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Weight Loss Motivation | WHY We Should Lose Weight | Benefits of Healthy Weight Loss
February 5, 2017|Healthy Meals

Weight Loss Motivation | WHY We Should Lose Weight | Benefits of Healthy Weight Loss

Weight Loss Motivation | WHY We Should Lose Weight | Benefits of Healthy Weight Loss

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel.

In this video, I wanted to share with youguys some reasons WHY you should stay motivated and some really great benefits that come fromreaching your goal weight and following through with a healthy nutrition plan, so if you wantto hear about those reasons on why you should be motivated, stay tuned.

(Intro music) You may want to lose weightbecause of different health reasons or perhaps vanity reasons.

You just want to feel better about the wayyou look, so there's a lot of different reasons why it's great to be in shape and feel better.

Obviously, you gain confidence.

It's really nice to be able to go places,speak in front of people if you have to and feel good about the way you look, feel goodabout the way you're presenting yourself.

And not be self conscious allowing that tohold you back from, you know, things that you can do, that you're perfectly capableof, so confidence is just invaluable, it is just one of those things that I think we reallytake for granted.

If you've never struggle with self esteemor body image then you may not understand but for most of us, I think we do strugglewith that so gaining confidence is a huge reason why you should stick to your plan andfollow through to the end until you reach your goals.

Accomplishing what you set out to do, justbrings you so much satisfaction so following through and all of those things really givesyou a boost to your confidence, knowing that you can do certain things that you never thoughtyou could do before.

Another really great benefit to sticking toyour weight loss plan and staying motivated is because you get more energy.

When we eat junk food, fast food, soda, highsugar content, our bodies tend to just start feeling sluggish.

Those foods contain little to no nutrientsand our bodies just can't take it after awhile so we just start feeling tired all the time.

When we eat good and we have vegetables andfruits, food that is grown from the ground from nature, natural foods, whole foods, thenthat gives our body a chance to be rejuvenated and thrive like we were meant to thrive.

We're not meant to sit around and feel sluggishand just down all the time.

You know, we're meant to be vibrant and bealive.

So losing weight gives you more energy andit helps you to sleep better too.

Recently, I've started getting up at 3 inthe morning just completely starving, to the point where my stomach hurts, I have pain,the pain is what wakes me up so I started reading what could be causing that and onething is stress.

I think stress causes a lot of different problemsfor most of us but aside from stress, another reason was problems with your blood sugar.

I'm not diabetic but I have been eating mostof my calories in the evening.

So that would make sense for me.

Because I take in all that food and the majorityof my food in the evening, that tends to raise my sugar to the point that it does enablea sugar crash and that's what's leaving me starving and just really, really hungry at3 in the morning.

So what I need to do instead is eat more mealsfrequently throughout the day.

That's going to keep my blood sugar regulatedand hopefully improve my sleeping patterns.

Another awesome reason to stay motivated andstay on track with your weight loss goals is that it gives you improved mental and physicalstrength.

Day to day tasks like going grocery shopping,bring in the groceries from the cra, picking up the dog food bag, picking up the kids,you know, just running around the house crazy, burning calories.

I think it's just really takes a lot of theload off your day when you can perform those physical activities with little to no problem.

Improved mental strength also comes from reachingyour goals and sticking to your weight loss plan so a really good reason to stay motivatedis just the improved mental status I think that you get when you work out on a consistentbasis and when you eat the right foods.

I think a lot of us know already that eatingjunk food, eating just fast food, too much sugar, too many carbs, it causes us to bedepressed.

We really need to try to avoid the fast food,avoid the soda because those added sugars, the preservatives, all the chemicals and everythingthat's in there to make you addicted to the food and make you just want more and morebut give you no nutrients, that's what we need to stay away from.

And when you do that, you start feeling bettermentally and you start feeling a little bit more of a clarity day to day.

You don't feel like you're in a fog just weigheddown.

Another reason, which is one of my favoritesreasons is an improved immune system.

