minutes now this meal is basically a replacement to the grilled chicken and rice meal I put in the first video this is, once again, this is gonna be tilapia and I'm gonna have a baked potato with it so if you're lazy like me and you can see, I have a rice cooker, because I'm lazy, I don't have time to wait around, using a stove for all that so with this, I'm gonna make a baked potato in the microwave I'm gonna poke these holes in here because if you don't you could run the risk of the potato exploding in the microwave so you wanna have some air able to get out you may not need 2 potatoes but I'm pretty good with carbs so I'm gonna have 2 alright so I'm gonna put it in the microwave now so I'm gonna put it in there for about 3 minutes and once 3 minutes hits, I'm gonna turn it over and put it for another, maybe around 2 minutes and it should be good enough alright so what are we gonna season our tilapia with? So I have here, this time some minced garlic that you can get in a jar and some more of my old friend cayenne Right away you're going to notice a strong smell if you haven't used this.

This is a half tbsp by the way half tbsp on the front and half tbsp on the back now this will splatter so make sure you cover it up So you should get something like this the tilapia broke a little bit but it's still the same nutritional value so i'm gonna add more cayenne to my baked potato here and that will be lunch time alright i'm gonna have a side of vegetables too with this I have some broccoli here and some green beans alright that should be good and I'm gonna microwave this for about 4-5 minutes and gonna have this on the side with my tilapia and potatoes alright guys now I'm getting ready for the gym once again, if you haven't seen I have this Dragon Ball Z shirt, this is a Skin shirt, it's kinda like an Under Armour If you guys are interested in these kinds of shirts you can get yours with my promo code at justsaiyan.

Co with the promo code "TEAMSOLUTION" I believe in all caps and you will get 10% off if you like shirts like these, they have all different kinds Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Punch Man all kinds of anime shirts that have this Under Armour style, you can get a regular shirt long sleeve, tank top, they got it all over there so check that out but right now, I'm getting ready to go to the gym.

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