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4 MINUTE WORKOUT TO BURN FAT 2017 (NO EQUIPMENT) | Quick Fat Burning Workout Routine
January 5, 2017|Easy Fat Burning Exercise

4 MINUTE WORKOUT TO BURN FAT 2017 (NO EQUIPMENT) | Quick Fat Burning Workout Routine

4 MINUTE WORKOUT TO BURN FAT 2017 (NO EQUIPMENT) | Quick Fat Burning Workout Routine

whats up guys its Max Barry owner of Max's Best Bootcamp and this is your 4 minute workout to burn fat no excuses bodyweight only let's go Happy New Year guys 2017 is here and it's gonna be an awesome year we're going to start this thing off right with a workout that consists of three moves non-stop four minutes straight as many reps as you can do in the four minutes and i'm going to be here with you the entire time burning fat with you so without further ado let's start this year all right and get the fat-burning workout routine going right now alright guys i'm getting this four-minute workout no excuses first move mountain climbers 321 go 20 climbers if you count anytime don't worry about it just keep going we're going for many reps as many rounds as possible this routine 20 minute climb one push up and then seven squats oh good 4567 many rounds as possible form is always gotta push for this 2014 17 me I know about you good two three go with or without the job there's no excuses maybe we'll get it done here with you the entire time good and I just totally lost count that's two round good one 1234 good push it back up and we gotta get out slice 12345 good rounds now we don't do any crunches &no situps either at max's best bootcamp because their not effective for burning fat and really conditioning the body that's why we do planks and variations of plank like those times seven four rounds down and try to meet me around you can do it not that's opening to the key here is we're all in this together guys perhaps you keep going push up 1234567 good five rounds done good going 20 push up back up 1 i'm so proud to start the year off right it's gonna be great here 7 good 6 rounds done 12 let's go push it feel like adding another pushup any go ahead and do that but we're going to kind of play on to that 17 with the red ski today and I'm going you guys proud of you feeling out there and smash the like button if you haven't already finally let's go hit the deck around time to turn up finish line is in sight 2346 seven good back done final 30 seconds push right hand up your with you 457 final 15 seconds crying out those drivers wherever your dad three two one nine rounds done way to go you guys proud of you awesome quick workout guys 2017 is already shaping up to be a great year if you haven't subscribed to the Max's Best Bootcamp YouTube fitness channel yet go ahead and do that because we share awesome fat burning workouts just like this fat loss tips and healthy recipes every week for you and if you liked this video be sure ash like button share this video with a friend and if you have any questions at all about Fitness this video or ideas for future videos post all that down the comments section below happy new year you guys thank you for tuning in have an awesome day.

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✅ Best Diet T Lose Weight In 2017 ✅ Tips For Weight Loss ✅ NEW 2017
January 5, 2017|Dieting Tips

✅ Best Diet T Lose Weight In 2017 ✅ Tips For Weight Loss ✅ NEW 2017

✅  Best Diet T Lose Weight In 2017 ✅ Tips For Weight Loss ✅ NEW 2017

how to lose body fatprotein shakes for weight lossapple cider vinegar weight lossdiet plan for women healthy diet planfat losshow to lose weight fast for womenlose belly fat fast diet tips.

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Top 10 Cheat Meal Strategies for Weight loss
January 5, 2017|Cheat Day Tricks

Top 10 Cheat Meal Strategies for Weight loss

Top 10 Cheat Meal Strategies for Weight loss

Hello Friends! Welcome to Fit Tuber.

Cheat meals can help boost your metabolismbut moderation is the key.

A cheat meal can be taken every 10 days, 20days or 30 days depending upon your fitness level.

In this video, I will share with you 10 simpleyet effective CHEAT MEAL STRATEGIES that will help you stay on track.

So stay tuned.

Plan your cheat meal at least 1-2 days inprior.

If it is festive season, a wedding or a socialgathering is coming up.

So, it would be better to have cheat meal then.

Planning the cheat meal will allow you cutthe extra calories on that day before the cheat meal.

Obviously, you will eat far too much if youindulge in a cheat meal when too hungry.

Later, it can be really difficult to coverthe far too many calories consumed in the cheat meal.

This takes me to my third point.

For eg: You can have grilled chicken breastwith green salad and squeeze a lemon on it.

So after 2-3 hours when you will have yourcheat meal, you will feel satiated in a small amount.

This is because the pre-cheat meal proteinwill keep your cravings low.

If you will eat unhealthy high calorie foodthe whole day then these large amount of calories will hamper your next week’s progress aswell.

Moreover, Cheat days generally get convertedto cheat weeks and so on.

Cheat meal does not mean that you have Pizza, Burgers, Desserts, Drinks all at the same time.

Try to have one of these.

Save the rest two for your next cheat meal.

Because, as said before "Moderation is the key".

If you will eat whole cheese burst Pizza inone sitting, then your fitness goals are bound to suffer.

Now this is my favorite point.

When you are eating a cheat meal, enjoy it.

I mean do not eat it while you are watchingTV or in front of your laptop.

Look at it, smell it, chew it, eat it slowly.

After a long period of clean eating, thisis the meal that you truly deserve.

It is the reward for the effort you have putin.

Enjoy it.

Also, studies have shown that people tendto eat 25 percent more when they are distracted.

Since you have planned your cheat meal andso on that day put in extra effort while working out.

The point here is that the muscle glycogenshould get depleted.

This will minimize the bad effect of the caloriecheat meal that you will later consume.

This is because you will know what exactly is goingin your cheat meal.

If you eat in restaurants, that is ok butalways remember that they don’t care about your health.

Drink at least 1-2 liters more water on yourcheat meal day.

This will help flush out the excess sodiumfrom your body.

But there is a way to drink water.

To know that I really feel you should checkout this video.

I think it would be helpful.

What I mean by saying "Earn your Cheat Meal" is that do not make it a habit of eating them every 4-5 days.

Mostly, eat clean but when you really feelthe need to have it.

When your body is really deprived, then gofor it and enjoy it with mindful eating.

If you crave for junk foods all the time,I suggest you to check out this video.

Friends! That’s all for this video.

I hope you found these cheat meal strategiesreally helpful.

Well, if you did do give it THUMBS UP!!! Also, please subscribe to my channel.

My name is Vivek and as always, Thank Youso much for watching.

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