Staying motivated and sticking to your weightloss plan gives you a better immune system.

You are less likely prone to disease, you'reless prone to sickness and you're also less prone to injury when you improve your physicalstrength.

So a stronger immune system is really important,especially in the day in age that we live in where we just have so many things surroundingus that are cancer causing and just wrecking havoc on our health.

You want to do the most you can, in your powerto strengthen your immune system and be the healthiest version of you that you can beso you can fight off all of those things that are coming against us in our atmosphere, inour food, all of those areas of life these days.

Another great reason to stay motivated isso you can help other people.

Other people love to be inspired, other peoplelove to see other people doing good! So that's a really great reason, that's afun reason.

Educate other people, educate your familyso that you guys can all live a healthier, happier life.

You know, that's a really great reason tostay motivated.

And then of course there's the vanity reasonwhich is one of my favorite reasons.

I think just because I struggled a lot withmy self esteem.

I'm very much a girly girl.

I wear make up and so I love all of that kindof stuff so vanity is one of those things that is important to me.

I also want to reflect a healthier lifestyle,I want to reflect that no, I don't eat junk food.

You know, I don't participate in that kindof environment or those things.

And that's something to be proud of.

It feels really great to know that you'redisciplined and you can choose the better option.

The healthier we are, the longer we live.

the longer we're there for our kids and thelonger we're just here to help impact this world in a better way.

Today's Saturday but I might not be able toget this video up until tomorrow, which would be Sunday but today is my weigh in day andfor me personally, today I did not lose any weight and my measurements didn't change eitherso I was feeling a little bit discouraged and I started thinking about all the reasonswhy I should keep going, why I should stay motivated so that's why I wanted to sharethis with you guys today.

I personally kind of dealt with this justtoday so with that said, it does happen.

It happens to all of us so I encourage youguys to keep going.

Keep pushing towards your goals.

The effort and the work IS worth it, I promiseyou.

Make it fun, do something you enjoy.

Find something you enjoy, you know, it istrial and error with cooking, with your food prep, with all of it, with exercising so ifyou just press on, you will find probably a million ways that don't work for you butin the end, you will find a way that does.

I always welcome video suggestions! So if you have a suggestion for me to do avideo on a topic or a work out, leave it in the comments below and I would love to getback to you and see what I can do for you! So thanks a lot guys for watching, I reallyappreciate it.

Have a great rest of your weekend and makehealthy choices! Bye everyone.

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Why Do i Sabotage My Weight Loss
January 24, 2017|Easy Fat Burning Exercise

Why Do i Sabotage My Weight Loss

Why Do i Sabotage My Weight Loss

Why Do i Sabotage My Weight Loss.

If you are serious about losing weight, hereare some things you should avoid in any circumstance or you will just spill water on your weightloss program.

Here are 5 habits that sabotage your weight loss efforts.


More restriction.

Starving yourself and restraining yourselffrom all your temptations is not a useful way to lose weight.

Healthy eating habitsafter sufficient intervals are necessary.

Starving would ruin your weight loss planand will not help you in the long run.



To lose weight you need to follow a regularexercise regime and a healthy diet.

Exercise will not help you if you have bad habits likeovereating, it ruins your weight loss plan.

You have to know when to stop, eating at regularintervals is a very good choice.


Not just exercise.

Many people think that only by working outthey will lose weight.

They put in efforts and exercise regularly but then never payattention to what they eat.

They finish eating junk food, eat when they feel like it.

Thisis a very serious reason that sabotages weight loss.


Do not skip important meals of the day.

Breakfast is one of the most important mealsof the day.

If you skip meals such as breakfast or lunch, you are bound to become extremelyhungry at the end of the day.

In addition, working all day will tire you and you willhave to go for the food that fills you up, the richest in fats and carbohydrates suchas a donut, a sandwich or a large pizza.

Eating junk food by skipping meals is the wrong wayto lose weight.


Frequent eating out.

If you are single and have a lot of workloadthat will not allow you to cook and making foods that will help you feed the system withhealthy and nutritious food, you will eat at your workplace, street food or at a cafenearby.

And it is not always possible to go out to dinner and still watch your calories.

If you plan to eat out often, your diet plan will surely go down the drain.

Let us know your opinions in the commentssection below.

For more information on Why Do i SabotageMy Weight Loss, Just CLICK the image at the end of this video or the link in the DESCRIPTIONbelow to DOWNLOAD the book "FREE", and please SUBSCRIBE to this channel and SHARE this videowith others.

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Why Midnight Snacks Are Terrible For You
January 16, 2017|Weight Loss Snacks

Why Midnight Snacks Are Terrible For You

Why Midnight Snacks Are Terrible For You

Everyone loves midnight snacks.


Hey guys, Catie here for DNews.

Are you concernedabout your waistline? Of course you are.

Everyone is.

There is no escape.

Well a new study doneby researchers at the Salk Institute shows that consuming your food within a limitedtime frame could not only help reverse the effects of obesity but the effects of diabetesas well.

At least in mice.

Satchidananda Panda, the professor who leadthe study, conducted a similar study in 2012 wherein he fed 100 mice identical high-fat,high calorie diets.

One group was allowed to consume the food whenever they wanted,while the other group could eat as much as they wanted, but only within an 8 hour timeframe.

One of the groups fattened up.

I’ll bet you can guess which one.

But in this new study things got a little more complicated.

The study was done on nearly400 mice of different sizes, ranging from normal to obese.

He fed the mice differentkinds of diets consisting of high fat, fat and sucrose or just fructose.

And the finaldifference was there were varying time restrictions instead of just the one 8 hour window.

Toa certain degree, any of the varying diets and time restrictions showed benefits.

No matter the diet, the mice who had time restrictions of 9-12 hours showed similarlylean mice.

The group that was given a 15 hour window, however, saw less results.

There wasalso a group of mice that were given cheat days, and were allowed free range eating onlythe weekends.

These mice looked very similar to the mice who had time restrictions sevendays a week, which suggests that the diet can even withstand temporary interruptions.

But most significantly, the mice who became obese due to the free-range diet were eventuallyrestricted to 9 hour windows.

Although they were consuming the same caloric amount, withina few days their body weight dropped by five percent and eating this way prevented themice from further weight gain.

While all of this is really interesting, itisn’t exactly new information.

Intermittent fasting has been a method of weight loss inhumans for several years.

Humans naturally fast– at least for some amount of time everynight when we go to sleep.

When we wake up, our fast is broken at breakfast.

I know, wordsmean things sometimes.

A super long time ago humans didn’t knowhow to control fire.

So they hunted and ate in the day, and protected themselves againstpredators and slept at night.

Then we learned how to control fire, and THEN created artificiallight, creating an artificial day, and artificial feeding times.

Our bodies have circadian rhythmsthat tell us to stop eating after a certain point in the day which, unfortunately, manyof us ignore.

The later you stay up to say, watch tv with a bowl of ice cream or driveto taco bell for that fourth, fifth and sixth meal, the more your digestive system, alongwith all the hormones and enzymes that manage it, are thrown off and unable to process thefood you eat.

And those extra calories end up in all the places you don’t want themin the form of fat.

So restricting your intake of food to a certaintimeframe is basically just extending the time between your last meal and the breakingof your fast, which gives your body the time to burn away your fat stores for energy.

Panda’sresearch suggests that the longer we eat the lazier our metabolisms become.

But once yourestrict your consumption to an 8 to 12 hour window, our metabolisms will burn more caloriesday and night.

What do you guys think of this? Are you goingto try to stop eating after a certain hour? Let me know in the comments below.

Don’t forget to subscribe for all of the DNews goodness, and you can follow me on twitter@catiewayne if you want to know what I’m up to.

See you next time.

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